Sunday, October 25

Company and Cofffee

I really like to go out for drinks with friends and talk about stuff. I find it so exciting and such a great way to release all the tense I am having. During the drinks, there will be exchanging of secrets, sharing problems, providing solutions to the problems, and of course gossips. Oh, we also talks about the latest world issue. Like, how cute is Suri and how gorgeous is Drew Barrymore.

Lately, my hangout buddies has been males. Most of the time. So the topic changes a bit. No, not the gossip part. They gossip just fine. From flicking through women magazines, I find myself joining them to flick through gadgets 'zine. Checking out the latest and most canggih camera and what not. The boys do flick at the women magazine, but for different reasons than us girls.

Nevertheless, I love it when I'm bored in the middle of the night, I can go recruiting some friends to join me for late nite recap of the week. It is just a great life. Especially now as a cup of coffee does not feel that expensive anymore with Acap's endless of Esquires coupons.

p/s: Can't wait to go back to Malaysia and catch up with friends.


mardotti zaaba said...

we also talks about the latest world issue. Like, how cute is Suri and how gorgeous is Drew Barrymore..

world issue?

nway, do u wanna hangout with me tonight?

pika pikah said...
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Anonymous said...



pika pikah said...

"This post has been removed by a blog administrator."

Sob sob.

alfina said...

mard: it is world issue... haha.

Pikah: maafla.. moderator rasa tak seswai untuk tatapan umum

srs: auckland mmg ada pengalaman yng mendewasakn

mardotti zaaba said...

wow mama ang pnya initials mcm sgt glemer