Saturday, May 19

Things I couldn't do after I'm married

  1. Sing (or dance to) Beyonce's Single Ladies.
  2. ...
  3. ...
I couldn't think of anything else at this moment. Too nervous~



Nurul Saqinah bt Abdul Razak said...

2. You can't be happier because you are the happiest.
3. You can't enjoy me anymore but we had enough fun, hadn't we? *wink*

You are about to be with your loved one in the sweetest God-blessed relationship. Let those butterflies enjoy their time in your tummy for now, sweetie (:

felicia~ said...

Oh well, you can't spoon me anymore for sure LOL.

Don't worry babe. All will be great, greater than your expectations :)

alfina said...

oh gosh..

all you ladies are making me miss being single.. all the spooning and enjoying Saqinah's wonderland.


pika pikah said...

You can't have random sleepovers.

You can't just go wherever u like, u need permission. So, no sudden trips anymore!

Although you'll gain a lot more. Don't worry. Being a wife and a mother is the best thing a woman can be. :)

Hisyam said...

Spooning is feeding each other with spoons right?

I know it is.

Nurul Saqinah bt Abdul Razak said...

And wonderland is a special gua musang delicacy that i have learned to make :p

You know it is.