Thursday, May 20

Oh, its you.

I love to curl up in my bed reading good book. I can stay curl up forever given the book has great storyline, cute cover and funny characteristics.

Reading book before sleeps is also one of my favourite thing. It gives me a good dream and makes me fell asleep faster.

My issue is if the book is superb, I can finish it within a few hours. I would stay up all night and neglect everything else in the world, just for the book.

I don't like that it can only last a few hours. I want it to be forever and ever.

Good books are hard to find. Expensive especially. I always have to ensure the book lasted a few days to make my money worth it.

If I don't like the book, it will last longer. I will fall asleep and it would serve the purpose of reading before bed time.

I want cheaper good books. Lotsa them.

1 comment:

Hunt Rabbits said...

So we need to buy you sucky books from now on...