Friday, January 29

I am a mess in a dress

I was playing Taboo with Fatin just now. Before we went for our evening shower. Separately of course.

The word that I was looking for was "Elbow". The clue was perfect since it was given by me. She knows that it is supposed to be 'siku' in English. I can hear she was trying to recall the word. I heard she recall it by saying 'head', 'shoulders', 'knees', 'eyes', and 'nose' on her own.

I was laughing my heart out.

Life is good.

Saturday, January 2

Welcome 2010

I dreaded a bit writing about new year resolution. Especially for this year. I've been in holiday mood and not thinking about anything too seriously for a month now. And it felt great.

For the time being, all I can think of that I wanna do are:-
  • have a slumber party with the gurls (i wanna gossip till the sun goes up)
  • travel around Malaysia esp visit Sabah and Sarawak (If I manage to travel whole NZ, I should be able to do this in my own country)
  • road trip with friends (doesn't matter far or near)
  • attend someone's wedding that is truly my own friend (I never been to my own rfiend's wedding. It had always been my mom's or dad's friends or relatives. This year, I want to attend my own friend's wedding. Or at least their brothers or sisters. I want to receive the invitation card with my name)

So, I finally found my last year resolution, here.

There were :=
  • watching a circus - I always wanted to see it
  • going to a fun fair with ferris wheel and cute games with a guy would win me a huge teddy
  • Australia trip - Miss my gurl frens or some of the guys too
  • Nintendo Wii - I just thought that's the gadget for me
I manage to complete three from the four. I didn't have a chance to buy Nintendo Wii. I'm to flat broke last year. Doing the other three on the list.

I did brag about this stuff before, here.

I am going to carry forward the dream of possessing Nintendo Wii to this year.