Tuesday, September 28

Nila dalam susu sebelanga

Aku memang kurang gemar dengan semut. Tambahan pula yang banyak-banyak buat perkampungan di kawasan aku.

Pada satu hari, tengah lelepak ngan HR depan laptop dia. Dia tengah buat-buat sibuk. Aku pun sibuk untuk menyibuk. Tengah rancak menyembang, aku nampak seekor semut lalu atas laptop dia. Aku dengan pantas menyuruh HR membunuh semut tersebut.

HR buat tak layan. Dia teruskan dengan aktiviti kosongnya. Aku cakap lagi, semut tuh perlu dihapuskan. Dia tanya, agak-agak seekor semut boleh jahanamkan sistem dalaman laptop ke? Aku malas nak layan soalannya dan aku membuka langkah untuk menamatkan riwayat semut itu. HR menghalang, dia kata, "Semut ni I bela. Nama dia Shukri".

Aku tergamam.

Iyer, dia bela semut tersebut. Dia simpan dalam laptopnya.

Thursday, September 16

I am related to them

I have the smartest brothers in the whole wide world.

After they finished loading the car with various stuffs to bring to Kedah, they step by step locked the house (a lot of locks, I assure you). After they thoroughly ensured every lock was in place and every precaution was taken before leaving our house, they realized they left the car keys in the house.

Yup, they had to redo it all over again.

Saturday, September 11

Haiyakk!! Tepis-tepis

* earlier days*
MakCik : Bila nak kawen?
Aku : *Senyum kosong je*

* later*
MakCik : Bila nak kawen?
Aku : Tunggu abang dulu. Ikut turn.

MakCik : Bila nak kawen?
Aku : Lepas kerja setahun dua. Kena kumpul duet.

MakCik : Bila nak kawen?
Aku : Hujung tahun depan. (Dengan yakin)

Iyer, aku yakin. Yakin diri. Biar takde siapa nak masuk minang. Biar takde sapa hingin.
Janji makcik-makcik tu semua senyap.
Iye, senyap buat seketika.
Sebelum mereka tanya pula.

"Eh, dengan sapa?"

Friday, September 10

Makan Kueh Raya berpada

I believe balik kampung is one of the luxuries of Hari Raya. It gives you chance to further socialize with your extended family and shares life experiences. For the young, even more duet raya since everyone is gathered in one place.

I love to balik kampung.

For a few years it is because to hang with this pretty girl, Iman.

Cute even with the face

My Little Sweetheart New Zealand

It was never ever to meet the shallow minded people with no use for the nation.

Sometimes the terrible twos can be smarter than the old skool.


Selamat Hari Raya everyone.

Maaf Zahir Batin.

Thursday, September 9

How to enslave me

  • Condemn my looks to disrupt my self-esteem
  • Criticize everything I do to discourage self-confidence
  • Insult me till I have no self-respect
  • Invite friends to taunt my insecurities to further shred every ounce of self-dignity left
Not necessarily in that particular order. With me having no self-trust, I will have no one else but to depend on you. I will do everything for you ..

Friday, September 3

the way I am

i miss this

Back to basic

Various people have various opinion on the 'buang bayi' issue. Notice I am using a Malay term? Yup, this is because there's no specific English term for it. Just because only Malays are up to this kind of behaviour.

I know the safest option is to 'kahwin' but desperate horny people are just dumb people who could care less as long as they got it.

There is a lot of people all over the world having pre-marital sex but most of them are smart enough to use protection. Be safe.

I am not saying I am encouraging pre-marital sex but if they really do need it, there is no stopping or advising them.

Yup, regardless how 'innocent' you think Malaysian youth is, let's just go back to basic. Wear a condom. Teach them to wear one. Make them wear one. Force them to wear one.

Wednesday, September 1

Cendol tetap pilihanku

I felt a little guilty because I didn't do any important patriotic act this year. Didn't even go the parade, which I always love to see (not to be a participant). I should have celebrate harder.

But I make up my lack of enthusiasm on the day with other activities days before days after.

My friends and I coached a few students to perform a few performances during Majlis Ambang Merdeka in my school. It was fun training them. Their performances received loud claps so I bet it was a success.

I even judged a patriotic singing competition between classes at school. They were all dressed nicely and very colourful. Their performances were very interesting and lovely. It was hard to choose winners but I did.

So, I am all geared up for patriotic spirit.

Happy 53th Merdeka Day!!