Thursday, May 27

Surprise surprise

Suddenly decided to come home last nite. Great decision as we suddenly concluded to celebrate abah's birthday. It's a future birthday celebration since his real birthday is on the 30th of May.

A small celebration among the family. Just us and McDonalds. Any excuse for midnite snack paid my greatest brother in the world.

Since it is so sudden, we dont have much decoration. Plus, not much materials at home.

After some time of waiting, he finally came home. And we surprised him with a special gift from all of us.

That sure made him smile despite his tiredness.

I've come up with this idea to buy him guitar last year when he visited me in Auckland. He played with HR's guitar during his stay. I was surprised since I never knew he could play guitar. My suggestion was agreed by my family and with HR's help we bought him one.

Admiring his guitar. He sure loves it. Other pictures are censored of course. Mind you, it's a midnite celebration.

Dearest Abah,

Happy Birthday Abah.

May all your wishes come true.

Hope you can play all your favourite songs for us soon.

Love always,


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mardotti zaaba said...

ooooo!!!!! aku ingt gitar apa pn rokiah ckp! muahahahahah. sweet la. abes pakcik dashilah bwk gitar p kedah ka?

wey, how about instead of going to waterpark, kte pegi petrosains. dr dlu ko nk pegi kan? how abt that?