Sunday, December 30

My lullaby

HR likes it when I ask him to sing me to sleep.

He will do all the guitar parts which he knows I cannot stand.

One night after telling him off again for doing the guitar parts, he finally settled for a song. The Thong Song by Sisqo. Complete with the rap and all.

Well, at least he didn't do the guitar parts.

Ooh dat dress so scandalous
And ya know another nigga couldn't handle it
See ya shakin that thang like who's da ish
With a look in ya eye so devilish

Wednesday, December 26


Seven months on cloud nine and counting...

Thursday, December 20


The other night I decided to work on a project with HR. That's decided after we had spent most of our evening playing card games. 

Since we have different interests, it was quite hard to decide on what to do. He felt my preferences to do scrapbooking was too girly for him while I thought his proneness to sleeping is driving me cuckoo.

So, since I was in the mood for typing and he would never say no to guitar time, we collaborated to produce a song. Me, of course on the lyric and him the music (read: guitar and other electrical stuff, including voice).

I felt so productive. Plus I really like my lyric. It's cute.

Perhaps I'll share more once HR completed the final touches on the song.

He is somewhat perfectionist. I hope he could focus that energy elsewhere. But i can continue being hopeful right?

Wednesday, December 19

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, December 18


Men are stupid.
Too harsh, most men are stupid most of the time.
Why bother?
Men are stupid.

The other day, I got the opportunity to take a KTM ride. Alone. So I opted for the women's coach. 

It was not peak hour so they weren't many people and it was so joyful. The ride. Not the fact that I had to travel alone. On a KTM.

These stupid men who couldn't read or couldn't even bother just strode along on the women's coach. Stupid. If you really couldn't read, the signs, all over the coach (truly all over), couldn't you see, its pink. PINK coach. Not meant for you men.

Who are even stupider than those stupid men?

Stupid women.

Stupid women who brought their stupid men on the women's coach. 

Yes, those women!

Saturday, December 15

Being 25

Sometimes, being too smart can bring problems to oneself. More disadvantages than advantages.

Being oblivious is the key.

No harm.

Wednesday, December 12

Wordless Wednesday

                                                                  Look who I found.

Saturday, December 8

My everything man

This is the continuation to this post. I know it is long overdue. But the time is right now.

What happened was, our tyre blew. To pieces. In a dark highway.

We were alright. But I was scared shit. But I didn't go into panic attack. Lucky me. And him. Our phones were both functional. We could still call, sms, bbm and whatsapp. Facebook too if we desired. 

Since it was my dad's car. I called him first. Specifically him because I rather not my mama worries because it was at night and she just had her heart surgery. He told on me. To my mama. But all in all, my mama was the logical person to call as she tried to guide me on what to do, with the help . 

Above all these to and fro calling and calming each other, I never once thought HR could change the tyre. Not once. He showed braveness of course, looking calm and casual. But we both know underneath the facade, we were both apeshit scared.

So, in the darkness, alongside HR's awesome Samsung Galaxy W torchlight, near the busy highway in Pagoh, we changed the tyre. Man, it was hard. Hard because the tyre is the one facing the incoming fast and furious traffic. While busy jumping to unscrew the bolts, we had to somehow made sure we would not be hit by the hugeass lorries. Extra hard due to the extravagant tyre rim that my dad installed. Later, we jumped again to screw the bolts. And again, made sure we would not be hit by the hugeass lorries

We succeeded. 

So, the moral of the story is never to underestimate your man. Even though he likes to joke around, make funny faces and eat and sleep a lot. Who knew what else he is capable of. 

Here it is,

the birthday man, 

                                                                       and the tyre.

No longer a boy at the age of 25.

Happy Birthday, abang.
May our life fills with happiness and prosperity.

A proud wife,

Friday, December 7

The long awaited holiday

During this school holiday, I think I have manage to meet all the important people in my life. Except a few. Just wait because you are all in the list. It just that I have to be in lots of places. So, your time will come. 

I had finally catch up with Nana and Roja. It was due. So, what we did was find a place to munch and talk. Like really talk. We didn't even finish the yummy cheesy pizza. Just  talk. I miss so much news about them that it hurts.  You get the idea. 

I went to Baah's big night and day. She looked gorgeous in white and pink dress. I got to catch up with Izzah, but not too long. I didn't really got a chance to have heart to heart. Or share stories. Lols. 

Of course, I met Mard and K.A and Bayah. It was nice reminiscing about the younger time. Then again, I met Bayah too often already.

I also spent quality time with my mama. In faraway land. Shopping. Awesome, I tell you~

Now, there are a few more on my list~

HR just gotta keep up with me.

Thursday, December 6

I was looking at the number of post in my blog since September 2008...

..... and I realized the number is increasing and then recently decreasing very badly.

Bad, bad, badly.

How can there only be 60-ish post in 2012? I thought it is supposed to be the busiest and life altering year of my life? 

Well, I get busy, that's why. (The power of positive thinking).

I remember once I posted about HR query to me;

Is the person too busy having fun that they don't have time to blog or is the person to boring to blog anymore?

BTW, I am the first one. Too busy having fun, yo!

Wednesday, December 5

Wordless Wednesday

Our first day shopping in Bandung. 
My mom's and four other teachers' belongings.

Tuesday, December 4

HR trying to be cute 2

Remember this?

So, I showed HR this one funny post from (read: here) that I totally laugh out loud. I am always so envious of her (Vivy) and her awesome life. Envious but happy for this unknown stranger. But I am loving mine also.

Nowadays, whenever I said something or point out some silly things HR did, he will always quoted Vivy as he claimed my idol. 

Yeah, yeah, I know.

"Joke's on you, dude. You married me."


Monday, December 3

Miss me, not?

HR came back for lunch just now. From invigilating SPM. For one menumpang candidate. In my school. That did not show up. 

He was surprised to see me on his computer. He said usually I am too lazy to switch on the computer, tether the broadband, blablabla that I rather use the tablet. 

True. True.

Except that I miss typing. 

Seriously, I do. All this tablet business has negative effect on penmanship and also typing skills. 

So here I am typing nonsensical in my blog and others' FB statuses.


My house is too quiet now.

Last weekend it was fill with laughter and little kiddies. My in-laws were here. It was fun gathering and outings and more food outing. Lol.

A few more hours till I'm back again in real civilization. A real one.


Friday, November 30

Me vs Samsung Galaxy W

HR came into the room as I was reading on the bed. Nothing major. Just lazy weekend. He smiled.

Which I thougt was meant for me.

I smiled back. He, then mumbled, "Hi, baby. Have you finished charging?"

"Huh?" I put my book aside. I continued my puzzled look, "Char- what?"

"Oh. I was talking to my phone." He pointed at the phone charging on the bed next to me.


Sunday, November 25

My mama

The other day, I received a BBM from my mama,
      'Mama dah lepas level 32.'

Cute, no?

She is so tech savvy at the young age of 50something. I ain't telling.

She recently celebrated her birthday, her wedding anniversary  and her one-year-surviving-heart-operation. I'm so proud of her.

Love the fact that I'm hers.

Saturday, October 13

Out the window

Now that I am listening back to all the cliched 90's that I love I feel empowered. Lol.

I just realized that everytime I sing along to the cheesy songs, I must be looking out the window to the nothingness. Lame-O.

I am all about the cliche.   

On the other note, apparently HR's method did not work. Because I fell asleep during the drive anyway.f

Friday, October 12

HR trying to be cute

I was reading this spesific entry from ThePinkStilettos when HR was cramming his head to join me. He likes to butt in my view when I ignore him for too long. He was nodding his head like he truly understood.

As we were going home from our movie date, he suddenly said, “You don’t need to cook tonight. I’ll make us dinner and do the dishes”.

I am like, "What?" Thinking that I already fed him before we go out and I'm sure he was full.

So he explained his peculiar behaviour. "I thought the girls like it when men said stuff like that."

"Yeah. Only when he meant it. And actually did it" Me - rolling my eyes.

"Oh, here I thought you girls only like listening to those stuff."

Thursday, October 11

Learn and don't complain

I rarely talk about my current school.

Though I am making close friends here, I find the school bearable. Something that I have to get up for but not looking forward too, not chirpy kinda way.

I am a class teacher - Like duhh~ To a very hyperactive always talking class. I am teaching almost 30 periods per week and the school ends at 2.30pm. Boring~

It was PMR week right. And I don't feel a thing. Like some teachers are so nervous and wanting to know the questions, I am not. I am closed with my F3 kids here. 

However, yesterday, I'm in charge for taking care of the PMR kids in my school. Ketua Guru Bertugas somemore. Me and my teams are supposed to ensure their safety, attendance and others.

Under my care, there were a lot of incidents. I'm not proud of but I'm sharing because it is something you might want to learn from.

A student came with t-shirt KoQ. In the midst of many teachers, I have no idea who asked the student to change but he went back to change and did not come for the first paper. I was nervous wreck. I was busy doing something else and only then I realized. We called the parents who were at work and couldn't care less. As teachers, we should not do that. Just let the students enter the hall and only the Ketua Pengawas can/should do anything about it.

Another student accidently pooped his pants. Like WTF moment but crisis need to be handled.

He is not so bright student so his is so ashamed of the incident. Me and some friends rushed around the school looking for extra pants for the poor kiddo. He took his time changing. Perhaps he is more shy than anything else. It did not help me when the Ketua Pengawas called me about the missing kid whereabouts. I had to tell him we had a poop incident. 

He managed to go in the hall within the 30 minutes time frame. Just barely.

Ahh ~ Experience is the awesomest teacher.

During the lunch break, after letting the students off to find food and reminding them about prayers time I went and have a break. Little did I know I was supposed to be there in flesh in the surau and made sure each and everyone prayed. I should had known but I didn't. 

And unlucky me, during that tiny frame of time that I left them to chill, there was a fight between the PMR kids. One boy got a punch. Thank God just one punch and that's it. He was all bengkak taking his Geography paper. And he managed to answer it without complaining much. It was a fight about motorcycle and borrowing without permission thing.

Other than that, everything went smoothly. I think.

Tuesday, October 9

Moving forward

I totally notice that most of my ramblings are revolving around me, HR and married life. That's like my current happiness.

So far, that's life for me. Also, girls day(s) out. And, teaching.

Nowadays, I find teaching and lesson planning to be a dread. Might be because the students which are totally different from my GM bunch. Or the environment which is so exam-oriented. Or maybe the fact that I spend at least 8 of my waking hours in school alone, making me refuse to think about school outside of it. 

Or maybe I don't have my side-kick Felicia with me whom I can depend on most of the time and whom I can plan awesome activities with. Or maybe my English Panel used to be more happening than current one.

It also got to do with missing my GM clan - Saqinah, K.Ay, Syaz and Aiman.Planning events which mostly revolved around eating and dieting. Sometimes at the same time. =)

While I love my current life, I do miss the old one~

Sunday, October 7


The other night HR was holding my hand tightly. Too tightly in fact that I thought my bone might crash. 

"Why? Are you afraid?" It was midnight. We were alone after a movie in a deserted cinema.

"Yeah. I'm afraid of losing you."

Sunday, September 23

Roles and Rolla

Almost all my girls keep asking me hows its like getting married. I shared my stories but I guess its different for everyone because I married my best friend, HR. 
Basically, it is about adapting and communicating.  

We are both raised with different styles, roles and set of beliefs.  

We need to learn and accept them. Adapt. Communicate.  

For example, HR is prone to do last minute things while I like to plan, plan and plan somemore. I would not leave anything to chances. He adapts to my quirks of making to do list while I leave some aspect to suspense and surprise.   

While he never weeds in his life, he has to learn to now cause I am too busy in the kitchen. We communicate our roles. Mostly, it is give and take. I learn to cook his favourite dishes while he discovers my tedious ways of doing the laundry.   

I hide his t-shirts that I don't like whereas he learns to put his belongings in specific place that has been assigned to him. Keys hang there. Balls of used socks over the shoes.   Markers and pen on the drawers. Remote on the TV cabinet.   

I have to understand his fondness of loud music and provide him with ample guitar time. Or else he couldn't function. He lets me be out and about with my girls because that's just me. 

I always keep this in mind,     

                      "Don't try to change him to be what I want."  

Tuesday, September 18

Hairy Mess

I am always fussy about HR and his belongings.There's a place for everything. I would definitely cringe everytime he asks me about his eesentials like keys, belts and ties.

Until, one night he said, "Kalau tak getah rambut, skaf rambut. Ni sepit rambut plak. Asyik kena hempap je."

Friday, September 14

Marriage Tune

One of the best things about having a husband (there are many other awesome things) is having a permanent driver. Or at least the best thing about having HR as a husband is his passion for driving especially for long journey.

He would be driving me everywhere, near and far.

He would fight for this role for no apparent reason. Even when I know for sure he is tired because he is in the afternoon session and our journey usually starts right after his long day at school.

Me, gladly sitting like a boss beside him.  

And if its far, he wouldn't mind driving alone.   Not only alone as in me not driving at all. But also alone in terms of me sleeping during the journey. I know I shouldn't but I cant help it.  

Best thing ever.

Yet, he outsmarted me.   He went and downloaded and saved awesome songs in USB and played them during the journey. All my favourite songs. From N'Sync to Beyonce. Mostly from the 90's that I can sing along too.

Now, I can no longer sleep. I'm too busy humming to the cheesy songs from O-Town and The Corrs.

Thursday, September 13

My raya

Raya as an adult is more about giving than receiving. Giving food, forgiveness and mostly giving the angpows.
It is more tiring as an adult of course.

But still happiness all around.

Raya as a wife is about tolerance. About which family first, which family should we stayed longer.It is not much hardwork with HR. He is very tolerable and awesome. 

I have my own (rented) house to prepare for now. The cookies. The cookies jars. The dining table. The curtains. The furniture. The dishes. It is truly adult moment.

We spent our Raya in Kedah first. Then head back to Rembau. We visited many relatives houses. We introduced our spouses to the families. We discover family secrets and scandals. 

p/s: HR gave me duit raya. Yay!

Wednesday, September 12

Monday, September 10

Of my boys and girls

My bro went back to Ireland safely. I didn't have the chance to send him off. That's a bummer.

My other brother went back to UiTM Melaka recently, his choice. I also didn't manage to send him off.  But I can visit him whenever I want. While I do want to visit Ami, I need a lot of plans and preparations and ka-ching!

One by one, my girlfriends are getting hitched. I am arranging my calendars to grace each occasion. This, apparently, includes my pregnancy plans. Lol. I am happy that each of my girls is meeting her other half. And I hope to be in their presence all the way to their children's marriages.

Like what I've seen in my own. My mom's friends were most of the back bone of my wedding. They not only helped but they stayed over. Leaving their husbands behind. (Just like what I did during Ten's and Bayah's ceremony - I bet HR is counting how many more girlfriends do I have). 

I saw the same thing in Ten's wedding. The mom's bff was working as hard as her mom. Totally BFF moment, babe!

Above all, I am thankful for an awesome and understanding husband that allow me to be all that I am.

Saturday, September 8

Being HR ..

So, I always left errands for HR to do when I'm at school. Just simple stuff.

Most of the time, he will take days to finish them. Except for stuff that is already a routine for him. Like making the bed and doing the laundry. He is awesomely good in making the bed, being a cleaner in a hotel once before. Useful experience I would say. 

So, I left him a note to change the sheet.

He changed the sheet alrite. But that's just it. Just the sheet.

Nope. Not the pillow cases or the duvet.

I called him at work to thank him. He did it just right. Too right in fact.

It is just HR being HR.

Friday, July 13

Pillow fight

Me : I'm going for aerobics later with the collegues. So, see you tonight?
HR : Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you. I'm going jamming with the boys tonight.
Me : So, you'll be back late?
HR : Kinda. Sorry babe. Boleh kan?
Me : Mmm.. So, will you be going from school or come home first?
HR : Home kot. Nak tukar baju dulu.
Me : It's okay. I can pack the clothes for you... Along with some pillows and blanket.

Wednesday, July 11


Its CPT today.

Tuesday, July 10


We managed to go out for a date last weekend. Despite school on Saturday, tiredness, school work, in-laws at home and house need cleaning. Despite now as a couple, I rather stayed home and decorate and do house work.

Anyway, a happy time just the two of us. Simple one but meaningful one.

Woke up late. As usual. It is hard to woke HR up I tell you. Especially I am always persuaded to join him. And we are loving the bed (thanks Abah). And of course the bed loves us so much more. Later, prepared brunch as HR hang the cleaned clothes. 

Went to JPO to look for my birthday present. I want a purse. And we didn't find any. Such a high taste that I got. Went to IOI Kulai and watched Spidey.

I love it. I cried a few times. It is such an emotional movie I tell you. I especially love Emma Stone and Spidey awesome behind. LOL.

p/s: HR told me that, the other version of Spiderman, included The Ultimate Spiderman. Nice way to learn synonyms.

Monday, July 9

I am still weng

There was one time I became a bit 'weng'. I sorta persuaded (read: forced) HR to finish his work for the weekend early because I desperately need to break free from PG. I even pushed my way through in my own school to avoid going to the school event.  I just needed to break free.

It's not that PG does not offer what KL has. It is just I need to be out of this place. Yeah, I am lucky to have my husband here with me but I need to be out of here, together with him of cours3. I need my driver to drive me away.

So, I cooked food for the journey (coz we aint stopping at all), cleaned the house, locked the windows and doors and packed everything (including HR's belongings. Once you are married, you can guess what your other half needs for three days getaways) while HR was in school. And I waited patiently at the living room. 

Once HR's car arrived at the door, I salam him, ushered him in to perform Marhrib prayer while I loaded the car. Quick and organised. But HR had another agenda, he snooped through the food stuff, got his eyes on the junk food. He was hungry I guess but I stopped his munching, ushered him back to the driver seat. 

What? I am not that cruel. I gave him the kerepek once we were in the car and he happily indulged as he drove us home. Real home.

But, as organised as I was, God had better plan for us. He showed us the punishment for escaping school activities (me in repent thinking). For me, one huge lesson learned. But optomistically, that is God showing me I married the right man. 

He is my everything man.

Saturday, July 7

This is so not a complaint.

This year my birthday was on a Saturday. It should be fun except HR got school that day. We woke up kinda late because HR was busy key-in his PBS marks till wee hours the night before. Me? Just because.

Despite running around the house getting ready (read:me still in the duvet), HR managed to whip out some simple breakfast in bed. It was quite simple. Just some roti telur and air kosong. 

After tossing and turning, I woke up to clean the house a bit (my bff is coming to inspect the house). I saw the aftermath of the kitchen. My gosh, I tell you. It's like he cooked 3 course meal for an army.

Yes, it is the thought that count. I didn't say anything to him.

Why air kosong you might ask? Because my darling husband didn't know where to find our sugar container. Yes, a part of the mess was him trying to locate the sugar container and failed.

Yes, he is the typical man who doesn't know the location of anything in the house including his own stuff. Sometimes, he would call me at school to ask about his belongings whereabouts.

It is cute, no?

Thursday, July 5

All in a day work

Me : Siapa tak hadir hari ni?
Him: Poochong.
Me : Ha? Pocong? Tak baikla panggil org pocong. Ish, kamu ni..
Him: Taklah teacher. Foo Chong.
Me : Ooo. Foo Chong. 
Him: Hahahahaha. 

Wednesday, July 4

Wordless Wednesday

Yay!! Cake!!
Nooooo!!!! Getting older.

Friday, June 29

How does it feels?

To be a wife?

Meaningful & blessed.

Sure it can be tough at times, but I am lucky enough to marry my best friend. He accepts me as I am. All good and bad. 

He never complains, always apraises, stick to his words, adapts to my quirky routines and amazingly understanding.

Our house is almost a home now. Except I am always scared of any sound and ready to jump at any second.

Oh, it has been more than a month now.

Thursday, June 28

A whole new world

Now that I am in the married team, I am exposed to new world of knowledge. Totally unprepared, I just listen and never contribute.

These teachers talk about babies, the IVF, the breastfeeding (not all sweet, sometimes gory), the pregnancy, the hormones, the best way to do it, the dos and the donts, the urutan, the nurseries, the ovum, the sperm, the fallopian tubes. Everything is thoroughly discuss. 

Listening to all these wannabe mothers, I am touched. How they really cares for the baby even before conceiving. 

Suprisingly, a few teachers in my school are/were/will be doing the IVF or other alternatives with shortform I am unaware of.  I feel bad for them who has been married for five, seven and even twelve years. These future mothers happily share their experience as they are rubbing their tummy. Sweet, I tell you.

There's one lucky teacher who 'bunting pelamin', that keep sharing her own experience and sorta brag about it. She said, "Ala, ada sebab lah kenapa Allah tak bagi lagi. Belum bersedia la tu."

I mean, yes you are lucky to have baby so easily but dont bring down others. Yes, maybe they are not ready yet and Allah knows best but pray for them and keep supporting them with positive spirit.

Wednesday, June 27

How does it feels?

Moving to a new school?

It sucks.

I have to start all over again. To be the new kid again. To be the goodie-goodie teacher who accepts, never complains, always follows and never rebels.

To start a new routine with new kids.

To make new friends, to establish positive rapport, to adapt to new environment.

I miss my kids, my collegues, my friends, my-cool-never -bothered admin, my 1.20pm punch out time.

But I have the chance to start over. Fresh. Meet new faces. Enlighten new youngsters. Challenge new tasks. Accept possibilities. Learn more knowledge. Gain new experience along the way.

Be with my other half, HR..

Wednesday, June 20

Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday, i came back from school to the sight of this.
HR is away for a camp. 

Friday, June 15


I hope it is not to late to say a gazzilion thanks to everyone who helped, came, brought gifts, prayed and wished hapiness for both our wedding and marriage. Hope this will last forever and ever.

Special thanks to my family. Mama and abah for the support and advices and energy. My awesomest brothers for the phisycal energy like painting the house, lifting all the heavy loads and greeting the guests. Also to Kak Ika who is a lot of help. Other extended family members all the way from Kedah.  

My friends. For asking and caring and listening to my rants and running all over town to make the wedding an ultimate event. For looking pretty but not prettier than me. For still running errands in those pretty clothes.

For my mom's team. CBN teachers and other aunties that are closer than any blood aunties..

Thanks so much.
Love uolls lotsa.

Thursday, June 7

Mrs. Hisyam

The other day, the dude at the service counter called me, 'Puan'.  I almost corrected him.


I guess I have to accept the fact that I am a 'Puan' now. Feels surreal.

Wednesday, June 6

Wordless Wednesday


This is mine.

If you see him wandering around looking like a lost puppy, please return him to me.


Sunday, May 20

Things I couldn't do after I'm married #2

2. Having Girls Night In or Out.

Or Girls Day Out.

I think so. 

But HR isn't that kinda guy. I don't think he would mind if I'm out and about with my girls. Because I know I wouldn't mind letting him loose once awhile. I know for sure, he would want to go jamming with his boys and hang out with them till late.

But truth is, if let say I am no longer active in hanging out with my girls, I will be okay. I have live it all. I have no regrets at all. I have spent best nites with all of my girls.

Like the very exclusive Girls Soiree Party last March. Me and the girls had so much fun. Games, gossips, giggling, good food, great company and as always sharing time. I'm so lucky to have all the girls esp Ten for managing/directing it all. One of the days that I would never ever forget. Truly cherish.

With my GM clan. Our short rendezvous to Ipoh. Our nyte talk. Our spooning session. Eating moment. Our karaoke and humming drive. It will be the sweetest memory ever. It will never be the same again after this. 

With my other bffs. We had our time. Since young. I don't really need to list down all our silly and incredible activities throughout our childhood and teen years. All the boys, the drama, the outings, the heartache. It will never be forgotten.

Oh man!

Saturday, May 19

Things I couldn't do after I'm married

  1. Sing (or dance to) Beyonce's Single Ladies.
  2. ...
  3. ...
I couldn't think of anything else at this moment. Too nervous~


Monday, May 14


It is just awesome having bestfriends that you have never seen or talked to for ages and still can snap back to chit-chatting without any awkwardness.

So awesome. 

Sunday, May 13

My Boyfriend

I remembered when I was younger, I used to love this SO7 song, Pemuja Rahsia. I always wished that someone would dedicate that song for me. Or at least felt like that towards me.

Kuawali hariku dengan mendoakanmu,
Agar kau selalu sihat dan bahagia disana,
Sebelum kau melupakanku lebih jauh,
Sebelum kau meninggalkanku lebih jauh,

Ku tak pernah berharap kau kanmerindukan keberadaanku,

Yang menyedihkan ini,
Ku hanya ingin bila kau melihatku,
Kapanpun, dimanapun, hatimukan berkata seperti ini,
Pria inilah yang jatuh hati padamu,
Pria inilah yang kan slalu memujamu,
 Akulah orang yang selalu menaruh bunga,
Dan menulis kad cinta diatas meja kerjamu,
Akulah orang yang kan selalu mengawasimu,
Menikmati indahmu dari sisi gelapku,
Dan biarkan aku jadi pemujamu jangan pernah,
Hiraukan perasaan hatiku,
Tenanglah, tenang, pujaan hatiku sayang,
Aku takkan sampai hati bila menyentuhmu,
 Mungkin kau takkan pernah tahu,
Betapa mudahnya kau untuk dikagumi,
Mungkin kau takkan pernah sadar,
Betapa mudahnya kau untuk dicintai,

Akulah orang yang akan slalu memujamu,

Akulah orang yang akan selalu mengintaimu,

Karna hanya dengan perasaan rinduku,

Yang dalam padamu,
Kupertahankan hidup,
Maka hanya dengan jejak jejak hatimu,
Ada arti kutelusuri hidup ini,
Selamanya hanya kubisa memujamu,
Selamanya hanya kubisa merindukanmu,

Lucky for me, I finally found the guy. 

Granted it is different song. But I am proud to say, he is THE one.

  p/s: If he knewI posted this video of him, I would be dead. But it is too cute not to be shared.

Tuesday, May 1

Something that I learned..

..from the Drama Queen herself, Miss SaQinah..

                her hotness can iron the wrinkled shirt that is on her. 

Yes, she is that hot.

Sunday, April 8


"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." -Oscar Wilde

Thursday, April 5

Warm feet

My single days are numbered.

I may no longer have the sleepover with the girls, thinking only about myself, the long hours chatting about nothing, the selfish ways, looking at other men (or form five boys) or sleeping at random hours for long random hours. I may still do those but it won't be the same or as frequent.

I must think about this other person. Can he tolerate those behaviour? What does he want to eat? Are his clothes clean? Does he like that? Will he be okay with this?

Don't get me wrong. I want to be married. To HR especially. I do.

But I am scared. Nervous. Afraid. Fear. Distress. Anxious. Terried.

All that.

Tuesday, March 27

Glow in the dark

Just now in school, while I was bodek-ing my kerani kewangan about the tunggakan gaji that I really don't know when will appear, the kerani mentioned about how lately I've been looking more radiant. (Maybe the kerani tried to change the topic to shoo me away). The kerani even asked what product that I used.

I said, "Seri pengantin."

The kerani blinked for awhile. Showed serious face. Tried thinking about the product I mentioned. Recalling any advertisment. Only after awhile the kerani got my joke.

Then the kerani showed confius face, "Awak dah kahwin ke?"

"Takla. Lambat lagi. Macam mana nak kahwin, tunggu tunggakan baru boleh buat kenduri."

Sunday, March 25

Siapa tu?

To his collegues (whom I don't know and never meet) HR refers to me as his bakal isteri. That is who I am. But somehow, it feels weird when he narrated his days to me. It feels formal-ish, no?

To my collegues, I do not refer to HR as anything. I just don't share with them. There is a reason why there are called collegues rather than friends.

To my friends, he is just HR. Plain and simple.

Truth is, he is not my tunang. He is just my boyfriend. He is my bakal suami.

Bakal suami.
Bakal suami.

See, yucks!

Anyhow, he is always going to be my bestfriend.

Lucky me to be married to my own bestfriend.

Saturday, March 24

My eg-tukar story

So, April is coming soon. This is the anticipated time for most teachers in GM. Eg-tukar time!

This is my story last year. I am just sharing my experience.

First of all, my cikgu data will put up notices about the opening of eg-tukar and the importance of updating e-operasi. What is e-operasi you might ask? From my understanding, it is an online data about yourself, your background, experience and etc.

So, after checking and asking my cikgu data, he said for new teachers must go PPD to get the password. He provided me with the number and I texted him and we managed to set a time to meet at his office. He was kind enough to entertain me. He reminded me that the chances of me getting out was very slim but I could try. I said I figured that part out but there's no harm in trying and there's a chance for the Kelantanese coming in with me going out.

So after he asking me some questions about my background making sure whatever my guru data had key-in is correct. He set the password up for me. We talked a bit but he was okay and nice.

So, I told K.A, Saqinah, Syaz and Felicia to do the same. So, they went together the next day. As for Felicia, hers was as easy as mine. But for the primary troops the Mr. Pengurusan Sekolah Rendah refused to give the password. REFUSED. So, while Felicia got hers, the rest did not.

Yes, it is important to have your e-operasi done.

Then, when the day come, you fill in necessary requirement and print three copies. And one for yourself if you want. All three copies send to Mr. Kerani for my school since he will make sure the pengetua signs it. Some hand-in directly to Mr. Pengetua but he is a busy man. Make sure you send in all the evidences (surat nikah, etc)

My mom said as Guru Besar she only has one column to tick - online as well.
Does the teacher has any disciplinary problems/actions.
And sign the copies.

That's all.

When the time comes, you will know if you get it or not.

Happy trying!

Friday, March 23

Technology Taking Over The World.

Me: I already sent the forms to the Penolong Pendaftar Nikah.
HR: Oh. Good. So it is all settle?
Me: Yea. Kinda. It is all signed and stamped.
HR: Awesome. So when is the exact time?
Me: Oh, nikah is blablabla.. So, tunang should be blablabla. You should come at this particular time. Sempat tak?
HR: Sempat tak apa? Sempat tak nak update status FB from in relationship to engage?
HR: Lepas sarung je cincin terus tukar status, ok?

Thursday, March 22

Of SPM results

I am not quite sure myself how we actually do. But no one yells at me for being a lousy teacher. My Ketua Panitia and Ketua Bidang said Congratulations.

So it must be awesome news.

As far as I know, none of my students got A. Regardless of what type of A.

It sadden me a bit.

OK, a lot.
A lot than I show.

But some brighten up my day with their B+s and Bs.

Of course, despite my pack and busy bee schedule, some students were eager enough to share with me their results. Some even visited me at home. Some dragged me out of class.

They care enough to share and I am happy for them.

"So, teacher, saya nak jadi cikgu ni. Layak tak?"

Wednesday, March 21

Wordless Wednesday

Two days of slaving myself till dusk in the hot blazing sun with no wind.
And no cool place to hang.
Did not get a chance to see students on SPM result day.
Got darker.
All in all, awesome company.
And young muscled athletes.
And we won!!!!

p/s: I am a nagger now. It is getting harder to see positive things day by day.
p/p/s: Yes, it is Wordy Wednesday now.

Sunday, March 11

Can you whisper louder? I can't hear you.

If it is any louder, it won't be a whisper.

Saturday, March 10

Happy Birthday, Nana!!!!!!!

Dearest Nana,

So much love for you.

Good luck for your future big day. Sorry I couldn't make it.

Wishing you all the best for your future undertaking!


Friday, March 9

I know I choose right

Me : I want you to be my
pengapit, my maid of honour.
She : Woweee... It'd be my honour.
Me : But, I shall remind you it is a hard work. LOL
She :What work? Its just making you look pretty all the time kan? That's easy because you are already pretttyyyyyyy.

Tuesday, March 6

Fun in small doses

Being in such a confined and small place, me and Saqinah have a silly innocent crush on one of this businessman in GM. Yes, we share our crush. It is that small.

Anyway, there was this one day when Saqinah was waiting in the car and me and K.A were talking with this guy about some stuff. Upon entering the car, I gave Saqinah word by word description about the discussion. With some extra topping to make Saqinah jealous.

The guy, who also knows Saqinah, came nearer to the car. Saqinah's car. At one point, Saqinah was so nervous that her car engine died. There. In front of him.

It was so damn funny. For us.
Embarassing. For Saqinah.

And we were laughing.
Until today.

Monday, February 27

Friendship Forever

Me: Can we go to bodyshop for awhile? I have something to buy.
HR: Mmm.. ok. Didnt you say you went last week when you were in KB?
Me: I did. But there's friendship day sale this weekend.
HR: What sale?
Me: If you brought a friend who bought something, they will get 20% off while i got 30% off.
HR: So, now I am friend lah?
Me: Oppss..

Wednesday, February 22

Wordless Wednesday

less than hundred days to go...

Tuesday, February 21

Q is for Queen.

So, the other day was the Birthday of The Drama Queen in GM. And of course we celebrated it with style and poshness and with whatever that we have in GM (not much I tell you).

We had a big eating ceremony with yummy cakes. To die for!
We gave her lotsa presents and she was all glitter and glamour that night.

So, our Queen turned 25.

Happy Birthday Saqinah!

p/s: Since the restaurant is called Bayu Lenang, so we forced her to wear the pink fabulous hat like there is Bayu Lenang there (soft wind). Plus she is just fabulous right?

Align Left
p/p/s: Other pictures are with Syaz. I only have these. *wink*

Monday, February 20

Thank You

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present... and not giving it.

William A. Ward

Saturday, February 18

Quirky Me

I am a tiny bit eccentric.

I remembered that I opposed people who have many perfumes. For me, one should only have on signature scent. Because for me even scences can make a person.

If the person like fruity smells, the person is like this like that. Or vice versa.

I believe in one scent for a person.

That is until I discover The Body Shop perfumes.

I love most of the scents and it is affordable. So I have a few of the ranges as well as my DKNY Be Delicious.

I still believe in one scent for a person.

But nowadays, I choose my perfume according to my dress colour.

If I am wearing pink, I'll go for Lychee Blossom.
Blue is Aqua Lily.
Usually Vanilla.
Sometimes when I am feeling elegant, DKNY Be Delicious of course.

Thursday, February 16

And I'm back ... And smiling wider than ever

It is the little things that can put a smile on my face.

Like a student who ran so fast so that he can catch up with me to say "Good Morning,teacher."

Like one particular student who wrote a small note telling me how pretty I am. Always.

Like a few 4S1 boys guarding me when some other boys want to talk to me. Like I am theirs. And only theirs. Other students aren't allowed to talk to me.

Like some students excitedly telling me that they finished their work and enjoyed the lesson.

Like some random students admiring my style and keep telling me how awesome if I am their teacher.

Like seeing smiles on their faces when they finally understood what I taught.

Like students forcing me to hang with them so they can narrate their stories and share secrets with me.

Like someone who shouldn't, but calling me cute out of the blue.

The beauty of kampung life.

Wednesday, January 18

One of the many reasons you should be a teacher

So, yesterday I was talking about this gangsta-class rite. Just so you know, they are super active kids that can't really sit still for long but really like copying stuff on the board type. They also like to play pranks on each other. In the middle of the lesson.

This one kid was pranked by one of the classmates. I didn't noticed who because it was happening all so fast. Someone put chewing gum on the chair and he happily sat down and went on and on yapping in the classroom disturbing others.

Suddenly, when he stood up, his pants was all ruined because of the chewing gum earlier. He got the surprised of his life. I was prepared for the worst (in case he challenged whoever did that to him).

He did not.

Lucky me.

Instead, he was trying to get the gum off.


By standing in the middle of the classroom and peeling the gum off. AT HIS BUTT area.

I was like, "You may go to the toilet." But no, he stood there, shamelessly, peeling it off.

The best part came later.

After letting the kids went for their reccess, I was slowly keeping my stuff together before leaving the class. The kids like to hang out and chat with me. They even like to escort me to the staffroom.

As I was chatting aimlessly, I noticed the kid had the pants on the table. This time rubbing it off with water and peeling it off using scissors. I was in awed.

Yes, he did. He actually took off his pants. HE TOOK OFF HIS PANTS IN THE CLASSROOM.

So, he was cleaning the gum pants in his BLUE FLOWERY boxer shorts. Not that I want to know that much about him, but I did. And something that you have seen can never be unseen.

On the bright side, he managed to clean the pants.

Tuesday, January 17

Happiness comes in different ways

Upon meeting Felicia for morning drinks, she greeted me, "Babe, why are you so happy? With all smiles."

Or was it that she just straightaway said, "Babe, I'm hungry."


I told her about my happiness that day. I managed to make the form five boys of the so-gangsta-class tangkap leleh. I was on cloud nine. I used Christina Perry's A thousand years with them. And thery were all, "One step cloooooooooooooooser."

They were all singing and feeling jiwang weyh. And they even managed to say, "Cher, bluetooth cher." Oh yes, Cher is my nama manja with them. LOL!

Today, I am happy too. Apart form eating scrumptious Nasi Lemak Special, I also receive a happy news. Two new MALE English teacher are here. Single? I was just wondering on Saqinah's behalf. Weehoo! I can bully some juniors now.

And soon, a-nine-day-holidays. Bliss!

But for now off to Rumah Merah practice.

Saturday, January 14

Saqinah told me to list down why I love him and keep it safe in case I ever forget about them

One thing I always keep in mind. Never try to change him. Let him be himself. Allow him to act silly. Let him has his free time. Accept his friends. Permit him some breather. Because at the end of the day that is the person I fall in love with. The quirks and all.

If I ever limit him, how can he be the guy that I adore?

The one who is my bestfriend and would listen to all thewhining. The one who has 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' syndrome. The one whose brain is full with nonsensical facts but blur with general knowledge. The one that would carry all the bags for me. The one with funny friends. The one who would endure hours and hours of Alanis Morissette and Yuna. The one who needs a push to get things done. The one who always has the answer to everything. The one with great taste in sitcoms (and girl). The one who sleeps like there's no tomorrow (I don't adore this but accept it). The one who knows a lot about local and international artists. The one who likes to walk (read: walk). The one who would never admit that he is scared of those green slimy reptile. The one who would follow patienly as I browse through handbags and shoes. The one with time management issues. The one who would sing and make all the guitar noises for me to sleep.

And yes.

Sometime it is a struggle but I will try my very best.

Because I love him.

Wednesday, January 11

Wordless Wednesday

Guess what level am I teaching?

Tuesday, January 10

Bagai ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapak

I have been meaning to write about this for awhile. As long as I started to feel it but I am that girl who like to proscatinate.

As I mentioned earlier my mom had successfully undergone bypass and now she is just recovering at home for around three months. Well, one of the possible reason for her condition is stress related to work as she is kinda workaholic and also perfectionist (sometimes to point that drives me mad).

So, while resting at home, she still contacted her school and getting updates. She also received/exchanged emails with her PKs. She couldn't let her reign over them as she needed the school to be perfect administrating wise.

My dilemma is that while my elder brother keeps getting furious over this matter and bans her from the computer (oh yes he bans her), I keep on helping her out. He forbids her from doing and even thinking about possible stressful things.

I will be the one who helps her out. Any simple detail that she doesn't know I will aid her and be at her side. She doesn't know how to copy, how to make this thing bigger, or that thing there but make sure it is also here, I make it happen. I am the enabler.

My logic, let her do things that makes happy. I will help her out as far as I can. That is how I am keeping her from being stressful. I'll do the complicated-ish part. I do the hard work while she edits. Sometimes from afar sometimes on her own.

She keeps telling stories how my brother wouldn't let her do this and that because he cares. Proudly. That sting a little. Is it I don't care? That is why I am enabling here? Should I not let her do it? Should I not drive her to school where she found out only one clerk left for the school (the other two were on holidays) and went beserk right there and then? Should I just let her take the cab?

It is just like when she was just out of her operation (like maybe 4-5 days), she didn't really eat anything and she felt like she wanted to eat nasi goreng at Pak Chu's. So I told my brother who was on his way to get food for us who were in the hospital. He was furious at me. He said mean things.

Here I was just thinking, let her eat what she wanted as she barely eat anything. And she was telling me how it would be nice and lovely if she can eat that. I just told my brother, "you tell her that yourself. I won't deny her that." At the end of the story he brought us the nasi goreng but she just ate like 4 spoons. She knew she wasn't supposed to eat but she wants it. So she just had a little to satisfy the cravings.

Yes, I am the enabler. And yes I always feel guilty of being that. Just like I don't love her enough to say no.

Monday, January 9

Lesson on Life

You know how I always dread the day I have to go back to GM. I was always wishing that I don't have to reach GM soon and have exxxtra and longer time before I offically have to go back. So, on this one particular day, my wish was granted but not in a good way. Lesson learned!

Not only the supposedly 3pm bus was late (only arriving nearly arond 4pm), it was sorta broken too. I did not know this at that time as I planned to sleep and sleep only. At first it stopped somewhere in a petrol station before Bentong's tol. And I waited.

And we waited.

I had no idea what we were waiting for but we waited patiently nonetheless. I wasn't really complaining as the air-conditioner was on and I can sleep soundly. But I did not sleep! I can't! I don't know why.

So, after a LONG while, I noticed the mechanic came and fixed something near the tyre and I learned that something like spring was broken and without it the bus will be bouncy and not pleasant. Me in aircond is a good passenger you see.

Then, only around 6.30pm we left the petrol station. Just a little bit after Kuala Lipis bus station the thingie broke again. And yes, we bounced along the 'smooth' road to GM. We bounced and bounced like we were riding horses. And worse of all, I had to pee. Like serious one.

And we bounced.

The driver stopped twice to try and fix the thingie but with no success. And we kept on bouncing with my muka ketat due to my pee situation. I was more pissed off that I couldn't sleep. With all the bouncing and all the not peeing.

We stopped for more than thirty minutes in Merapoh (another 30minutes beofre reaching GM) and I got to pee. I was on cloud nine. Oh, happiness.

And we continued bouncing to GM. We reached around 12pm. Yet, the bus still had to continue the journey to KB. Bouncing style.

So, I would never wished like that anymore. I wish that I get to transfer. Now, pray for me.

Saturday, January 7

Bagai lalang yang ditiup angin

HR: What did you do today?
Me: Cabut rumput kat belakang. Panjang sangat.
HR: Wah, rajinnya dia.
Me: Mestilah. Rumput tu dah paras pinggang.
HR: Pinggang sapa?
Me: Pinggang I lah.
HR: Itu bukan rumput dah tu. Itu lalang.
Me: Urkk.