Sunday, May 20

Things I couldn't do after I'm married #2

2. Having Girls Night In or Out.

Or Girls Day Out.

I think so. 

But HR isn't that kinda guy. I don't think he would mind if I'm out and about with my girls. Because I know I wouldn't mind letting him loose once awhile. I know for sure, he would want to go jamming with his boys and hang out with them till late.

But truth is, if let say I am no longer active in hanging out with my girls, I will be okay. I have live it all. I have no regrets at all. I have spent best nites with all of my girls.

Like the very exclusive Girls Soiree Party last March. Me and the girls had so much fun. Games, gossips, giggling, good food, great company and as always sharing time. I'm so lucky to have all the girls esp Ten for managing/directing it all. One of the days that I would never ever forget. Truly cherish.

With my GM clan. Our short rendezvous to Ipoh. Our nyte talk. Our spooning session. Eating moment. Our karaoke and humming drive. It will be the sweetest memory ever. It will never be the same again after this. 

With my other bffs. We had our time. Since young. I don't really need to list down all our silly and incredible activities throughout our childhood and teen years. All the boys, the drama, the outings, the heartache. It will never be forgotten.

Oh man!


Hisyam said...

I hate to take it all from you. Let's say you'll surely deserve some girls' time out after dealing with a grumpy pakcik every single day.

mard said...

we can't? wait. then who's gonna come to my hen night? it wont be the same wthout you. cheyyy cakap macam dah nak kawin sangat aku ni nak berangan hen night apa la.