Tuesday, March 27

Glow in the dark

Just now in school, while I was bodek-ing my kerani kewangan about the tunggakan gaji that I really don't know when will appear, the kerani mentioned about how lately I've been looking more radiant. (Maybe the kerani tried to change the topic to shoo me away). The kerani even asked what product that I used.

I said, "Seri pengantin."

The kerani blinked for awhile. Showed serious face. Tried thinking about the product I mentioned. Recalling any advertisment. Only after awhile the kerani got my joke.

Then the kerani showed confius face, "Awak dah kahwin ke?"

"Takla. Lambat lagi. Macam mana nak kahwin, tunggu tunggakan baru boleh buat kenduri."

Sunday, March 25

Siapa tu?

To his collegues (whom I don't know and never meet) HR refers to me as his bakal isteri. That is who I am. But somehow, it feels weird when he narrated his days to me. It feels formal-ish, no?

To my collegues, I do not refer to HR as anything. I just don't share with them. There is a reason why there are called collegues rather than friends.

To my friends, he is just HR. Plain and simple.

Truth is, he is not my tunang. He is just my boyfriend. He is my bakal suami.

Bakal suami.
Bakal suami.

See, yucks!

Anyhow, he is always going to be my bestfriend.

Lucky me to be married to my own bestfriend.

Saturday, March 24

My eg-tukar story

So, April is coming soon. This is the anticipated time for most teachers in GM. Eg-tukar time!

This is my story last year. I am just sharing my experience.

First of all, my cikgu data will put up notices about the opening of eg-tukar and the importance of updating e-operasi. What is e-operasi you might ask? From my understanding, it is an online data about yourself, your background, experience and etc.

So, after checking and asking my cikgu data, he said for new teachers must go PPD to get the password. He provided me with the number and I texted him and we managed to set a time to meet at his office. He was kind enough to entertain me. He reminded me that the chances of me getting out was very slim but I could try. I said I figured that part out but there's no harm in trying and there's a chance for the Kelantanese coming in with me going out.

So after he asking me some questions about my background making sure whatever my guru data had key-in is correct. He set the password up for me. We talked a bit but he was okay and nice.

So, I told K.A, Saqinah, Syaz and Felicia to do the same. So, they went together the next day. As for Felicia, hers was as easy as mine. But for the primary troops the Mr. Pengurusan Sekolah Rendah refused to give the password. REFUSED. So, while Felicia got hers, the rest did not.

Yes, it is important to have your e-operasi done.

Then, when the day come, you fill in necessary requirement and print three copies. And one for yourself if you want. All three copies send to Mr. Kerani for my school since he will make sure the pengetua signs it. Some hand-in directly to Mr. Pengetua but he is a busy man. Make sure you send in all the evidences (surat nikah, etc)

My mom said as Guru Besar she only has one column to tick - online as well.
Does the teacher has any disciplinary problems/actions.
And sign the copies.

That's all.

When the time comes, you will know if you get it or not.

Happy trying!

Friday, March 23

Technology Taking Over The World.

Me: I already sent the forms to the Penolong Pendaftar Nikah.
HR: Oh. Good. So it is all settle?
Me: Yea. Kinda. It is all signed and stamped.
HR: Awesome. So when is the exact time?
Me: Oh, nikah is blablabla.. So, tunang should be blablabla. You should come at this particular time. Sempat tak?
HR: Sempat tak apa? Sempat tak nak update status FB from in relationship to engage?
HR: Lepas sarung je cincin terus tukar status, ok?

Thursday, March 22

Of SPM results

I am not quite sure myself how we actually do. But no one yells at me for being a lousy teacher. My Ketua Panitia and Ketua Bidang said Congratulations.

So it must be awesome news.

As far as I know, none of my students got A. Regardless of what type of A.

It sadden me a bit.

OK, a lot.
A lot than I show.

But some brighten up my day with their B+s and Bs.

Of course, despite my pack and busy bee schedule, some students were eager enough to share with me their results. Some even visited me at home. Some dragged me out of class.

They care enough to share and I am happy for them.

"So, teacher, saya nak jadi cikgu ni. Layak tak?"

Wednesday, March 21

Wordless Wednesday

Two days of slaving myself till dusk in the hot blazing sun with no wind.
And no cool place to hang.
Did not get a chance to see students on SPM result day.
Got darker.
All in all, awesome company.
And young muscled athletes.
And we won!!!!

p/s: I am a nagger now. It is getting harder to see positive things day by day.
p/p/s: Yes, it is Wordy Wednesday now.

Sunday, March 11

Can you whisper louder? I can't hear you.

If it is any louder, it won't be a whisper.

Saturday, March 10

Happy Birthday, Nana!!!!!!!

Dearest Nana,

So much love for you.

Good luck for your future big day. Sorry I couldn't make it.

Wishing you all the best for your future undertaking!


Friday, March 9

I know I choose right

Me : I want you to be my
pengapit, my maid of honour.
She : Woweee... It'd be my honour.
Me : But, I shall remind you it is a hard work. LOL
She :What work? Its just making you look pretty all the time kan? That's easy because you are already pretttyyyyyyy.

Tuesday, March 6

Fun in small doses

Being in such a confined and small place, me and Saqinah have a silly innocent crush on one of this businessman in GM. Yes, we share our crush. It is that small.

Anyway, there was this one day when Saqinah was waiting in the car and me and K.A were talking with this guy about some stuff. Upon entering the car, I gave Saqinah word by word description about the discussion. With some extra topping to make Saqinah jealous.

The guy, who also knows Saqinah, came nearer to the car. Saqinah's car. At one point, Saqinah was so nervous that her car engine died. There. In front of him.

It was so damn funny. For us.
Embarassing. For Saqinah.

And we were laughing.
Until today.