Wednesday, April 29

Anak Mama yang Gagah

Got the L word from Yati last week. Went to her place at night for the sole purpose of that tv series. Oh yeah, I also want to check out her crib. Which is nicely decorated.

As I reached her place, she was kinda shocked seeing me alone. She kept repeating, "Gagah la Dzeti. Datang sorang je malam2". It's kinda funny that she used the word 'gagah'.

I kept saying, it's not a big deal. Our house is like a five minute journey. Volt - Princeton is not that far stretch. She was really amazed by my courage. Walking at night alone. Biking around Auckland to get to work. And some other stuff that I did alone.

Her remarks made me think.

Oh, I am a gagah woman. I do can live outrageously as I pleased. I am able to get around the city on my own term. Good for me.

One of my mother advices comes to mind. I think, she said it when one of my brothers was terribly ill and my father was still at work (note: this happened in the middle of the night). She droves us to a 24 hour clinic. (I am my mother's sidekick. I will always follow her). She keep saying, learn how to drive. So that if I ever face an emergency and no one's around (referring to my workaholic future husband), I can attend to the matter myself. Just like this one, your son need medical help and your husband is at work.

I can say, I am proud of who I have become with my mother's blessings. I am a good driver who sometime has misfortunes like side parking, small space to park or red light at the edge of a high cliff.

Oh, Mother's Day will come soon. What surprise shall I do this time?

Tuesday, April 28

New Addiction

I have been hooked up to Shortland Street for quite awhile. It's a New Zealand soap opera that has been going on for 15 years. The series is on every day on weekdays and I am on that couch everyday too.

Its a drama set in a hospital on Shortland Street supposedly in Auckland Central. Every staff in that hospital is related to one another. That nurse is another doctor's mother or three sisters working in the same hospitals. Husband and wife team up in saving life.

I'm loving it.

Tuesday, April 21

Guide me through unchartered waters Before we lose our way again Will you be my compass until forever? Until forever ends!?

Warning: This entry might seem to be portraying the-lovey-dovey-dzeti side of me. Dont continue reading if you dont like the-lovey-dovey-dzeti.

This is Tim Mcilrath.
HR's current idol. He still idolizes Claudio Sanchez.

If you don't know any of these men, it's okay. Don't be sad. It's not my kinda band either.

Tim Mcilrath is the singer / guitarist of the band Rise Against - remember the post I mentioned I went to Rise Against concert. Read here. He is the man!

So, one day while watching telly in my house, HR decided, he likes Tim Mcilrath's hair. I said, let's cut your hair like that. So, with a not-a-hair-cutting-scissors, we did it. This is no money back guarantee process.

The process of cutting his hair took about 2 hours. It can be longer (if you let HR continues whining) but I keep pushing him to be satisfied with the hair that I chopped. Afterall, got to go to Mint's place to celebrate Faliq's birthday. The process was messy with lots screaming from both party. Eh, I managed to pull a confident face through whole session.

Sama tak ngan Tim?

Close up.
(Abaikan gamba gadis gedixx itu)

Close up - solo version

Actually, I think the hair is not so much the same. Blame me, now I know what I can't be - a barber. Still, I think it's fair to say it is inspired by Tim's hair. Perhaps the inspiration can be traced back to the moment HR met him.

HR with Tim

Thank goodness he is not that fond of the second guitarist's hairdo.

which as you can see is non-existent.

Sneak peek of Claudio's hair - which HR will never ever pull off.

sexxay rite?

p/s: His hair was repaired by Faris few days after I cut it. Well, it was no money back guarantee.

Justify Full

Blogging can be so much fun

I always wonder why people (including me) always tend to blog as a way to procrastinate from doing assignments. I came up with few excuses.

  1. U want to write, yet you dont want to write about those theories that mean nothing to you. So, you write something about you to brag about to public.
  2. Usually, while doing assignment, you have your laptop and work somewhere cozy with internet connection. Oh with that so cozy place, how your mind tend to fly else where.
  3. Blogging is the way for simple escapism that need you not to move a budge, just continue on typing.
  4. Blogging can help raise your self esteem. How? When you are simply clueless about the assignment, you can reflect your life back and think something so good about it and write about it. Or complain about it.
  5. Writing can be so much fun when it is about yourself, your silliness or your greatness. Why write about some theorist that had died already?
  6. When you are working with someone (e.g: HR), you can pretend to look so super engross with your assignment writing while maintaining that serious face. Yet are doing some guilty pleasure. This is my favourite excuse of all time.

Monday, April 20

~Life oh life ~

Been wanting to go to Yati's place to copy the L Word, apparently a cool tv series, for quite sometime. I thought I could actually finish enjoying one whole season during the Easter break (which just ended). Oh, she got all five seasons. Syiok la~

I fast today. Weehee. Have to check how many days left to ganti puasa. Oh, so great dumpling to break fast just now.

Reviewing my Easter break, I conclude that it was fulfilling. I am able to scratch some items in my wish list. Oh, no so much money spend. Good job Dzeti.

Chopped off my hair. It's shorter than ever. Still need time to get used to wearing scarf with new hair style. Oh!! I helped cut HR's hair. He is bringing sexxay back. I'll brag about my skill later (in one whole bragging post.)

Need to finish some of my Easter project.

p/s: am loving the new hair.

Wednesday, April 15

It's always me

I want to be rich and I want lots of money
I dont care about clever I dont care about funny
I want loads of clothes and fucking loads of diamonds
I heard people die while they are trying to find them

Tat Teloq

I've been wanting to make egg tart for sometime now. I even bought the suitable baking tray. When Ten was here in Auckland, she kept insisting me to bake it before she went back. I'm sorry darling, I'm so lazy.

Mint went to Rotorua and bought me a gift. Another baking tray. YAY!!

So, yesterday, I made egg tart.

The tarts were a bit "bantat" but still delicious.

Egg tart in Mint's baking tray.

Mesti my mom bangga dengan anak dara nya yang sorang ini - perasan.

Tuesday, April 14

Wonder Woman

Konsep nak berkawan dengan aku tak susah.

Ko senyum kat aku, aku senyum balik.
Ko tak senyum, aku tak pedulik.

Ko tak suka aku, aku MALAS layan.
Aku tak suka ko, ko takkan tahu.

Tak balas sms pertama, mungkin ko sibuk.
Tak balas sms kedua, mungkin ko takde kredit.
Tak balas sms ketiga, dah tak de next sms untuk ko.

Never ever put me on a pedestal.
I am not a saint.
I sinned.
Just like you.

Monday, April 6

feeling rather nostalgic

You live you learn
You love you learn
You cry you learn
You lose you learn
You bleed you learn
You scream you learn

(Alanis Morissette - You Learn)

Guitar Hero and Water Pistol Fight

Easter Break is finally here. I have been dreading for cheap but fun activities to do for weeks. I have been scratching my head for places to go to have escapism.

I kick started my holiday with a 'makan-makan' at Mint's and Pkah's place on Friday evening. It was supposed to be a meal then a session of studying, maybe some entertainment. It turned out to be a huge feast and a great laugh enjoying Guitar Hero. Some of the boys showed their skills in becoming rock stars.

Saturday, me and HR declared it to be project day. We made hand print project. It was rather hilarious. Then, HR got to his assignment that was due on Monday. I continued my second project of crafting my own laptop tote bag. Until I got tired. Then, HR cooked me a superb meal.

Sunday was even more great. We (me and other friends) went to Western Spring to enjoy water pistol fight. It was a fun day. Running around with water pistol and just shoot at people. HR said, "It was a perfect excuse to bully small kids without them crying." We were wet. I was bathed twice by the man carrying th bucket. I was shot all the time by more extravaganza machinery making me even more wet.

Later on, we hopped on the bus, all wet and hungry to my sacred beach. There, we continued bathing in the sea. Ate food that I prepared earlier. Chit-chatted. Swan summore. It was a perfect day.

At night, we went Karaoke. We sang our heart out. We fooled around summore.

I was supposed to be so tired. Then again, today I woke up at 7am. How early! Deym.

Cant wait for more activities to come.

Been so long since I drive great journey.

p/s: Pictures are with HR. He took my camera.

Saturday, April 4

Alphabetical & Numerical Stories


“A” been telling everyone loudly that “A” did not like “B” kinda situation. Everyone knows where “A” stands about regarding “B” matter because “A” is very affirmed and serious about not liking “B” situation.

“A” just offered the opinion out loud, thinks it’s cool to have an opinion, especially when one can be bold and express it.

However, “A” did not do anything about it. Not a deym thing.

Not even the basic thing like understanding the real problem behind “B” condition and learn about dealing with it.

Is “A” a hypocrite?


“L” hate “P“. A lot.

“L” fake smiles whenever “P” is around. “L” even attempt to talk to “P” so no one will feel neglected. Regardless how “L” really dislike “P”.

For “L”, “P” is rather different than what “L” would call a friend.

“L” never mentioned this feeling to anyone inappropriate, especially not to “P” face. “L” never want to make a scene even when “L” and “P” are teamed together for a school project. Even when “L” prefer to be partnered with “S”.

Is “L” a hypocrite?


“Q” and “Z” was best friends. They used to share deepest secrets and loudest laugh.

One day, “Z” did something that “Q” decided was inappropriate and completely disregard “Q” feeling as best friends.

“Q” determined to not wanting to be friends anymore with “Z” .

After a while, “Z” caught “Q” doing the same act that “Q” classified as inappropriate. Over and over again.

Is “Q” a hypocrite?


“R” and “T” are lovers.

“T” had been in a relationship before where “T” ex-lover cheated. “T” felt so hurt and stupid until “T” met “R” who is charming.

Then, “T” cheated on “R”.

Is “T” a hypocrite?

Friday, April 3

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Oh. Saya suka tonton konsert Rise Against. Even though orang lain dok sibuk lompat2, dok sing-a-long, aku yang dok kat belakang senyap2, haram sepatah pun tak tahu, aku boleh simpulkan, mereka sangat best. Mereka sangat bertenaga. Mereka sangat kacak. Mereka juga sangat peramah.

HR buat muka lima posen ajak tunggu mereka untuk bersembang. Aku pun layan aja. Kemudian, mereka keluar. HR sembang la. Aku tolong snap gamba sana sini. Senyum2 sket. Aku tatau nak sembang apa ngan depa. Lagu depa tak kenai. Nama depa lagi la tatau.

Aku simpulkan, walaupun depa loncat2 atas pentas, depa tak nampak penat. Skit pun tak kelihatan penat. Mereka senyum. Gembira. Bahagia saja. I loike. Up close juga, mereka kacak. HR bisik, depa dah kawen. Ceh, spoil mood aja. Terus aku ajak balik.

Jangan tatau, aku mmg dok kat depan pentas mula2, tapi makin ke belakang kerana aku tak gemar makhluk2 lompat dan bepeluh. Semuanya busuk2 belaka.

p/s: I have to keep reminding myself that HR has this Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde syndrome. You dont want to go to rock concert with him.