Tuesday, January 11

Between Oreo and Other Cookies

After my Malay movie marathon the other day, I decided that I love Shamsul Yusof. I think he is somewhat awesome. Ok, ok. Truthfully somewhat good looking.

When I told HR this, he pointed out that my current celebrity love affairs are all with men name -Sam.

Like Sam Bunkface.
Like Shahieizy Sam.
Like Shamsul Yusof.

He definitely mentioned that the biggest star celebrity that I am so lucky to even dream of having loving relationship with is with Hisyam Razak.

Yup, himself~


lovemenot said...

u dating the biggest celebrity rite now!! kahkah.lawak gila hisyam..mesti ank penah minat shamsul ghau ghau jugak kan?lmao

Highly Recommended said...

Si HR cakap pasal Zamarul Hisyam kot.