Friday, May 22

Real Groovy

A great start of the weekend. Just met Smashproof, New Zealand famous and hot looking RnB/Rap group. They are so nice and cute in person. Me and Mas chatted a bit with them. One of them is really shy or maybe he was just a bit sick because his face was all red. Oh, they also signed autographs for me.

Young Sid

with Deach


Again. with Mas

I guess all is a great start before burying myself in assignments.

p/s: me and Mas is cooking roti jala and gulai ayam. sedap dimakan di waktu sejuk ini.


sara ~Welly said...

oh so jealous okeh!..

lovemenot said...

aku jealous jgk..time ank msg tuh, aku kt umah tgh tdoq..and

Loving life. said...

coolie! u went to a gig kah?

dzalfina said...

not really a gig.
sempena NZ music month, diorang dtg real groovy. so, me and mas pegi la sebab is just around da corner of our house.

they r so nice