Wednesday, October 28

Ma Mama

My favourite movie of all time is White Chicks. The movie never fails to crack me up. Always. I think I have watched that movie more than 50 times. One of the scenes that I like is when Megan and Heather tried to have sort of put down Tiffany and Brittany with the 'mama' stuff.

White chicks: My God. You want to talk about mother? You want to talk about mothers. lt's mother time. Okay... Your mother's so dumb she went to Dr. Dre for a Pap smear. Something's wrong, Dr. Dre. My coochie's doing a beatbox.

Heather / Megan : Yeah? Well, your mother is so stupid... she exercises when she could just get... liposuction or something.

White chicks: Your mother's so old that her breast milk is powdered. You breast-feed like this.

Heather / Megan : Your mother is so, like.... She's so.... Megan, you go. Your mother is so stupid... that she goes to Barneys Rooftop Deck Restaurant for lunch... and orders a ni├žoise salad and calls it a ''ni-coise'' salad. ''Ni-coise'' salad, right?

White chicks: Your mother's ass is so hairy... it looks like Don King's about to pop out and say, ''Only in America!''

Heather / Megan : Your mother's so stupid... that she goes into Gucci and she tries to buy, like, Fendi and stuff.


That's just an intro.

If I ever gonna do the 'stunt', I would go like

My mom is so cool that we can just communicate through Yahoo Messenger. She can easily buzz me to chat. And it is for free. Plus, she also loves webchat.

My mom is so cool that she has her own blog. Which she updates frequently and talks about important academic stuff.

My mom is so cool that she has a Facebook account. She regularly uses and updates. She even plays games and beats me.

Anyway, for the greatest mom in the world whom I love very very much,

Happy Birthday.
May you always look younger and fairer.
May you are blessed with great health.
May you have all the happiness in the world.
May you enjoy all the wealth showered over you.

It is a blessed to have mom who is technologically literate. Just yesterday as we were chatting, she advised me to always be thankful and never look too high up the sky and be too proud. And truly, I am thankful for a wonderful mom like you.


iXa said...

happy b'day cik siti. my mum has an fb account too. ask ur mum to add her. never will i add both. nanti bocor rahsia haha.

email mama;

felicia~ said...

my mother is so cool, she has facebook, msn, reads my blog, and is taking the same tesl course as I am, constantly emails me to ask for resources from UOA database, and sends me her assignments to proof-read @_@

Hurray for moms!!!!!!!!!! ;)

pika pikah said...

my mom is so cool+cheeky, she's doing tesl+math course, she bullied me into doing her MATH assignment 'What is the difference between the Mayan Number system and the hindu-Arabic System' (apakah???), she forced me to babysit my brothers this school holidays in december, and she frequently asks about my ex bf when i call and clearly told her i'm with sum1 else. Cheeky much? Now u know where i got d genes from.

But still, I LOVE HER TO BITS!!!!

happy birhday aunty rokiah!

alfina said...

Our mom rock~~

Rum8 said...

mmg rock mak kamoo rum8 =)
Happy Belated birthday dear aunty =)
jumpe d Msia Aunty!