Sunday, May 23

I ain't wearing no halo on me

I know that if I put my hopes up too high, it might be crushed into pieces. Small tiny picees. I know that. But, I do it still. I'm just hopeless like that.

Just like the book that I wanted so much. The Ice Cream Girls. I bought it. Read it. Don't like it much. I'm not sure if it's because the book just sucks or it's me being to hopeful and it doesn't fulfill my vision of greatness.

I am keen to watch Eclipse m0vie. Can't hardly wait. It's supposed to come out on the 30th of June. And I can't wait to see Jacob. Can't wait that I watch the trailer everyday. EVERYDAY. I put the trailers and spoilers (notice the -s, yup, it's plural) in my iPod to ensure he is always near. I'm so afraid that my high expectations might be crushed.

Don't put anyone on a pedestal. Especially me.

p/s: When I asked HR if he prefer to be a vampire or a werewolf, he said a vampire would be great. He didn't think he would look good with fur so thick. Plus he wanted to suck the blood of all the bad people in the prison, so he'll be a good vampire, he thinks.


High Road said...

Lots of albums disappointed me through first listens (Coheed's latest, for instance). But when I give them more chances, they grew on me. Does it work like that with books?

Don't worry, Eclipse will be good. I mean, judging from the previous films, no way it could get worse!! Haha... (Laughs while running away from angry Dzeti)

alfina said...

yup. u better run.

it need to grow on me. NEED to

~M i z a ~ said...

mari2 kita tgk eclipse ramai2!!!

p/s: lol lawak r si hisyam tu. haha!

yantie said...

i asked my bf too. but b4 he could answer, i said i want him to be a werewolf just like Jacob. haha. so my bf is a werewolf yeay i loikeeeee!!! hahaha *sorry aku gile ni awal2 da kene balek ipba sbb ade gotong royong*

mardotti zaaba said...

i think yantie is too worked up about the gotong royong thingy, she talks about it everywhere.

n nway, if hisyam is a vampire, i'd laugh and not runaway from him. he's funny as a normal human being so i think he'd be even funnier as a vampire. think i can super-impose some fangs into hisyam's picture someday. so we'll see whether he'll look scary as a vampire

Hasty Robert said...

I already look scary as a human being, Kak Mard. Grrrrrrroarrrr!!!