Tuesday, May 18

I am blessed

I am a major weeper. I weep at every single thing. Be it a movie or a book or some random incident in the supermarket. I have such a sensitive heart. Really, I must have the cleanest eyes.

I cried over The Amazing Race the other day. I just randomly flicking the channel and decided to watch the one episode. It was the last one (only three couple left) and I only watched for the last 15 minutes. I cried when the couple won. I never watch it before, I really don't know them and I cried. Lame oh lame. Though I wipe my tears as fast as I can to avoid any further accusations of lameness (both my brother and father were at the scene, mind you).

My tears did not stop flowing when I was reading Eclipse (by Stephanie Meyer). How lame is that? I read the book for the third time and my tears are always there with me. Though I think I was able to disguise the tears with my roommates around.

I thought I can blame it on the hormones. Nope, it wasn't it. It's just me. Me, me, me and me. The ever-cool-intrapersonal-skill that I am fortunate to have.

I think I am developing bipolar if I keep on continuing these randoms weeping. Then again, I think I already have it.

Need to always remind self to smile and be happy.


mardotti zaaba said...

and you get fairly excited (did i say fairly? i meant extremely) over stuffs too. like when you got your bontot vibrating over the excitement of watching preview for Eclipse.

you're unique :p

He's Randy said...

Major Weeper!!

alfina said...

major weeper