Thursday, January 27

Moist Chocolate Cake

I never like riding motorcycles. It makes me vulnerable. Sure feels like I'm more prone to accident. Feeling bare. Like nothing else is gonna protect me other than the helmet. It doesn't feel safe.

But I can't deny its the most efficient in saving time and money in terms of petrol, tols and parking.

So, whenever I have to bonceng, my heart would beat thousand times faster. But, what I did was I closed my eyes. Thinking, if I don't know what is near me or almost hitting me, I would feel less jumpy. Less possibility of imbalancing the motorcyles. Oh, I will feel the pain. I am certain of that.

I know it's stupid solution. But it works so far.

p/s: I have been in motorcycle accident. It hurt like hell for the next few days.

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