Saturday, October 17

I dub thee unforgiven

Do you know how stupid and heartless I can be? I can be quite a queen bitch. I know that.

During Eid the other day, I attempted to avoid to 'salam beraya' with some people. I pretend to be immersed in conversation when certain someone looked like trying to salam2. Ieven moved to a different room or something like that. I ensured that I did everything I could to avoid them.

The thing is when 'salam beraya' you have to forgive the person and ask for forgiveness from the other person. I dont mind asking for forgiveness.

My only intention for doing so is because I refused to forgive what they have done to me and how they made me feel. I felt that what they have done shall not be forgiven ever and they should be punished or feel guitly or live in sin forever. EMO kan?

I think they deserve that.

Then, Ati said something that made me snap out of it . Sedangkan Nabi pun maafkan umat, sapa la kita tak nak maafkan orang. She said that on the first day of Eid.

There are some other stuffs that she said that melted my stone heart.

I even find the person first and said the magic word. "Maafkan salah silap aku zahir dan batin dan halalkan makan minum".

After that, I felt a bit calmer. All the grudge that I held for that certain someone, disappear.

Nowadays, when people talk about that certain someone and some stories that involved me and the fallout and what not, I just smile. I refused to indulge other people curiosity. However, I still enjoy listening to gossip about these certain people.

Gossip is just interesting.



Hisyam said...

Buang air Sungai Kelang, ambil air kolah di rumah... (ke sama je? heheh)

alfina said...

haish. haruslah air kolah lgi bersih.. tapi rumah i takde kolah ok~~