Friday, October 11

Candy Crush Saga

I once wrote in my Twitterville,

"Our friendship is measured by the speed of you granting me a ticket in candy crush saga."

I am funny like that.

I stopped playing the game now. I have accepted the fact I ain't winning. Blergh~

Thursday, October 10

I never really like Twitter

I think it is too short for me to write.

I like to explain stuff.. I like sharing stories. Happy stories. Sweet memories. I like making people happy. I like teaching. From my mistakes. From my errors. I like being inspiration to others. Above all, I like being right. 

Who doesn't?

After a long hiatus from writing, I turn to TV watching. 

I absolutely love watching English TV Series and being obsessed with all the characters, Claire Dunphy (Modern Family), Chuck Bass (GG), Blair Waldorf (GG), Sucre (Prison Break), Brooke Davis (OTH) and others. 

Due to some sorta technical glitch I now have to endure MALAY TV Series. Which day by day I grew accustomed too. I now need to know the ending of the story. Need to know who is the victim (it is usually very easy). I need to know what other cheesy name can their characters be, Fira Ayuni, Luna Najwa etc. I am know always with laptop in front of my (newly-finally-off-debt) TV.

If HR is around, he will always yapping about the flaws. Which I notice and I choose to ignore. It also means I have to ignore HR non-stop blabbing as well. That I can do too easily. Hahaha.

So, until one point HR just banned me from watching those dramas.

He claimed that I am turning into those characters that I watched. I am being overly dramatic. When I gossiped, I am so Joyah, in fact too Joyah. When I am mad, I turned to the most hideous strict step-mother a Malay drama can ever have.When I am too nice, even that Jannah seemed gediks.

And being a good wifey that I am, I stop. 

I feel free now. To be myself. 

Thank HR for keeping up with me.

Tuesday, October 8



I had some sorta nervous meltdown. At school. In the middle of the school day.

Not a proud moment for me. But I managed. Not many saw me.

I have great colleagues. Near and far.They helped a lot.

Need to keep myself together. Stronger and tougher.

I can't wait for the EG-Tukar results.

Life in PG is not a healthy life for me.

Monday, October 7

Me, me and more me

Where you ask I find back my 'willingness' to write?

I  have no idea.

I put my fingers on my key board and it just keep typing.


I have no idea but I am liking the new-i'm-back-me!

Why you ask I am writing?

I switch on my laptop to do the Form 4 question papers you see, and I stumbled into my blogger account, opps.

That's the major reason I guess.

Sigh. Deep Sigh. Deeper Sigh.




That is me blowing all the spiderwebs. Should be a lot since I lost my passion in anything.A long long time ago.

When was the last time I ever write?

It has been so long. I have not vent for so long. Hence the stress. The burnout feeling.

This is what it feels to be 26 and giving up on my job. This is how it feels when I no longer care. This is what it feels when your passion turn into a routine. A routine that you despise.This is how it feels when you no longer want to wake up every morning and face those unwilling morons.This is the feeling when you have to look at those eyes and value them through their marks they are supposed to produce.




I need those. 

Most of all I need willingness.