Saturday, October 17


Last Friday went out with some friends to see the light show by Telecom.

me with my lovely blue top. newly bought bargain at warehouse, $7.49.

The show was amazing. But the company was even more awesome. I don't really know the science behind the show and how did the lights stuff work yet it just some light projected to a building that change and further enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the building.

No light on the building yet

Ancient look

Cougar look

Happy colourful look

Blob look

with one of the crew

Interactive light

Move move for the light

me and the girls.
went out for drinks after the night.

me and HR.

I'll end this post with Acap's new album.
Buy original. Be original.
Or just torrent it.
Who cares.


Hisyam said...

Tak jumpe pun album terbaru Acap?
Bleh bagi link?

mermed said...

kamu sweet berdua...

felicia~ said...

hahahaha... acap nyanyi genre ape??? lol

alfina said...

Hisyam: Belum lagi di pasaran. Tapi dapatlah single pertama beliau. Download di sini.

Mermed: tHanks~

Felicia: genre jiwang~~ haha

mardotti zaaba said...

ye ye je acap. tp cantik la pancaran2 lampu tu. mana aku nk follow blog ko ni? mana icon follow dia?

alfina said...

i tak commercial kan blog i la yu. nak ke? ala copy paste url sudeh~

pika pikah said...

aku tertanya2, ni blog hg ke acap? mcm acap lebih commercial dr hg. haha

fatindean said...

nk album free? blnja fatin makan! haha

ixalicious said...

with a glimpse, that girl in pink looks a lot like u.

-alamak terpakai akaun bakery. heheh.

bam said...

ku xphm??

alfina said...

Pikah: Aku PR Acap. Aku mmg promote Acap je sebbab blog Acap private.

Ixa: I know!! People always mistaken us.

BAM: Apo yg ko tak paham kan jang?