Friday, December 30

Of John C Riley

Recently, HR gave me this song. A dedication for me. I love the lyric while loves the singer. So, I am just gonna post the lyric here. A reminder to self that I can do what is implied in the lyric if the time ever come.

I have a perfect life
You are the perfect wife
I don't know why
I sit and cry

And now I miss you so
Please don't let me go
I'll make mistakes and that is true
At least I learn each time I do

Darling, you must believe
I could never leave you if I tried
A life without you is no life at all

Tears fall in vain
I'm standing in the rain
No matter how I feel
I never seem to know what's real

So sharpen up your knives
Stab me in the eyes
I want to cry rivers of blood
I want to drown myself in your love

Darling, you must believe
I could never leave you if I tried
A life without you is no life at all

Wednesday, December 28

Wordless Wednesday

It is the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter. ~Marlene Dietrich

Tuesday, December 27

We are human after all.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Each one of us have different priorities and views. I think no one is supposed to be wrong or right. We are just diverse individuals because we think differently.

When stating one opinion, one should be careful. Even though one is very sure one is right. Say it nicely. Write it with wisdom. Don't simply accuse. Use appropriate language.

What you say define who you are.

Monday, December 26

Last dating of the year

Gosh, yesterday was so tiring but fun. We planned to watch a movie but due to time constraint, we didn't.

We only shop, shop and shop. Which I loike too.

We bought some stuff for hantaran.

I love the purchase. Mostly for HR. I, on the other hand, am so cerewet. We only bought one for moi. A purple perfume. Which I love so much.

Sunday, December 25


The other day, my eldest bro was singing to Bruno Mars song, Count on Me. I told him that he should check out the "Marry You" song. It is catchy too.

He was like, "Tak main r lagu kawen-kawen."

I was like, "That's why you are still single. You have so many 'friends' kan?"


Thursday, December 15


One of my proudest achievement in this year school holiday, no, in my life is buying the toilet seat for my bathroom toliet bowl.

For those who are famliliar with my bathroom, now my toilet bowl is complete. Hahaha.

You all should be proud of me. One of my achievement! It has been years since it is without toilet seat.

Anyway, I just bought it, I forced Mard to pasang it for me.

p/s: Now, now, about the door..

Wednesday, December 14

My mom is the best mom in the world

These days my food cabinet is full with boring and healthy food. Like dry biscuits, all kind of oatmeal (you will be surprised of the diversity), muesli, herbs tea and fruits (which I like!).

These are mostly gift from when people come and visit my mom. I am happy to annouce that some of the stuff are from my friends. Go my friends!

For those who don't know, my mom undergone her bypass surgery less than two months ago. It was due to some heart issues that I don't feel like elaborating. It was a difficult situation for everyone in the family.

Being the only daughter and yet stucked in GM sucks ball, I tell you!

Anyhow, she is recovering well. Fast, I would say.

Thanks for all the wishes and prayers.

p/s: She is well enough to go venue/catering hunting with me. But not for long. So it is a daily routine for us to go hunting but only for a few short hours and near places and not to many movement needed.

Tuesday, December 13

wedding bellls

Me: What theme colour you want for the wedding?
HR: Blue.
Me: What blue? Baby blue? Tiffany blue? Sky blue? Turquoise blue?
HR: Ha? What? This blue. *referring to my blouse*
Me: This? Ok. Mine I want *blablablablabla*

HR: I think I want the Adil Blue not the BN Blue.
Me: If my mom heard that, it is the end of the world for you.
HR: Oh. Don't tell her that.

HR : I found it!
Me: What?
HR: It is called Cyan.
Me: What?
HR: The blue. It is called Cyan Blue or Biru Firus.

p/s: Just a quick reminder, this blog might be filled with wedding posts from now on.

Thursday, December 8

It's the littlest thing.

I learned to appreciate small things as I grew older.

Like the other day me and my bff, Hani (I couldn't mention her real name for undisclosed reason) went to watch Ombak Rindu. The movie was ok.

Anyway, the girl (I'm guessing around my age) who sat beside me was watching the movie with the BF. You know the girl must have insist (read: force) the BF to watch the movie with her since her BF was so annoying to the point that I wished I could just throw him out. I didn't do that because it was just Ombak Rindu. If it was Breaking Dawn, I might just yell at him right there and then.

So, he was not so quiet, kept on complaining and laughing at the teary scene. He also put his foot up. He was sorta acting out to show that he was more than a man to watch that movie. Showed off his testosterone. So that people wont judge him for watching that kinda movie.

My point is I learned to appreciate HR more. He will never act out like that even though I forced him to various kinda girlie shows including 'John Tucker Must Die'. He will sit there with me either to watch or to sleep depending on the show but he will be there. Even as I gogugugagaover Jacob Black or Shamsul Yusof (Yes, I go gugugaga over Shamsul Yusoff).

He respects me enough to listen as I babble about the sequence of Twilight, I narrate the chick-lit books and explain the meaning of Yuna's songs. He will try and understand my craziness over some weird girls thing that he could never put a grasp on.

So, for the best boyfriend ever,

Happy Birthday, love!!!

You are the one for me.
This is to our hopes and dreams.

Monday, December 5

The perfect plan

The day before, HR and I went to the city of Merlion, Singapore. The itinerary was handled 100% by him and I was so proud of him. He has grown!

I even told him that he can plan our honeymoon. This was before we started the journey.

He planned meticulously to every final detail. He made sure everything was perfect. Well, of course everything was not perfect because we found some glitches but nothing that couldn't be handled. Plus it is circumstances glitches that couldn't be predicted. Still great plan. And of course, we were lucky since the weather was perfect. It was not raining until around six-ish which was when it was time for us to go home.

We went to some of the iconic places in Singapore as planned. Even more than planned since we had extra cash and I decided not to shop in Singapore. It was awesome. I was smiling in all of the pictures.

But, I took back what I said about planning for our honeymoon. Sorry, love.

His awesome plan as awesome as it is involved a lot of walking. A LOT OF WALKING. Which can't be help since that's the only route, I know. But it was still a lot of walking.

Still, love, I have decided that I am gonna choose the destination and the activity for the honeymoon. And yes the only walking we are going to do is shopping in air-conditioned mall.

Of mini me and him

Ten : You should start buying some kitchen stuff.
Me : What? Where to put?
Ten : Eh, you have to start planning. About the future. How many kids do you want?
Me : Hmm.. I don't know. Four, five.
Ten : Ok. How many kids HR wants?
Me : However many I want. You see? The beauty of the relationship.

Me: Ten mentioned that we should discuss our future.
HR: Ok. What about our future?
Me: How about kids? How many?
HR: What? Urm.. 2, 3 maybe. White Stripes only has two members.
Me: So?
HR: They can do 2-man-band. Or four like SOAD *listed some band names* Ah, what about five iron frenzy?
Me: What? They have like 7 members rite?
HR: Yeah, it's not like I ask for SuperJunior.
Me: Dang! Not that many.
HR: One of them should be tahfiz kan? Not the first one kan?
Me: Why not? Oklah tuh. Alang-alang boleh jadi Rabbani.

p/s: How many kids do you want?

Sunday, December 4

Breaking Dawn pun kena censored tau

redha itu ikhlas,
pasrah itu menyerah.

-ombak rindu, 2011

p/s: Lisa Surihani macam tak sesuai jadi watak perempuan gedix, kan?

Saturday, December 3

Sky Net makes me on cloud nine

I almost forgot, I received this the other day. I am on cloud nine. I love it so much. Even my mom loves it so much. Will definitely buy more of this next time.

Friday, December 2

I don't really like crowded places.

You know how I am so lazy to watch or read news. Gossips, on the other hand, I loike!

So, Felicia has always been my source of news. Earthquake in Japan, flood in Thailand or whatever. Her source of news also includes Tweet and FB gossips. She is also my source of teaching aids and ideas.

Anyway, my main point being, recently, after long hiatus of me taking LRT, I used the service again. I noticed new thing about LRT.


Now, LRT operates using this coin-shaped-thingie instead of the usual card.

It took me several minutes to process how to use the chip. I was somewhat surprised to receive the chip from the counter person. I blinked a few minutes. Then only I, on my own, figured things out.

Its new. Its ok.

But for me, it is easier to lose as it is so tiny. And so round.

p/s: Felicia, I need you here. Don't you dare move to NZ before I got transferred.

Thursday, December 1

It was only the after four days of downloading GG, I got to watch it.

That is how busy I am.

I downloaded Gossip Girl on Monday night, and I only managed to steal sometime tonight. I've been superduper busy and honestly, I like it.

I had been receiving and entertaining many guests.

Now, I'm off to be someone else's guest.

p/s: Gossip Girl is very important to me, ok.