Sunday, May 31

Black Winter Jacket

Today, I finally pull out my thickest, furriest winter coat to be worn. After a long long time it stuck in the big big luggage. Deym cold. Oh, went dining out with HR after two days stuck in da room. Doing assignments of course. What else?

Princess Wishes

A girl deserves to dream, don't they? Some of my personal dreams were accomplished this year. Which keeps me awake at night reminiscing them. Some remain a wishful thinking. I am happy with that. I have something to look foward to.

I went to see a circus last March. In Takapuna, place of beautiful beaches. It was absolute fun, doing it with an absolute fun guy. The show was fantastic. Leaving me in AWWWW jaw for a long long time. Their stunts were endearing and some even made my heart stop beating. I always dream of going to circus, ever since I was little girl. I even put it in my new year resolution, read here .

In that resolution, I also wanted to go to a fun fair where a guy could win me teddy. HR did, not a huge one, a small tiny puppy. That was enough. We also took a ride in Ferris Wheel, Bumper Car and some other dizzying ride. I can cross that wish now.

Another little girl's dream that I been wanting to see is Disney on Ice. Which I did. Last Thursday. It was what a girl could dream of. Life of fairy tales. Where's there is evil queen, hot prince and fierce dragon spitting fire. The place was full with kids in princess outfit. The women sitting beside us even jokes and ask, "Where's the kid?". It was two bird in one stone since the Disney on Ice was staged at Vector Arena . That place is one of the places to cross over 'been there'.

I may never bought Nintendo Wii anytime soon (from the list). But I am going to Aussie this winter. YaY!! Oh, I am leaving HR behind. Double YaY!! For being single. I hope I can go on rides in Brisbane and do some serious gossiping in Sydney.

Saturday, May 30

Fear & Phobia

I think people who want to be married are brave people. It is not easy to commit to just one person for the rest of your life. Love alone wont be enough to ensure happiness in marriage. Or just beauty. There are always other factors.

Being loyal is an ultimate thing. No cheating. So does trust. With that comes honesty. And sharing secrets. Or gossips. Understanding. Tolerating. Prioritizing. Always be satisfied with each other or pretend to be satisfied. Can you choose the right person? Would she/he be enough?

In Malaysian context, traditionally (or maybe just within my family), despite gender equity or gender whatever being campaigned and whatnot, stuff like gender stereotype still happen in our household. I mean, my dad would never force my mom to cook whenever he's hungry but I never seen him in the kitchen cooking for us either (maybe once in all my life). Stuff like that is known to suppose happen. Like my mom is the one who chooses the furniture or the curtains. My dad would worry about the bills and repair the bulbs.

Women in my family are expected to know how to cook. How to take care of a child. How to please husband. How to love husband family unconditionally. How to sew. How to manage money. How to do work simultaneously like hold a baby and sweep the floor. Basically, superwomen.

Marriage is a tough thing. Only tough people last.

I hope one day I'll be brave enough and I'll be married to a nice guy who loves me unconditionally.

untuk abah yang terchenta

yang hensem
yang kacak bergaya

Selamat Hari Lahir.
Semoga Panjang Umur
Lebih dimurahkan Rezeki

Chuck & Blair

I have not narrate my last Easter Break holiday yet. I have been wanting too. But I always been able to deflect myself. I am now able to take deeper breath since most of the tv series has ended. All with good ending except for one, House. Deym u Gregory House, always keeping it suspense. I am trying to keep myself from hooking to other tv series vortex.

Oh, Hisyam has been suck to Facebook vortex. At times, when glance at his laptop screen, is Facebook site.

So, last Easter, me, HR, Farah & Aliff went up north to Cape Reinga and surrounding. We actually made lotsa stop, which I am so lazy to recall. I'll just paste some photos then.

Sapa sangka ada terowong di NZ?

menawan bukit sambil main golf

Crocodile Hunter Lady

Bird Hunter Lady
memang serba boleh lah

Small Delicious Picnic


Serba boleh tak?

At this point, my camera was out of battery.
HR's full with sand.
Other photos from Farah's camera is with HR.

Back in Auckland.
Sejuk. Gembira.

Makan. Bergambar.

Overall, the trip was fun. It was rather cheap and short. I wanted to go somewhere despite my economical state at hazardous level.

Monday, May 25

violet is my colour

kalau awak merajuk,
saya cuba pujuk
kerana saya tak gemar
bersama dalam gelap
dan muram.

kalau awak merajuk,
saya cuba pujuk
dengan pelbagai cara
supaya awak kembali ceria
dan ketawa

kalau awak merajuk,
saya cuba pujuk
agar saya tidak gusar
hari berjalan lancar
senyuman kembali terpancar

kalau awak merajuk,
saya cuba pujuk
tapi awak tetap masam
saya akan kusam
berendam luka dalam

kalau awak tetap merajuk,
saya akan berhenti pujuk
saya pula akan merajuk
biar awak yang pujuk
kerana saya sudah jauh terperuk.

Sunday, May 24

Happy Birthday Mas Aida

a small breakfast birthday celebration.
blowing candles.
an ice skating event at noon.
a huge makan-makan at erwan's.

may all your wishes come true
live long and prosper

Friday, May 22

Real Groovy

A great start of the weekend. Just met Smashproof, New Zealand famous and hot looking RnB/Rap group. They are so nice and cute in person. Me and Mas chatted a bit with them. One of them is really shy or maybe he was just a bit sick because his face was all red. Oh, they also signed autographs for me.

Young Sid

with Deach


Again. with Mas

I guess all is a great start before burying myself in assignments.

p/s: me and Mas is cooking roti jala and gulai ayam. sedap dimakan di waktu sejuk ini.

Thursday, May 14

muvee time

I am a sucker for Gambit. Always had been. My toon time when I was a little girl was spent adoring him and his skills. Oh, Gambit! How sexxay.

my hero

My frustration of X-Men Movies without Gambit comes to an end with the X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In that movie, Gambit will be there with his cards. Unfortunately, he only appears 10% of the whole movie time. Sucker~

Oh, that movie so lame. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone to watch. It is full with all the cliches that you can think of in any superhero movie. Moreover, my Gambit doesn't one bit look like the Gambit that I've been drooling for. Demmit.

One movie that I would recommend to everyone to watch is Star Trek. I never watch or known any of the plot or characters. I never even like that kinda movie (read: I hate movie that involves things that are hideous). But I love it. Everything about it.

Oh that movie is so good that I cried like hell for the first scene. HR said, "La, tajuk movie tak kuar lagi dah nanges. Dahsyat." Deym, so touching.

The graphic or whatever is superb. The actors and actress are fantastic. Plot of the story is understandable for person like me. What else you need?? The battleships are sexxay also.

p/s: HR is still laughing at my inability to do the ever famous Spock hand sign.

dzeti's cool factor decreasing

Monday, May 11

Princesses with Crowns

We celebrated Nisah 22nd birthday.
We ate lotsa food.
We smiled and laughed.
We have many leftovers.
We had fun.

Sunday, May 10

Selamat Hari Ibu

Buat ibuku yang terchenta,
Selamat Hari Ibu.
Semoga Ceria Selalu.

Semoga hadiah tahun ini,
dapat menawan hati si ibu ceria.
Mengalahkan hadiah tahun lepas,
yang gah bergaya.

Mamaku the best ah.

Tadi Ati tanya, "Dah jumpa ka mama?" Dia kata berapa kali aku nye YM shoutout tulis, "Mana mama?". Aku tersenyum.

Mamaku merajuk kerana aku tak on ym setelah sekian lama. Kekadang memang aku malas nak on YM. Tapi lebih selalunya, tatkala aku on, dia tiada, dan sebaliknya. Perbezaan masa antara 2 benua, adatlah! Lebih kerapkali, internet sucks.

Maaflah mama.

I Love You. Jangan merajok selalu ya.

Friday, May 8

productivity is the key

I havent done anything productive this week. Been keeping all the assignments on hold. I guess all the suppressed feeling from the week before is affecting my cognitive skills to function properly. Hence, the no blog post in a week. Yet all the thoughts in the world run freely in my head. Not that freely though. It just circles continuously there. Turning round and round in my head. Not going anywhere.

I got this proposition, ego correlates with insecurities. If one ego is so huge, they might not have so much insecurity. One big, one must be smaller than the other. If you are egoistic, you gotta be so confident to be so. You must never self-doubt yourself. However, one egoistic feeling might become smaller when the insecurities become higher. You are so aware of everything around you leaving you feeling so small.

I used to have such a huge ego. I know that. I would say, now I have more and more insecurities. I used not to care about anything. I just live as I pleased. Now, everything that people say stuck in my head. You are supposed to do this. That is not suitable for you. My ego has become smaller with the increase of my insecurities.

That is a fact.

I hate that fact.