Monday, November 28

Olive Shoe

I have been having a great holiday. Definition of great - lazing around the house with nothing to do. Greatness.

When Mard came by only I went out. We watched the pontianak movie. Or as I prefer it to be a serigala jadian movie. Mard even said it was an awesome movie for a "Twilight-virgin". That is what she called herself anyway. We ate meatballs. Oh, only I ate it since she is allergic to meat. Oh, we even went to Jaa's wedding and met a few IPBArians mostly PISIMPs.

Tomorrow, gonna foster some ASIA people. From Brunei and Japan specifically. And sending Mard off to Batu Pahat.

Off to bed~

Thursday, November 24

Apps for Apps

Recently, HR bought a smartphone. After months of me insisting it.

Now, I regretted it.

He keeps downloading ridiculous apps and keeping me posted. Boasting about each apps.

Like apps that count how many footsteps he had walked. And other weird apps.

And he is so darn proud about it.

Saturday, November 19

It is what we call planning, moron!

I always believe that I am a team player. I can work well with others. So, whenever my school is throwing events, you can see me in charge of something. I am not much of a complainer but so far I can say none of events in my school not requiring me to do something. So far, I follow the rules and play nice.

You should know that my school is a large school with around 90 teachers (just morning session) but yet my name has never failed to be listed with all sort of AJK. And yes there are some bunch of teachers who are lazy asses. And they are rewarded with no work because they are known to be lazy.

That's just my school drama.

Anyway, today is my school is having an LDP session. And yes, I am at home.

It is not that I am rebelling.

They only announced about the LDP on Thursday in a four hours school meeting. And I already bought ticket to go home. It is school holiday. I might complain and consider if they mentioned it one week earlier.

On top of that, the school is only giving out the AJK list on an event (the serahan RM100) which be held tomorrow in that same meeting. Of course, my name is listed. Again, I stressed that already bought ticket to go home.

On top of all, they will only post the Senarai Guru Bertugas Semasa Cuti today. It is so not my fault if I didn't show up to bertugas because you put the list to the very last minute.

If you can stop talking and yapping but plan stuff earlier not in such short notice, I might be at school and participated with not much sincerity. Still, I would come and smile. I might not be writing this post.

On the positive side, since you did not plan, I can be home earlier.

Friday, November 18

The result

I never really rant about my school. I always try to keep it positive. Not because I love the school, it is more because I love myself. Keeping it positive in writing can actually help me keeping it positive in mind.Thus keeping me sane in this place.

And I need to keep it positive for at least another year.


p/s: Another news, there were supposed to be 15 teachers in my school who got the transfer BUT suddenly were actually told that the offer had been revoked. Even in the online thingie. So, in the end,only 2 teachers get to leave the school. Cruel rite?

Sunday, November 6

Excuses, I know

Ok, I rarely wash my car when I'm in GM. That is no news.

Apart from being kedekut, there are not many options of car wash here. There are some, but most of them look too dodgy.

My excuse of not washing the car at home? My next-door-neighbour are mostly single males. On both side. They like to do what males like to do. So, we usually stay inside. As much as possible. If we really need to go out, we quickly do it. Yeah, they also like to bersidai outside their house.

When I arrived from GM last Thursday, my car, which is not so clean, became so dirty. With mud and rain and dirt and red soil.

It felt like I just arrive from some pretty ulu place. Which is quite true.

Urgh, wash car quickly to enter civilization. Anyway,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha!!

p/s: I cuti sampai hari Selasa. Yay!

Saturday, November 5

So what if we need to ask our moms permission to go dating?

Me: Here, Here! (Pulling him to the glass display)
HR: Ahh, yang tu ok kot. 2 ribu je.
Me: Alaa, I nak yang tu. (Pointing to bigger stone)
HR: Agak-agak jual buah pinggang berapa ye? I boleh je hidup guna satu buah pinggang.
Me: LOL.