Thursday, February 5

I'm liking Pink's latest album

The other day, I was counting the days when this summer school lecture that I took will end. I was in the lecture, with Mint, half listening, usually yawning and always dreaming (I am a multitasker, mind you). I concluded that day (I think it was last Monday), that we have another three lectures, two tests to go. I am smiling as wide as unicorn. I whispered to Mint, "Next week is our last lecture. Weehee!!"

She batted her eyelashes and uttered the utmost painful news to me.
"The next next week, EXAM."

The part of our identity that do capture our attention are those that other people notice,
and that reflect back to us.
(Tatum, 2000)

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Hisyam said...

Where's your Pink attitude...
When we have exam approaching, we say "So What"