Wednesday, July 22

Night is dark

Second day of class. So far so good. Especially when you know what is expected of you.

A bit surprised yesterday as the last class ended and I walked out from the building. It was 6pm. It was dark. Never had I finishes class so late. I need to get used to it as most of my classes end at 6pm. Yup, 6pm is dark already here.

My head is a bit dizzy today. Maybe my brain is a bit shock with the sudden amount of knowledge flowing in. Cramp four subjects in two days.

Need to start marking my calendar with assignments' due dates.


Nigel J. W. Ong said...

same for me. i was quite shocked that when i walked out of class, its dark.

btw, hows mas aida doing? havent seen her for a while.

mardotti zaaba said...

hahaha. boleh bayangkan muka ang tkejut nina

dzalfina said...

nigel, mas is doing fine. She is here and there.