Wednesday, May 28

She is my friend. She is not single.

I have this one close friend in school. We hang out sometimes.

So this one time, we went out, shopping. School stuff of course.

We talked. We gossiped. We shopped, of course.

For more than 2 hours.

Suddenly I saw myself in the mirror.

I looked like hell. Like a person who just woke up and went shopping. With the senget tudung and what not.

I asked her.
Why? Why? Why didn't you tell me?

She simply said, "Oh, aku ingatkan itu memang style ko!"


You know she is more than a colleague when she said that. And when she just laugh along when I said, "Siot ko, Tasha!!"

Monday, May 26

Love, Love, Love Everywhere

It has been officially two years!

I still got breakfast in bed, ahhh well, just before he left for KL first.

Demi anak bangsa katanya.