Friday, December 30

Of John C Riley

Recently, HR gave me this song. A dedication for me. I love the lyric while loves the singer. So, I am just gonna post the lyric here. A reminder to self that I can do what is implied in the lyric if the time ever come.

I have a perfect life
You are the perfect wife
I don't know why
I sit and cry

And now I miss you so
Please don't let me go
I'll make mistakes and that is true
At least I learn each time I do

Darling, you must believe
I could never leave you if I tried
A life without you is no life at all

Tears fall in vain
I'm standing in the rain
No matter how I feel
I never seem to know what's real

So sharpen up your knives
Stab me in the eyes
I want to cry rivers of blood
I want to drown myself in your love

Darling, you must believe
I could never leave you if I tried
A life without you is no life at all

Wednesday, December 28

Wordless Wednesday

It is the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter. ~Marlene Dietrich

Tuesday, December 27

We are human after all.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Each one of us have different priorities and views. I think no one is supposed to be wrong or right. We are just diverse individuals because we think differently.

When stating one opinion, one should be careful. Even though one is very sure one is right. Say it nicely. Write it with wisdom. Don't simply accuse. Use appropriate language.

What you say define who you are.

Monday, December 26

Last dating of the year

Gosh, yesterday was so tiring but fun. We planned to watch a movie but due to time constraint, we didn't.

We only shop, shop and shop. Which I loike too.

We bought some stuff for hantaran.

I love the purchase. Mostly for HR. I, on the other hand, am so cerewet. We only bought one for moi. A purple perfume. Which I love so much.

Sunday, December 25


The other day, my eldest bro was singing to Bruno Mars song, Count on Me. I told him that he should check out the "Marry You" song. It is catchy too.

He was like, "Tak main r lagu kawen-kawen."

I was like, "That's why you are still single. You have so many 'friends' kan?"


Thursday, December 15


One of my proudest achievement in this year school holiday, no, in my life is buying the toilet seat for my bathroom toliet bowl.

For those who are famliliar with my bathroom, now my toilet bowl is complete. Hahaha.

You all should be proud of me. One of my achievement! It has been years since it is without toilet seat.

Anyway, I just bought it, I forced Mard to pasang it for me.

p/s: Now, now, about the door..

Wednesday, December 14

My mom is the best mom in the world

These days my food cabinet is full with boring and healthy food. Like dry biscuits, all kind of oatmeal (you will be surprised of the diversity), muesli, herbs tea and fruits (which I like!).

These are mostly gift from when people come and visit my mom. I am happy to annouce that some of the stuff are from my friends. Go my friends!

For those who don't know, my mom undergone her bypass surgery less than two months ago. It was due to some heart issues that I don't feel like elaborating. It was a difficult situation for everyone in the family.

Being the only daughter and yet stucked in GM sucks ball, I tell you!

Anyhow, she is recovering well. Fast, I would say.

Thanks for all the wishes and prayers.

p/s: She is well enough to go venue/catering hunting with me. But not for long. So it is a daily routine for us to go hunting but only for a few short hours and near places and not to many movement needed.

Tuesday, December 13

wedding bellls

Me: What theme colour you want for the wedding?
HR: Blue.
Me: What blue? Baby blue? Tiffany blue? Sky blue? Turquoise blue?
HR: Ha? What? This blue. *referring to my blouse*
Me: This? Ok. Mine I want *blablablablabla*

HR: I think I want the Adil Blue not the BN Blue.
Me: If my mom heard that, it is the end of the world for you.
HR: Oh. Don't tell her that.

HR : I found it!
Me: What?
HR: It is called Cyan.
Me: What?
HR: The blue. It is called Cyan Blue or Biru Firus.

p/s: Just a quick reminder, this blog might be filled with wedding posts from now on.

Thursday, December 8

It's the littlest thing.

I learned to appreciate small things as I grew older.

Like the other day me and my bff, Hani (I couldn't mention her real name for undisclosed reason) went to watch Ombak Rindu. The movie was ok.

Anyway, the girl (I'm guessing around my age) who sat beside me was watching the movie with the BF. You know the girl must have insist (read: force) the BF to watch the movie with her since her BF was so annoying to the point that I wished I could just throw him out. I didn't do that because it was just Ombak Rindu. If it was Breaking Dawn, I might just yell at him right there and then.

So, he was not so quiet, kept on complaining and laughing at the teary scene. He also put his foot up. He was sorta acting out to show that he was more than a man to watch that movie. Showed off his testosterone. So that people wont judge him for watching that kinda movie.

My point is I learned to appreciate HR more. He will never act out like that even though I forced him to various kinda girlie shows including 'John Tucker Must Die'. He will sit there with me either to watch or to sleep depending on the show but he will be there. Even as I gogugugagaover Jacob Black or Shamsul Yusof (Yes, I go gugugaga over Shamsul Yusoff).

He respects me enough to listen as I babble about the sequence of Twilight, I narrate the chick-lit books and explain the meaning of Yuna's songs. He will try and understand my craziness over some weird girls thing that he could never put a grasp on.

So, for the best boyfriend ever,

Happy Birthday, love!!!

You are the one for me.
This is to our hopes and dreams.

Monday, December 5

The perfect plan

The day before, HR and I went to the city of Merlion, Singapore. The itinerary was handled 100% by him and I was so proud of him. He has grown!

I even told him that he can plan our honeymoon. This was before we started the journey.

He planned meticulously to every final detail. He made sure everything was perfect. Well, of course everything was not perfect because we found some glitches but nothing that couldn't be handled. Plus it is circumstances glitches that couldn't be predicted. Still great plan. And of course, we were lucky since the weather was perfect. It was not raining until around six-ish which was when it was time for us to go home.

We went to some of the iconic places in Singapore as planned. Even more than planned since we had extra cash and I decided not to shop in Singapore. It was awesome. I was smiling in all of the pictures.

But, I took back what I said about planning for our honeymoon. Sorry, love.

His awesome plan as awesome as it is involved a lot of walking. A LOT OF WALKING. Which can't be help since that's the only route, I know. But it was still a lot of walking.

Still, love, I have decided that I am gonna choose the destination and the activity for the honeymoon. And yes the only walking we are going to do is shopping in air-conditioned mall.

Of mini me and him

Ten : You should start buying some kitchen stuff.
Me : What? Where to put?
Ten : Eh, you have to start planning. About the future. How many kids do you want?
Me : Hmm.. I don't know. Four, five.
Ten : Ok. How many kids HR wants?
Me : However many I want. You see? The beauty of the relationship.

Me: Ten mentioned that we should discuss our future.
HR: Ok. What about our future?
Me: How about kids? How many?
HR: What? Urm.. 2, 3 maybe. White Stripes only has two members.
Me: So?
HR: They can do 2-man-band. Or four like SOAD *listed some band names* Ah, what about five iron frenzy?
Me: What? They have like 7 members rite?
HR: Yeah, it's not like I ask for SuperJunior.
Me: Dang! Not that many.
HR: One of them should be tahfiz kan? Not the first one kan?
Me: Why not? Oklah tuh. Alang-alang boleh jadi Rabbani.

p/s: How many kids do you want?

Sunday, December 4

Breaking Dawn pun kena censored tau

redha itu ikhlas,
pasrah itu menyerah.

-ombak rindu, 2011

p/s: Lisa Surihani macam tak sesuai jadi watak perempuan gedix, kan?

Saturday, December 3

Sky Net makes me on cloud nine

I almost forgot, I received this the other day. I am on cloud nine. I love it so much. Even my mom loves it so much. Will definitely buy more of this next time.

Friday, December 2

I don't really like crowded places.

You know how I am so lazy to watch or read news. Gossips, on the other hand, I loike!

So, Felicia has always been my source of news. Earthquake in Japan, flood in Thailand or whatever. Her source of news also includes Tweet and FB gossips. She is also my source of teaching aids and ideas.

Anyway, my main point being, recently, after long hiatus of me taking LRT, I used the service again. I noticed new thing about LRT.


Now, LRT operates using this coin-shaped-thingie instead of the usual card.

It took me several minutes to process how to use the chip. I was somewhat surprised to receive the chip from the counter person. I blinked a few minutes. Then only I, on my own, figured things out.

Its new. Its ok.

But for me, it is easier to lose as it is so tiny. And so round.

p/s: Felicia, I need you here. Don't you dare move to NZ before I got transferred.

Thursday, December 1

It was only the after four days of downloading GG, I got to watch it.

That is how busy I am.

I downloaded Gossip Girl on Monday night, and I only managed to steal sometime tonight. I've been superduper busy and honestly, I like it.

I had been receiving and entertaining many guests.

Now, I'm off to be someone else's guest.

p/s: Gossip Girl is very important to me, ok.

Monday, November 28

Olive Shoe

I have been having a great holiday. Definition of great - lazing around the house with nothing to do. Greatness.

When Mard came by only I went out. We watched the pontianak movie. Or as I prefer it to be a serigala jadian movie. Mard even said it was an awesome movie for a "Twilight-virgin". That is what she called herself anyway. We ate meatballs. Oh, only I ate it since she is allergic to meat. Oh, we even went to Jaa's wedding and met a few IPBArians mostly PISIMPs.

Tomorrow, gonna foster some ASIA people. From Brunei and Japan specifically. And sending Mard off to Batu Pahat.

Off to bed~

Thursday, November 24

Apps for Apps

Recently, HR bought a smartphone. After months of me insisting it.

Now, I regretted it.

He keeps downloading ridiculous apps and keeping me posted. Boasting about each apps.

Like apps that count how many footsteps he had walked. And other weird apps.

And he is so darn proud about it.

Saturday, November 19

It is what we call planning, moron!

I always believe that I am a team player. I can work well with others. So, whenever my school is throwing events, you can see me in charge of something. I am not much of a complainer but so far I can say none of events in my school not requiring me to do something. So far, I follow the rules and play nice.

You should know that my school is a large school with around 90 teachers (just morning session) but yet my name has never failed to be listed with all sort of AJK. And yes there are some bunch of teachers who are lazy asses. And they are rewarded with no work because they are known to be lazy.

That's just my school drama.

Anyway, today is my school is having an LDP session. And yes, I am at home.

It is not that I am rebelling.

They only announced about the LDP on Thursday in a four hours school meeting. And I already bought ticket to go home. It is school holiday. I might complain and consider if they mentioned it one week earlier.

On top of that, the school is only giving out the AJK list on an event (the serahan RM100) which be held tomorrow in that same meeting. Of course, my name is listed. Again, I stressed that already bought ticket to go home.

On top of all, they will only post the Senarai Guru Bertugas Semasa Cuti today. It is so not my fault if I didn't show up to bertugas because you put the list to the very last minute.

If you can stop talking and yapping but plan stuff earlier not in such short notice, I might be at school and participated with not much sincerity. Still, I would come and smile. I might not be writing this post.

On the positive side, since you did not plan, I can be home earlier.

Friday, November 18

The result

I never really rant about my school. I always try to keep it positive. Not because I love the school, it is more because I love myself. Keeping it positive in writing can actually help me keeping it positive in mind.Thus keeping me sane in this place.

And I need to keep it positive for at least another year.


p/s: Another news, there were supposed to be 15 teachers in my school who got the transfer BUT suddenly were actually told that the offer had been revoked. Even in the online thingie. So, in the end,only 2 teachers get to leave the school. Cruel rite?

Sunday, November 6

Excuses, I know

Ok, I rarely wash my car when I'm in GM. That is no news.

Apart from being kedekut, there are not many options of car wash here. There are some, but most of them look too dodgy.

My excuse of not washing the car at home? My next-door-neighbour are mostly single males. On both side. They like to do what males like to do. So, we usually stay inside. As much as possible. If we really need to go out, we quickly do it. Yeah, they also like to bersidai outside their house.

When I arrived from GM last Thursday, my car, which is not so clean, became so dirty. With mud and rain and dirt and red soil.

It felt like I just arrive from some pretty ulu place. Which is quite true.

Urgh, wash car quickly to enter civilization. Anyway,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha!!

p/s: I cuti sampai hari Selasa. Yay!

Saturday, November 5

So what if we need to ask our moms permission to go dating?

Me: Here, Here! (Pulling him to the glass display)
HR: Ahh, yang tu ok kot. 2 ribu je.
Me: Alaa, I nak yang tu. (Pointing to bigger stone)
HR: Agak-agak jual buah pinggang berapa ye? I boleh je hidup guna satu buah pinggang.
Me: LOL.

Monday, October 31

Who needs sleep when you can watch movies instead?

I watched a bunch of movies yesterday.Four movies, to be exact. This is me catching up on the movie fiasco.

So, the best one is Horrible Bosses. It is HR kinda movie. Smart jokes and wittinness. Directed by one of his favourite guys, Seth Rogen. The movie is awsome. Well, the company too.

Water for Elephant is a snooze. Typical love story. Maybe the setting is different,circus. It is mainly about a boy loves a girl he can't have but the boy gets the girl anyway.

Sucker Punch sucks.

Re-watch Killers because Saqinah hasn't watch it yet. I like drooling over Ashton Kutcher, all over again. Who wouldn't want Ashton as her guy?

Today is superheroes day. I got Green Lantern and Captain America line up. Yes, I haven't watch those movies.

Thursday, October 27


The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that
they can grow separately without growing apart.
~Elisabeth Foley

Yes, I borrowed the book entitled Manisnya Cinta

First of all, let me start off by saying I am a patriotic person. And I love my country.

So, I was very happy when I realized that there's a Pustaka Komuniti at JJ near my house. It is a some sort of mini library by Perpustakaan Negara. Oh, I love to read. A lot.

As I checked out the library, I thought to myself, the collection of English novels are quiet awesome. Not to mention the great amount of quantity. So I thought that I am lucky to have this book heaven near my house which has decent parking spaces.

That day, I decided to become a member. And straightaway borrowed some books to bring back to Gua Musang. I had chosen a few titles. Apparently, at that time, the system is down so I was unable to join the membership. I was disappointed. I put back the books.

So, the next weekend that I returned to KL, I went back there to check the membership form that I had manually fill. You know how excited I was? I arrived at 9.30a.m only to realize that it opened at 10.00a.m (well, that is after waiting for thirty minutes or so). But, since I am now on official member, I borrowed a few books.

Weeks later, upon returning the book, I spent my time, choosing books. There was not so many titles that I like anymore but I patiently browsed and browsed. After almost half an hour of carefully selecting and putting the book down at the counter, I was told the system was down. I could not borrow them.

Oh I was pissed.

I just put the books down there and left. I could not contain my anger. That auntie who was so busy yapping about on the phone might just get a mouthful from me.

Come on la~ You saw me tertonggeng-tonggeng looking for books, have la the courtesy to tell me the system was down. It was just a waste of time and energy. Not to mention, the fact that 2 out of 3 times I was there, the system was down.

So much for being lucky.

Maybe they should just opt for borrowing manually.

Wednesday, October 26

Izinkan aku mengomel dalam bahasa ibundaku di Hari Deepavali ini

Ko tahu tak aku tak pernah sibuk sangat-sangat kat sekolah sehingga tak makan. Sehinggalah semalam. Ke hulu-hilir menguruskan kanak-kanak tingkatan lima yang akan SPM. Memanglah aku guru kelas untuk pelajar Tingkatan 5A7 (kelas hujung), aku pun merajinkan diri mengambil 25 orang lagi anak tiri 5S2. Kesian, ibu mereka bersalin. Menguruskan perihal SPM yang remeh-temeh. Jamuan hujung tahun. SPBT. Yuran sekolah. Aku jugak berkerjaran membuat ujian lisan untuk tingkatan dua yang sangatlah last minute, I lupa uolls~ Kanak-kanak tingkatan dua ini juga akan periksa akhir tahun, terkejarlah aku lagi. Itulah nasib diri kerana CRK yang lama minggu lepas atas sebab peribadi. Nasib baik kanak-kanak tingkatan empat dah tamat peperiksaan BI dan dah tutup buku. Kertas peperiksaan mereka pun dah siap tanda.

Aku hanya rasa lapar sangat apabila dah masuk kereta dan menyamankannya dengan penghawa dingin. Dan aku perlu berkejaran lagi untuk pulang ke Kuala Lumpur tercinta pada pukul 2.00 petang. Maka, aku pun tak pedulikan perasaan lapar kerana aku akan pulang.

Happy Diwali~

Wednesday, October 19

Say our prayers

On our way back to GM by bus, me and Saqinah were blabbing about something. I can't really remember but at one point we were complaining about the bus and the journey. Suddenly, as I was yapping on and on about being lenguh bontot, she clapped her hand. In sheer happiness.

"Yay!!! Kita dah sampai!"

Me, with my eyes rolled at her, said, "What's so yay about arriving in GM?!?! It is just GM."

"Yelah. Sekurang-kurangnya kita dah sampai."


Dah sampai.

Di sini.

Tuesday, October 18

You don't realize how much you miss him...

.... until you see him looking that awesome in a video in someone else's blog.

Few weeks back

HR: Eh, they cancelled the tuition la.
Me: Gosh, dah sampai tempat tusyen baru nak cakap. Hampeh je. So what are you up to?
HR: Ajak Dyau dinner la.
Me: Dyau, Dyau, Dyau! Asyik-asyik Dyau~
HR: Eh, mana ade la. Dah dua minggu tau tak jumpa dia.
Me: Ces, boleh plak ingat berapa lama tak jumpa.

Last nite

Me: You think I am being silly writing that my mind is wise in the last entry?
HR: No. You are wise.
Me: Am not. I think it's too over the top.
HR: No.. No lah.. You are wise. That's why you choose me.

Sunday, October 16

Black Widow

Sometimes, I wish that my wise mind would just follow my wild heart.

Wednesday, October 12

Wordless Wednesday

SMK Bandar Chiku

Monday, October 10

Tropical Summer

After reading this, I asked HR the same question.

Me : You think you ever gonna kahwin dua?
HR: No lah. You are my only one.
Me: Yeah, rite. Will you keep your word?
HR: Ye la sayang... But, you never said anything about kahwin tiga.

*Agak-agak aku nak bersedia untuk baling apa yer?

Sunday, October 9

All I Can

Do you know how easily I can cry?


There is one time when I was so hungry that I didn't know what to do. I had no food. I had some sources to buy food but I was too tired and too lazy. So I cried. Silly.


In my form 5 class when I was teaching the poem, 'In the midst of hardship'. I was reading the poem with feeling and explaining to them line by line. I was so touched by the strength that my tears dropped. I had to look away to ensure none of the kids saw me.


Invigilating PMR. There's a few kids that I was sure so poor that they could not afford pens or pencils. They brought it but you can see that it's too short or too used. Or maybe they did forget about it but they looked so poor that I was sure, they could not afford it. One kid in particular did not have an eraser. At first, I wasn't to sure if he had it or not. But after a while I saw a few dirty spots on the OMR paper like he tried to rub it with merely his fingers. I am all tears weyh.

Another story.

You know how it is the rainy season especially here in Kelantan. You know how GM is so huge with so many empty spaces but not so many schools. So, I saw a kid was riding a motorcycle in a heavy rain to get home after PMR. There's no shelter if he needed to stop so he continued on. He was so wet and I didn't think that he can barely see much in the rain. Even, me driving in the car was struggle. I can't help him. So, I cried. Wishing he can get home safely and he will not get a fever so that he can continue to take his PMR.

Saturday, October 8

I know you miss me

Today is a productive day for me.

I managed to clean all my dirty clothes in the hamper. I never had such a huge pile up of dirty clothes. I prefer to wash daily than weekly. However, invigilating PMR really made me tired me. Woke up so early in the morning and returned only after Asar. It's a 40 minutes drive with all kinds of lorries and huge cars. I did not have the time in my hand. It's only between sleeping, eating and resting.

I finished tuition for my 4S1. I mean, I just took over the class. I felt that these bunch of happy people should get extra attention. With me being away for almost two weeks (due to the PMR) and the exam starting on the 11th October, I was worried. Now I am worry-free. I hope they can get the marks they deserve after two days of tutoring them.

I had a breakfast outside with Saqinah. Which was awesome. I never really eat out in the morning. Usually, because I woke up late on the weekends. But there's also this excuse that we are not really sure of which kedai serve good breakfast.

We hang out at the sungai near our house. So near that we can actually walk. But of course we didn't. I got to rendam my feet while Syaz tried her new polaroid camera. Next, we managed to locate the supposed to be famouse eating spot in Gua Madu (after so many phone calls and u-turn). Overall, the food was okay. But the scenery was awesome.

Mostly, I managed to eat a lot.

Next on my agenda is to fill the claim form for PMR, cabut rumput and sweep and mop the room/house.

Oh, man! It's raining. The rumput has to wait, again~

Friday, October 7

The Cat Burglar

I don't actually particularly like cats. It i s more like I have no feeling towards cats. I mean they are cute and all. But as long as they are being cute elsewhere and being care of by others, I am fine with it.

I mean I don't go and suddenly sepak kucing out of nowhere. But disturbing and invading my freedom to sidai baju outside my own house, I hate it. Stop harassing my legs and let me sidai baju in peace. I had to kais the kucing from my leg. But when the cat didnt get the message I was forced to sepak it. I don't like myself when I did that. But I had to.

The cat forced me to enter my own house in speed of light to avoid it coming in the house - I freaking hate you. Now, invading my own freedom in my own room. Damn you. I can't open my window freely; in case the cat jumps into our house.

I might actually run over the cat one day.

I am not particularly a violent person.

I stress that I have indifferent feeling towards cats. But making me live in fear, I might just do it.

This is not the first time the cat has troubled me.

It actually left something inside our house before. It almost made us puke. It is worse than a simple tahi kucing.

Monday, October 3

Splurge Like a Girl

Before I got my first paycheck (which I only received after 5 months of working), I have been saying to myself, I want to buy something (A THING) that signifies my very own first pay check. Something major.

So, I said to myself, get jewellery. Gold is always good. A simple ring or a cute bracelet.

In the end, I ended up with a Blackberry. Instead of peer pressure, it's family pressure. But I love my purchase.

But, I still linger on the jewellery.

And I bought it. Self-satisfaction.


Yes, I know you cant really see it. It is meant to be that way. Self-satisfaction, remember. Just know, that it truly bling.

Saturday, October 1

KL again

I know I am supposed to be on a tight budget. I should not splurge around much. I know. I feel like I can disciplined myself better when I am in GM.

Who am I kidding? It is not discipline. It is actually because there is nothing there to be splurged on. Nothing. Nadaa. That's why.

So, I tried limiting my numbers of going back to this awesome place I call home, KL. Which so far I haven't succeeded.

KL is far too awesome.

So, following my mother's advices and pleads, I completed the egtukar. Now, let's just pray.

So what if I will be on a tighter budget if I am in KL? As long as, I am home rite (READ: i ain't need to pay rent, internet bills or any other bills).


Friday, September 30

I am giddy today

That is what 2 hours alone with Taylor makes me feel like.

I know, I know.. but I would still say alone.

Friday, September 23

The Luxury of Arguing

Me: You went and chose him over me. You went to all the troubles to drive him to JB. A-forty-minute-drive. You didn't even consider to drive for forty minutes to see me in KL.

HR: It's not forty minutes-

Me: Seriously? Seriously? That's the part you want to argue?


Wednesday, September 21

Wordless Wednesday

Jamuan Hari Raya SMKTIP


I am officially number 3.

Tuesday, September 20

Midnight Blues

I really don't know which is more hurtful,
being told that you are the number two in his life
or not having a number at all.

Monday, September 19

Of Monday Blues

Why is it that I am at my poorest when I started working?
I have more money when I am studying.

Wednesday, September 14

Tuesday, September 13

He sighed.

He's like a drug for you, Bella. I see that you can't live without him now.
It's too late. But I would have been healthier for you.
Not a drug; I would have been the air, the sun.

Monday, September 12

Of Trial Exam

I have this bad syndrome ~

I am saying it is bad because it affect me real bad.

Whenever I am too immerse in reading one book, like totally engross with the book, I will be affected by the characters of the book so bad. So bad. So bad. Too emphatic~

So, I am careful with books I choose.

I know a few authors that can really pin down and melt my emotion with just one sentence. I usually avoid those when I am reading for happy-leisure-me-time.

Like right now I am supposed to start marking but I cant because I am reading this book that really tied me emotionally. And I am reading it for the second time.

Saturday, September 10


Bawaku ke mana saja kau suka
Timur selatan barat atau utara
Dampingi aku selalu
You’ll be my Malaysian boy…
Malaysian boy…

Thursday, September 8

They keep me young


By making me chase them around the class.
By allowing me to understand all the inside jokes.
By letting me yell at them when necessary.

By always making me laugh my heart out.

So, for these kids, apart from putting out the fire,

we can also either
or vanish

the fire.

Awesome, rite?

Wednesday, September 7

Wordless Wednesday



Tuesday, September 6

Of eyebags

*During one of our usual late night phone conversations

HR: Dzeti... dzeti.. Dah tertidur ke?

ME: Haah. Sedap sangat dengar suara u..

HR: Itu yang I selalu tertidur tu, sedap sangat dengar suara I...


Monday, September 5

Burping Bumblebees

I'm safe and sound in GM. Enjoying whatever's left for Eid Celebration. In GM.

Back at school, none of the kids completed their homework. Though I keep reminding them the work is for their own good (read: REMIND, not nag), they could not care less. Keep chanting to self, "It's Raya! Shouldn't blame them much."

On the postive side - less stuff for me to mark.

Received awesome news just now, my 5A7 is being combined with 5A6 due to so little number of students showing up. The best part is the class is using 5A6 schedule - meaning less class for me to teach. Weeehoo!!

Off to check out e-tukar~

Sunday, September 4

Light and darkness

it is not only hard to take care of those who do not care,
it is also hurtful

plain and simple

Tuesday, August 30

Tak rindu pun ~

Eh, eh!!

Lama tak jumpa.. Dekat sebulan eh~~

Lenguh eh kena ikat?

p/s: I want a longer Ramadhan~

Monday, August 29

I only made one type of cookie.

Today has proved that I have mature. I have becoming this better person. I can now survive even without those littlest thing. I have able to look at the bigger pictures. I am no longer feeling jealous over unimportant things. Or at least I manage not to show it. That much.

Ahhh.. Lies! Who am I kidding?

The least I can say is; I have forgiven thee. Clean slate, ok?

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, everyone!

Wednesday, August 24

Wordless Wednesday

I wanna watch this

Tuesday, August 23

Breathe in, breathe out

It is true that action speaks louder than words. You can say a gazzillion time that you are sorry but until you really change or repent, words remain mainly words.

It is like writing on the sand, it is not permanent and can easily be erased by the sea.

So, when you say it, you must mean it. And to prove that you mean it, do it. Act on it.

Just as the Malay saying goes, "Jika lembu dipegang pada talinya, manusia dipegang pada janjinya."

Sorry is just another five letters word.

Wednesday, August 17

Wordless Wednesday

Aku ada. Ko ada?Align Center

p/s: Fokus kat MASA.
p/p/s: Kelantan cuti hari ni.

Monday, August 15

I ain't complaining

It's definitely not fun when me and HR don't even share the same state to teach.
It's bad enough that we also don't share the same weekend. (Me on Thursday and Friday).
It's suckier that we have to teach in different session (Me - Morning & Him - Evening).

He's usually not awake enough whenever I go to school. By the time he's off school, he'll be to tired from his busy life in school (Read: Yelling and sreaming at kids).

But knowing others have even more dificult love life, I am embracing this.

Well, I ain't complaining.

Wednesday, August 10

Wordless Wednesday

The only benefit of having students who smoke.

They can light up your birthday candles.

Thursday, August 4

Buah Cempedak Di Luar Pagar Ambil Galah Tolong Jolokkan

11.30ish pm

SaQinah : Nak pergi belah cempedak.
Me : Ko ni rajinlah. (Ikhlas puji - Sebab dia memang rajin)
SaQinah : Nak makan, kenalah rajin.

p/s: Kat GM, SaQinah memang hotstuff, ramai yang dah berkenan dan bertanya. Anda bila lagi?

Wednesday, August 3

Wordless Wednesday




Align Center

And what more can a girl say?

Tuesday, August 2

That's what she said

I asked Saqinah whether her name is spelled with 'k' or 'q' , she said 'Q' , 'Q' as in "drama Queen", which what I usually associate her with. Well she is.

And I love her for that.

She makes me laugh with her dramas and her ability to nag. Oh, she is also the Queen of Nagging! Like one you would bow to. Totally.

She keeps me sane at times. (Only because she is more insane than I am).

So, the other day, as she was using the laptop on my table, she was saying, "How does it feel to work with a mirror in front of you?"

And she answered her own question which made me laugh, "Must feel like Dzeti!"

Saqinah, Felicia and Syaz
the ones who keep me happy here

at the no-fun land

Monday, August 1

Action speaks louder than word

I don't want to promise it because if I didn't do it, you'll be mad at me..
So, I don't want to promise it.

And they say forever is not long enough.

Sunday, July 31

Kuih Keria

Selamat Berpuasa, everyone.

Smiles, Always Smiles.

Wednesday, July 27

Wordless Wednesday

We made that colourful cupcakes!

Sunday, July 24

Harry rides dragon, we ride seashell

I don't quite know
How to say
How I feel

Those three words
Are said too much
They're not enough

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Saturday, July 23

Read the sign

The other day I lose my cool. I actually use the word 'forbid' to HR.

It's so unlike me.

I'm supposed to be the cool girlfriend, youknow. We are supposed to have that cool laidback trusting relationship.

So, I called him back, telling him that I did not forbid him. I should not forbid him.

Who am I to forbid him right?

All those time, thinking that he would be mature enough to read the signs that me no longer forbiding him means that he should want to not to go.

I know it does not make sense.

And, of course, he cant read the sign.
And, ofcourse, he's not mature enough.

Tuesday, July 12


going to school without bathing. checked.

Thursday, July 7

Im that moster

It is never easy being the one who is guarding the secret

Wednesday, July 6

Life is not a marshmallow either

So the other day Felicia asked me, "What did the ever famous, handsome and romantic HR give you for your birthday?" And I told her like I wrote it my blog, "Love. Lotsa Love."

She then said,"Oh, I thought you were just being funny in the blog."

I shook my head violently. "I was being sarcastic!"

p/s: So, HR, where is my birthday gift? Where?

Tuesday, July 5

Life is definitely not a cookie

Once upon a time, during a Pendidikan Islam exam there was a student who ask me to read the jawi part of the question. I read it to her. She felt so amazed. Like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I felt weird.

Yeah I can read that but not that I understand the meaning of the words in Arabic. It was a hadith by the way.

Then, she continued on pointing at Quranic verse for me to read. Innocently, I read it to her. She is even more amazed. She oohhh and awww. She even told her friends.

The friends were also gasping in disbelief.

It hit me.

Hampeh sungguh budak2 ni.. Weyh hampa ingat aku tak reti baca Quran ka wey?

Sunday, July 3

Im high on eggs.

Sometimes technology is just bad.

You have all these access to diverse communication technology.

And none is use to contact me.

Feel a lot worse.

Sunday, June 26

Tadaaaa.. Dengan Ini Aku Merasmikan Kerusi dan Meja Baru.

Thanks to those who commented on my previous post. Some through blog itself, some FB, some just through words of mouth.

Yes, I bought a table, a shelf and a chair for myself for my birthday. This is what my current room looks like. My room smells 'shop-like' with all the new things. Hehehe

Mind the tangled wyres. They are there for a reason.

Most of the stuff that you can see on my table/shelf/wall are gifts from students. Like the frame, the flowers, the pop-up cards (i dun think you can see them), the teddy and etc.

That's my i-Pod dock. A gift from HR. For our fifth year anniversary last March. Later, I'll try and post some of the pictures of the pop-up cards, no? When I feel like it that's it.

What did HR give to me on my birthday?
Love. Lotsa love. And more love.


I don't know which is worse;
teachers who did not attend assembly and stayed in the staff room
teachers who did not attend assembly and ate at the canteen.

And they yelled and nagged at the students who do the same thing.

Thursday, June 23

Happy Birthday to me.

It is between lying or giving false hope.

try to choose between the two evil?

Tuesday, June 21

Pop-up Card

Sometimes being an English teacher in Gua Musang can be dreadful. However, yesterday proved to be something different. Out of ideas finding ideas to teach the young learners, we did a word search puzzle (Thanks Felicia!) on birthday celebration.

After I yada,yada,yada about vocabulary around birthday and celebration, I taught the kids to do pop-up cards (Thanks Felicia!). My earlier plan is to teach them how to do invitation card for their birthday party.

I changed the idea to making a birthday card for me!

Yes, me!

I know! Vain, right?

That is one of the perks of being a teacher - forcing students to create a birthday card for you! A pop-up card summore.

So, this Thursday, I am expecting at least 30 cards.

So ponder upon this my dear friends who are architects and lawyers with huge salary, "Ko ade?"

Monday, June 20

How to attract your students' attention in your lesson.

I fell. In the f5 classroom. With 26 pairs of eyes watching me. During the first period.
Dem it!

I fell.
Dem you sexxay shoes.

Saturday, June 18

I am stuck. Here.

I am torn.

Between buying nice (probably expensive) furniture or not.

The dilemma is I don't want to be staying here. For long. So, I dont think a nice furniture is neccessariy. But I do need it to make life easier. But, buying one highly likely suggesting that I will be staying here long. It's like proving that I will be staying long. Blergh, I am not making any sense.

All my current furnitures are simple and cheap. And if I have to move like rightaway, I can just move with my MyVi. No need to bring the cheap bed that makes noises everytime I move, the RM30 wardrobe closet that always terbalik due to being too heavy, the boxes that been keeping my extra stuff. Those stuff are just enough for me who wants to stay for a short period of time. Meaning I can just either dump the stuff or leave it behind.

BTW, spesifcally now I need a table and a chair. I need them to do my work. To do my notes. To mark the books and papers. To put my laptop. To put stationary. To be more comfortable.

So, how about it?

Tuesday, June 14

gigly giggles

Mama : Abah ada kat Kelantan ni.
Me : Eh, yeke? Kat mana? (All excited)
Mama : Takkan kat Gua Musang kot. Gua Musang apa ada!!
Me : Dang! (Hati pecah)

Monday, June 13

cepat habiskan puasa ganti kawan-kawan, Ramadhan dah tak lama.

I was never into jazz music. I think it's a bit too 'sexual'. My brother even called jazz music to be the seducing music, usually played when one wants to invite the date up to the house.

me during jazz festival in Auckland

Anyway, in support of Malaysian music industry, I bought Najwa's album. Urm, HR bought it for me actually (after I persuaded him to belanja me). I love it. Love! Love! Despite the jazzy music. And there are songs with the element of seducing music, usually played when one wants to invite the date up to the house.

Not in the lyrics. Just the music.

On the other note, my friends claimed that I'm turning too patriotic since I live in GM. Just because I've been buying albums from Malaysian artists and loving Malaysia movies.

What? I can't deny that KL Gangster is awesome. It is! Shamsul is so hottt!!

At least I did not watch Nur Kasih, (you know who you are!).

Sunday, June 12

This is what I learned fromm my more than two weeks holiday

It is not where you are.
It is who you are with.

Saturday, June 11

I love him, sometimes

I was on the phone with my younger brother. Laughing and talking aimlessly.

Me : Ayeh, habaq kat kawan Ayeh tuh suara dia tak sedap. Takyah la dok nyanyi.
Arif: Train la.
Me: Huh? Dalam train? Hang pi mana?
Arif: Tak la. Train. Band la. Ayeh pasang iPod. (Laughing)
Me: Dang!

I should trust my brother rite? It's just that I adore Train's singer. He has such an awesome seductive voice. Not like that.

I should trust him.

Sunday, May 22

He had such quiet eyes

Today, I told my f5 boys that;

If they could not put up with the heat, don't play with the fire.

Yeah, those boys who keep complaining about their girlfriend/love issues.

If they don't want to put up with the girls' gedixxness, as they usually complain, don't have girlfriends. To which they reply, "Nak girlfriend teacher!"

Ahh, korang memang gatal!

Friday, May 20


And who do you think you are?
Runnin' 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart

You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Who do you think you are?

-Christina Perry-

Thursday, May 19

heart and soul

Life is about choices.
While we don't always agree on something and argue about stuff,
I win anyway.
That's the way it is.

We are different is all sort of way.
But I think that's what keep us stronger.

Life is about who your friends are.
So far, I have the bestest friends ever.
In and outside the picture.

I miss us girls.

p/s: LDR is not meant for everyone.

Wednesday, May 18

free fall

Text messages between me and Sepu.

Sepu: Ko jadi datang ke?
Me : Yup. Otw. Bru ja gerak. Berdua je. Felicia tak jadi ikot. Ngan kawan lelaki aku.
Sepu: Kawan lelaki kalau dalam english boy friend kan? haha

p/s : I had a great time with my male friends. They're just awesome!
p/p/s: I'm so sorry about your watch.

Tuesday, May 17

woman he loved before me

Aku tahu sebelum ni aku mintak mesin basuh.

Itu masa musim asyik hujan.

Sekarang musim asyik panas pulak.

Aku nak tukar kepada kipas angin duduk. Sebenarnya, kalau boleh nak aircond terus. Tapi macam rasa tak mampu nak bayar bil elektrik pulak. Jadi, I'd settled for kipas angin duduk. Boleh?

Monday, May 16

one beautiful cupcake for myself

they asked me; why teaching? why become a teacher? surviving these days with teacher's salary?

yup, all with that sceptical look and judging glance.

it's all about priorities. yes, i would love to live in a huge bungalow, wear couture, drive expensive car, dine in cute cafes and extravagant restaurants. yes all those would make me happy.

but i also love laughing at form 1s silliy jokes. listening to their views of the world and how they perceive the adults around them. absolutely love chasing the form 2s around the class. giving disapproving look to the f5s who smoke. giving advice to those who seeks and also to those who does not seek for it. being the love doctor (apart from real doctor who treat from simple cuts to major cramps). always thinking about others before me.

this job, it keeps you young. running about with them. laughing till the tears come out. these are the days when the biggest problem is boyfriend/girlfriend issues.

have i mentioned the long holidays?

Happy Teacher's Day, lovelies!!

p/s: it's so cool when you can inspired someone.

Saturday, May 14

Of Female and Cleo

I bought a magazine yesterday. It had been awhile since I buy one. I haven't finish flicking through the magazine yet when this sudden feeling hit me.

I miss browsing magazines with my friends.

Flicking through the pages together. Exchanging the magazines from room to room. Comparing what accessories we like and laugh together at the silliness of the models. Then, we will mark pages that we like, go to suggested hangout places, answer the quizzes and also examine the articles so very closely and relate them to our life.

It was the best time.

Now, even if I wanted to buy stuff in the magazine, it has to wait. Wait till I'm back in KL.

It is too depressing to read the magazine. Dang!

On the plus side, I am saving money. (NotthatIreceivedmypayyet.)

p/s: I just find out that Blake Lively is the model for Chanel. Am I that outdated?

Thursday, May 12

blue blue sky

It's the exam week for my school. For the form 5 at least. And i have finished two of the ink of my red pens.

Dang~ That many.

p/s: I have been found.

Sunday, May 8

Hoping that forever will never ends

She is always worried about me.Sometimes, a tad too much. She would advise me by saying, "Jangan dok galak sangat kat tempat orang. Jaga diri baik-baik." She never forget important dates. She would sacrifice so much for me. Her favourite phrase would be, "Aku masa besaq hang ni, mak aku balik rumah suap nasi ja." To which we would love to laugh together.

She who would stop and eat durian in the middle of nowhere.

She who is my inspiration. Always and forever.

Happy Mother's Day, mama!!!
I love you to bits and pieces.

Saturday, May 7

miss me much?

Quote of the year (and years to come if I continued becoming a teacher)

"Kita hanya boleh membawa lembu kepada air tetapi tak boleh memaksanya meminum air itu."

p/s: Yes, I liken the stubborn students to cows.

Friday, April 8

well spent

I would pay a lot of money to spend time with my loved ones. Which I did. Even for a short while.

And I spend it with eating and watching movies.

One of it is this one. Which is so awesome.

I love the movie. But I don't like Jake Gyllenhaal.

It made you think. Love it.

I love my weekend~

Thursday, March 31

All the rainbows of the world

My current wishlist.

A washing machine.
A dryer.
A place to put both items.

I haven't been able to dream big these days. For now, if I have the three items I am the happiest girl in Gua Musang.

I don't even need Astro.

Oh, you might think I would prefer a buttload of cash and send all my clothes to a laundrette. I tell you, if only GM has a laundrette.

p/s: It has been raining and raining. I can't wash my pile of clothes.
p/p/s: It also might have to do with me being lazy-arse.

Wednesday, March 30

Abe Oh Abe

Orang kata,
Kalau ianya sebuah kereta,
dah boleh jual untuk beli yang baru.

Orang kata,
Kalau ianya seorang anak,
dah boleh masuk tadika dan belajar mengeja.

Orang kata,
Kalau ianya sehelai baju,
mungkin fesyennya dah outdated.

Orang kata,
Kalau ianya biji benih,
dah boleh makan dah hasilnya.

Orang kata,
Kalau ianya sepasang kasut,
dah haus dah tapaknya.

Tapi Bonda Dzeti kata,
Dah lima tahun dah bang oi,
Bila lagi nak masuk meminang?

Happy 5th Year Anniversary, love!

Monday, March 28

Aku tak berapa ikhlas.

Cikgu A : Fina suka dok Gua Musang ni?
Aku : *senyum*
Cikgu A : Sukalah tu. Senyum ja. Tak sibuk macam kat KL.
Aku : *tetap tersenyum*

Cikgu B : Kamu single lagi kan? Tolong buat ni.. bla bla bla.. ni..
Aku : *senyum*
Cikgu B : Saya ni sibuk. Anak2 plak demam. Laki saya bla bla bla.. Saya ni bla..bla..
Aku : *tetap tersenyum*

Cikgu C : Fina single lagi ke?
Aku : *senyum*
Cikgu C : Direct plak saya. Senyum ja Fina ni. Kalau takde lagi ... bla bla.. anak saudara .. bla...
Aku : *tetap tersenyum*

p/s: Aku tak reti nak eja loghat Kelantan, jadi aku standardizekan kepada bahasa mudah difahami ramai.

Sunday, March 27

You won't feel as tired if your students are willing to learn and enjoy the activities you have struggled all night or all weekend for. You won't. You will feel the greatness of being a teacher.

It's all worthwhile.

All the late nights. All the head scratching.

Just learn peeps. It's for your own good.

Wednesday, March 23

Perfect Two

You can be the peanut butter to my jelly
You can be the butterflies I feel in my belly
You can be the captain and I can be your first mate
You can be the chills that I feel on our first date

You can be the hero and I can be your side kick
You can be the tear that I cry if we ever split
You can be the rain from the cloud when it's stormin'
Or you can be the sun when it shines in the mornin'

You can be the prince and I can be your princess
You can be the sweet tooth I can be the dentist
You can be the shoes and I can be the laces
You can be the heart that I spill on the pages

You can be the vodka and I can be the chaser
You can be the pencil and I can be the paper
You can be as cold as the winter weather
But I don't care as long as we're together

Don't know if I could ever be
Without you cause boy you complete me
And in time I know that we'll both see
That we're all we need

Cause you're the apple to my pie
You're the straw to my berry
You're the smoke to my high
And you're the one I wanna marry

Cause your the one for me (for me)
And I'm the one for you (for you)
You take the both of us (of us)
And we're the perfect two

I love the way that you smile
And maybe in just a while
I can see me walk down the aisle

Monday, March 21

Green Green Gua

I had a great time guring the holiday. A real pick-me-up-time that I truly needed. I accomplished all the items in my wishlists. After all it is a long awaited holiday.

I love teaching. I truly do. I even miss some of the kids during the holidays.

But I need the holiday.

Yes, Miss Alfina needs to recharge after all the hardwork.

Sunday, March 20


Kadang-kadang kalau dah marah sangat, lebih baik diam sahaja. Itu lebih baik.

Friday, February 25

I googled the word rebuke just now. Dem, my English is getting rusty.

I told Mard I was a bit depressed just now. She asked me why.
I told her, I'm in Gua Musang.
Do I need a better reason?

Monday, February 21

Just a bit of marshmallow

In teaching not so good English proficiency level class, I usually played games with them. They made me laugh with their jokes. I felt happy hanging out with them. Those silly impromptu jokes always made my day. Make my sweats worthwhile.

Today I playes, "Guess what's in the box?" for adjectives. They need to close their eyes and describe the thing inside using adjectives. They came with many intersting stuff based on their friends description.

I'm glad I won't be called a pedo if I have a crush on my students. Just cougar~

And I can live with that

p/s: LDR sucks big time.

Thursday, February 17

Are you still playing with your flute?

Today I officially start teaching the kids in Gua Musang. I said officially because yesterday I randomly volunteered to teach Sejarah to my form 3 relief class. I was too lazy to think of any other activity. I simply blabbed on and on about MPAJA and Malayan Union. Guided by the textbook of course. They seemed to think that I was replacing their Sejarah teacher and I did not once corrected them. I even asked them to copy the notes that I wrote in their book. What else can I nag for two periods? Copying notes it's the only way.

Anyway, today, I actually entered ALL four classes that I am supposed to teach. 2KRK, 5S2, 5A2 & 5A7. Yay!

All I can say is my mom is right. Kids everywhere are almost the same. Even in Kelantan. There will always be the naughty one, the active one, the quiet one, the flirty one, the smart one, the pretty one and the cool one in every class.

So far, I enjoyed entering their classes. They made me laugh and I made them happy. Despite the distance of the classes. I will be sweating by the time I enter each class and most of these classes have issues with the fans. And yes, I still carry that almost-ruined-green-fan around. I need that almost-ruined-green-fan more than ever.

Although I have to admit teaching them is a bit hard in many sense but I can't stop myself from wanting them to understand the topic. I tried various ways to ensure they truly be able to follow the lesson. Oh, and for the lesson objectives to be achieved. I am encrypted that way.

Anyway, what my brother said stuck in my head; "Depa pun tak mintak dilahirkan di tempat yang takdak McD. Yang jauh dari Kuala Lumpur." So, I have to stay positive. And I read somewhere Mard wrote that, "This posting is not only about us. It's about the school, the kids. that need us". So, I ensure my intentions are sincere. Ten told me to pray hard that whereever I am, they will accept me as I am. So I follow her advice.

As a result, I'm okay here.

At times, their level of proficiency does demotivate me. Then again, I have friends and other teachers to help me here. I am okay here.

So, don't you worry about me.

Monday, February 14


Hello.. hello.. hello... hello..

Oh yes! That is the echo greeting since I'm currently residing in Gua Musang.

I just bought my Celcom Broadband yestrerday. Due to over-excitedness, I already lost the cap of the modem. Dang~

Everynight, before I went to sleep, in the half-lit room (thanks to the porch light), I will be looking around the room, feeling a bit of emptiness inside. With the room's furniture being so simple and barely there, it adds more to the feeling.

Though it's different when I'm awake and about. I live with two friends that I know since in IPBA. I have IPBAmate in my school. The feeling is barey there. Plus, I have IPBA friends everywhere here in Gua Musang. In every corner.

The place is not that bad. Some of the people are friendly. Some looks at you with their eyes rolling because I don't speak their dialects. Some cared enough to ask where I am from. Most people are able to regconize I'm a teacher with just one glance.

It's a developing town. It's a 'pekan persinggahan'. It's expensive. You can find all the familair banks here. It's very near to Cameron Highland, mind you. Also, the MDGM is so hardworking. You will be fined easily like you wont believe here.

I'm embracing it.

p/s: Despite it being near nature, caves and all, it's so hot here.

Sunday, January 30

Kedondong Madu

Oh, what I do for the men I love.

I succeeded forcing HR to watch my heroes in respective movie; Haq and Khurafat. Oh yes, Zulhuzaimy is one of my boyfriends.

I thought Haq was not bad. I mean the visuals and the camera play. Tapi overused sket r. The only thing that was going through my mind was, "Apa bajet untuk mekap takde ker sebab awal scene dah ada kereta meletop?" I mean I can see all the jerawat and jeragat. Including Fatimah Abu Bakar's. Somehow I thought, Raja Farah's lipgloss looks kinda cheap. Tapi scene Adi Putra and Nanu meletops. Tak sangka Finas lepaskan. Dahsyat!

As for Shamsul, I thought his storyline was all over the place. Like there are few uneeded scenes. Oh, Liyana Jasmay looks so young to be someone's wife (or is that my jealousy talking?). I have to admit I squinted my eyes most of the Khurafat scenes. Gosh, it was surreal. It was worth the money.

Saturday, January 29

They will wait ...

... For the time they grin so much their mouth will ache

The other day HR gave me two of his new songs. He made this CD - including the cover / lyrics and all. It was a great gesture.

Only opening the case, he told me, "There is no CD inside. I'll bluetooth the songs to your phone."

He just thought I won't be using the CD as I don't have a CD player. Bluetooth is the way to go. Since I can also bluetooth the songs to my laptop.

Just gotta love HR's thinking.

Thursday, January 27

Moist Chocolate Cake

I never like riding motorcycles. It makes me vulnerable. Sure feels like I'm more prone to accident. Feeling bare. Like nothing else is gonna protect me other than the helmet. It doesn't feel safe.

But I can't deny its the most efficient in saving time and money in terms of petrol, tols and parking.

So, whenever I have to bonceng, my heart would beat thousand times faster. But, what I did was I closed my eyes. Thinking, if I don't know what is near me or almost hitting me, I would feel less jumpy. Less possibility of imbalancing the motorcyles. Oh, I will feel the pain. I am certain of that.

I know it's stupid solution. But it works so far.

p/s: I have been in motorcycle accident. It hurt like hell for the next few days.

Wednesday, January 26


There's roses where we stand
And sunlight reaching down on us like a giant hand
Maybe you have a better plan
I'd put in on hold till this moment ends

Friends concern but I'm certain
That this is a journey of no return
Till the end the sun will burn
And guide us to our destination

The mirror never lies
The reflection won't trick your eyes
Every deed every sacrifice
Radiates on your face, visible for miles


Tuesday, January 25

Rainbows & Lollypops

Today I told my friend who is celebrating her birthday that I prefer her to be realistic like me and her used to be, than optimistic.

Damn, I'm cruel.

But I think our friendship is strong enough that we can be that honest.

I love you gorgeous. Always. A lot.

Happy Birthday, Ten.

Congrats for Johor.
Hope you have fabulous life ahead.
Looking forward to see soon.

Monday, January 24

the view from here

There was one incident where one guy honked his huge expensive car when I was nearby. I thought I was blocking his way or something so I peeped at his extravagant tinted window, (preparing to jeling if he wanna show me fingers).

Nope, he was happily waving at someone far from me or the car. Excitedly.

Oh how I wished I could let him know how ridiculous he looked waving through a tinted window. Obviously his friend couldn't see him. Even I merely catched his shadow.

Nak sgt tingkap tinted kan~


Now you get to watch her leave
Out the window
Guess that's why they call it window pane
-Love the way you lie -

Well, I just think that Eminem's trying to teach us homophones. Same sound different meaning. Different spelling. Pane & Pain.


The other day the window of the car that I drove to work daily (Myvi) was broken into. They stole the Smart Tag. Yup, I kept it in the dashboard but it's no help. Glasses were everywhere. I was so panicked that I had to call someone.

I'm perfectly clueless and scared.

I mean I parked at a safe area. Busy area where people lalu-lalang. In front of market. In a parking box. Paid and show the parking tag with coins and all.

Thank goodness for a decent elder brother and his colleagues.

I'm pretty scared to open my windows nowadays to ventilate my own room. With my preferences to put my gadgets everywhere in my room (near my bedside, on my bed - both places that are near to the window), I could not risk it.

Learned my lesson, robber!

Puffy room is better than being poorer than I am now.

Thursday, January 13

Green Tea for detox, anyone?

Agak-agaknya la kan, berapa banyak tenaga diperlukan untuk risau? Sebab akhir-akhir ini makan lebih banyak daripada mula cuti. Tak banyak pun buat kerja, tapi banyak risau kebelakangan. Risau nak posting. Risau.

Tahukan penantian itu satu penyeksaan.

Wednesday, January 12

My 300th post is for you

To my dear abang sulung yang kemungkinan besar akan dikahwin-paksa..

You're someone I can count on
When I need a helping hand
You know me so well
You always understand

We may be different
In many ways
We have our ups and downs
This we both know
Through it all our bond
Still manages to grow

What I'm trying to tell you
You may already know
You're an important part in my life
And I hope this I show


When we were younger

Truthfully, I love having a big brother that I can look up too and guide me from right and wrong; also a brother than I can count on to take the blame if ever unfortunate happens.

Tuesday, January 11

Between Oreo and Other Cookies

After my Malay movie marathon the other day, I decided that I love Shamsul Yusof. I think he is somewhat awesome. Ok, ok. Truthfully somewhat good looking.

When I told HR this, he pointed out that my current celebrity love affairs are all with men name -Sam.

Like Sam Bunkface.
Like Shahieizy Sam.
Like Shamsul Yusof.

He definitely mentioned that the biggest star celebrity that I am so lucky to even dream of having loving relationship with is with Hisyam Razak.

Yup, himself~

Wednesday, January 5


Given a choice between driving with a sunglasses (with power) in the heavy rain or merely shortsighted eyes, I choose the sunglasses. And that's what happen just now on the way back from Banting using MEX.

True the gloomy weather is dark and I do not need extra darkness with the sun glass (There's no sun, so no need sun glass, aite?). But, I totally left my glasses in the other car. I would rather estimate the distance of the car (no blurriness) in a sunglasses in the heavy rain.

Anyhow, I'm safely home.

Tuesday, January 4

Peppermint Tea

I am happy and proud to announce that I had watched every worth watching movie in cinemas. And yes, that include Ngangkung. Oh, what I do for the one I love - Shahiziey Sam.

Anyway, now I'm off to watch the movie which had won more awards than I ever expected - Evolusi KL Drift 2. On the bright side, Shahiziey Sam starred in it. I want to understand the reasons of the non-stop winning.

On the side note, please don't go and watch The Tourist if you loathe Jolie. Not even because you really like Johnny Depp.

p/s: Enlighten me how can one direct a movie and be a star in it?


Ok, now i see the logic behind the awards. Since I'm in the mood to watch Malay movies, I did a marathon. And I love Pisau Cukur. Amazing..