Friday, March 7

Life as a working wife

This time around, me and HR went groceries shopping together, quite recently.

I bought another bottle of cooking oil. Still the 1 litre kind.

HR commented that he just bought oil. Which is true.

I explained to him, now that I no longer teaching for 30-period-of-English-per-week, I am no longer very lethargic every evening. I can cook like all the time.

Which I did. 

I still arrived home around 4.30ish every evening, with meetings and co-curricular activities and yadda yadda yaddaa (who am I kidding?), but I feel more energetic. I feel that I can focus more and do more for the kids. 

Oh yeah, there is no point to the post.

I just realized that too.

Wednesday, March 5

Too Long Too Loud

I went to a wedding the other day. At a hotel. Not a bragging post, I assure you.

After so much talking, gossiping and drinking the free-flow juice that kept on coming, I went to the loo. 

There's only one cubicle and apparently it was kinda hard to lock. After inspecting the mechanism for a while, I decided to just go with it. I was on the very peak, if you know what I mean. As I was going in the cubicle, another guest walked in the toilet. I smiled at her and I continued with my business. 

It was very quiet in the toilet. And I drank a lot of juice. It was very quiet in the toilet. And I drank a lot of juice.It was very quiet in the toilet. And I drank a lot of juice.It was very quiet in the toilet. And I drank a lot of juice.It was very quiet in the toilet. And I drank a lot of juice.

And unlucky for me, the toilet is the no bidet kind. 

I went on with my very long loud business.

Embarrassing, I tell you. Very embarrassing. In my mind at that time, I don't know the other guest. We will never meet again. I had to do what I had to do.

I went out from the cubicle after being so loud, I saw another guest. She immediately knew me! And she started talking to me. 


Monday, March 3

together ~

Not dead yet
Already in my bed
Curving on my side
With red skin tight

Step out for a walk
In the alley so dark
Flower in one hand
Sweets on the other end

I will never be a substitute
He is on my pursuit
Please don’t be rude
You are not even cute

Not yet dissipate
Snug print of my butt
From the leather seat
Yet your g-string held tied

Stir up a coffee
No sugar for me
I might be bossy
But I am a beauty!

The arched physique makes me sick
Mahogany mystique, not epic!
Might be slick but can’t apply a lipstick

You are not my replacement
He will not be abandon
Love for him will never lessen
In fact you are not a woman

Shit, its a guitar!

Sunday, March 2

He is back for good


So sad that I couldn't see him. Not until my school break. Sometime by the end of March. 

He will be in Penang by this week to continue his dream. 


And Happy. 

Saturday, March 1

Pilihan Alfina tetap HR

The other day, I was watching a drama. Malay drama. A cerekarama; Pilihan Rozana.

I was watching alone as HR was in the other room doing his music thingie.

Microphone included. 

I prefer to watch alone anyway because HR loves to complain about everything in a Malay drama. 

The storyline
The actors
The dialogue
The make up
The props
The location
The food
The wardrobe
The music

Basically, everything.

After a while, he came and seek for me in the living room. And he did what he did best. I had to finally stop him from disturbing me. 

"Abang, ini pilhan Rozana ok! Rozana! Bukan pilhan Hisyam!" I didn't use the exclamation mark of course. However, HR didn't budge. Finally, I switched off the television and said we should sleep. 

After all, it was Saturday night and Sunday is a school day for us in Johore.


Grease-y Love

HR was out and about the other day. He asked me if we need anything in the kitchen.

Honestly, a lot.

But because HR is HR, I told him to buy us cooking oil. Just the 1 litre kind.

Which he bought, the expensive one! Aha! Amateur!

But it's okay.

To make mistake is to learn.