Thursday, March 25

Yawn a big yawn

I think I have established how boring lectures session can be. With the un-condusive environment, the lack of seating space and the so-unreliable-LCD Projector, one not only can easily fall asleep but also busy not paying attention. Or like me, blogging.

Yesterday, one of my classmates, who was sitting next to me, not paying attention of course, asked me after almost 45 minutes of the lecture,

"Subjek apa eh ni?"

Before I could answer, I laughed my heart out.

How disconnected can you be when you don't even know what subject it was?

Tuesday, March 23


Three of my New Year's resolution are accomplished.
  • travel around Malaysia esp visit Sabah and Sarawak (If I manage to travel whole NZ, I should be able to do this in my own country)
  • road trip with friends (doesn't matter far or near)
  • attend someone's wedding that is truly my own friend (I never been to my own friend's wedding. It had always been my mom's or dad's friends or relatives. This year, I want to attend my own friend's wedding. Or at least their brothers or sisters. I want to receive the invitation card with my name)
The list is copied from here.

Last Saturday we went for a road trip to Pekan, Pahang. Convoying with four cars. To Nadia's wedding. Stopped by Telok Cempedak. Felt the water. Snapped more pictures. Met a few monkeys. Bought a bag. Ate dadih. Prayed at Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah. Ate again at Temerloh. Drove till late nite.

Life is a bliss when the people around you are blissful.

Monday, March 22

teh tarik satu

I love laksa. Always have always will. My mom loves laksa too. She always cooks it. Laksa becomes one of our supplement food besides nasi. She cooks the best laksa in town. I love her laksa.

Every time I wanna eat outside, I always avoid ordering laksa (if the place is selling one). I have always eaten laksa, making ordering one outside seems redundant. I always try to order food I cannot cook or something special. That's why we eat outside right.

I also feel somehow I am betraying my mom if I order or eat laksa outside. It feels like I don't give my mom enough credit of her laksa and I need to get out ordering one. Seems like I am denying her laksa of the most sedap laksa in the whole wide world. I just feel bad.

My mom never knows that of course.

I am lame.

Tuesday, March 16


I've been meaning to write this for a while. I know I've been thinking about it.

I feel that I want to disagree with one of Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. I know I am kinda lame but having 'intrapersonal' as my strength makes me so much more lame.

I don't think 'my type of intelligence' qualify as an 'intelligence'. It is more like a curse. A curse that I don't feel anyone else should bear.

I don't feel intelligent at all now. The fact that I am an average person and my MI is not even an 'intelligence' at all.

Monday, March 15


To err is human,
To forgive divine

Wednesday, March 3

it's not always me, you know

This conversation happened days ago. I only remember bits and pieces. But the gist is there.


Me: Buat apa tuh?

HR: Kemas-kemas bilik sket.

Me: Oh, finally. Dari harituh kata nak kemas. Dah mop bilik ke?

HR: Belum lagi.

Me: Hari tuh semangat sangat beli pencuci lantai. Kenapa tak mop lagi?

HR: Hujanlah.

Me: Ha? So? Kalo hujan?

HR: Nanti tak kering la kalo mop.

Me: (Laughing my heart out)


Fatin: Dzeti, Acap kata, Hisyam tanya kalo pergi kursus kahwin ngan orang tuh, kena kawen
ngan orang tu ke?

Me: (Laughing my heart out)

Tuesday, March 2

mean what you say, say what you mean

Practising what one preach is a very essential thing for me. I mean there is no point for you blabbing on the hazardous effect of smoking when your teeth are as yellow as a stained toilet bowl that has never been cleaned. Why even bother telling kids that red light means stop when you keep on driving when the traffic light is red.

No use whatsoever in teaching us to plan lesson meaningfully and consider this and that for the lesson but when it comes to your own, it bores us to death.

Monday, March 1

it's always me - part 3

Is there a possibility that someone might not know they are so freakishly annoying? I mean I reflect on my teachers (and lecturers), they don't seem to know that they are killing me softly with their lesson.

What if one day I become an annoying teacher and I don't know the fact that I am annoying? I will be thinking that I'm cool but the students actually talk bad about me behind my back. What if I am no longer relevant or unable to relate to the students?

I hope not to become an annoying teacher.