Monday, November 11

Book covers

Just recently, I watched a religious tv show featuring Ustaz Kazim. For a short while only. I have no isssue with him and his style.

I was furious abt what he said. He sort of compared clean people praying and dirty people. When he said dirty he described a guy who did not take shower for weeks (which I took as a homeless), how his ibadah is sorta second class. 

Granted, I simply shut down the TV and did not hear the rest of his talk. Maybe he did clarify his statement. However, for me, no one can really say if his ibadah is accepted or not. I am not saying one can or cannot pray while being unshowered or dirty. Najis is najis. More on one should not judge another person. 

Like saying a Muslim without hijab does not pray. Or fast. Seriously, do not judge others. Simply based on their appearance.

Once, when I was much younger, my good friend who did not wear hijab was chased away from a masjid when she wanted to pray there. I mean, of course one need a proper attire to enter a masjid but she wanted to pray. What should she do? Should she not pray at all?

This holier than thou attitude must go people.