Tuesday, December 31

Wordless Wednesday

New Year 2014

No New Year Resolution yet. Too tired.

Big Bad Wolf

Since the earliest relationship I knew that me and HR have different preferences in music, movies and books. We fought about it sometimes like he kept insisting me to like Will Ferrell and I had to justify a gazillion time to him why Peeta Mallark is way, way, way better than the other guy (The Hunger Games). 

He would tolerate my quirk of must-park-at-the-nearest-mall-entrance while I always remember where he put all his stuff, including where he park the car when in mall. 

While I let him have one room for his fanboyism and loud music (read: guitar stuff), he always amuses me with his rendition of Yuna and Back Street Boys. He would let me have Jacob Black as wallpaper while I tolerate his comics' heroes.

Since, one of his birthday coupons is books from BBW sale, we went there. 

As I learned my lesson, (to only buy books that I truly read not because of it's so cheap, we must buy so that I'll read it someday attitude; 'someday' never arrives), I focus on finding Suzanne Collin's writing and maybe Dorothy Koomson if any. 

As expected, once we entered the BBW (after I memorized where we park our car), we went our separate ways. Me in the fiction section while HR was lost in the comics and music sections. We crossed path several times. 

You would think I mind, shopping together but not truly together. 

I don't honestly.

But knowing HR's unconditional love towards me, he actually did try to find The Hunger Games books collection for me (which had sold out on the preview day itself, blergh!) first. He tried high and low, even asking the shop assistant.

That's why I wouldn't mind the difference much. We complete each other. 

p/s: I bet you remember all the tales I told you about his fondness to walk. Walk. Walk.   

Wednesday, December 25

In PG of course

Arrived home safely just now. 

So so so dusty that you can party!

On the other hand,  

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! 

HR found this cool colouring app thingie that can be made 3D. Awesome!!

Monday, December 23

Penang Escapade

As one of my closest friends was getting hitched, me and HR drove all the way to Penang. It was one of our short getaway as a couple as well.

As we drove by the Penang town, we saw a herd of huge cows hanging by road. Totally chilling nearby a small field and an automatic car wash shop. 

I said to HR, maybe they were waiting for their turn to wash themselves at the shop. Which we laughed it off.

On serious note, I asked HR where's the owner? Aren't they a bit curious or worried? Like totally town area.

HR joked, the owner was living in one of the condos nearby. Watching from windows afar. Come sunset he will ring the bell and the herd of cows will return to the condos.


Just chilling by the road, bro!

Saturday, December 21

Before and After

I'm keeping you round to keep you around. 

Thursday, December 19

PMR 2013

Good luck kiddos on your PMR results.
It's gonna be great!!

Tuesday, December 17

All smiles and sunshines

I don't like meeting smart people who are driven with dreams and ambitions.

They made me feel like all my problems, challenges and issues in life seem petty. They, of course, did not mean too, but I felt it somehow.

It is silly.

p/s: We didn't get the transfer to KL. Silly me for hoping.

Monday, December 16

I should be thankful?

We got a new bibik. An old one.
As usual, we had a lot of miscommunication.

For example, when mama reminded her to wipe everything with wet cloth, she said she was gonna wipe all the screens (computers, tv, laptops) with 'Koran'. Her words. I was dumbfounded.

Until my mama explained, 'Koran' is newspapers. 


The other day, my mama asked her to weed out the semak samun in front.
What she did was the lawn with the 'rumput carpet' which we all bought and planted.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

I told HR this. His response: 

"Oh, really? Nasib baik dia tak cabut rumput plastik (tiruan) tepi kolam tu. Lagilah sengal kan?"

Ha? What rumput plastik tepi kolam?

 There, the grass beside the reflexology thingie.

Slap forehead.

I married that guy.

Everyone can grow older, not many really want to grow up.

The Husband, HR, officially turns 26 recently.

I had to really scratch my brain to find the perfect gift to him. I already gave him all the brilliant useful gifts throughout our relationship. So hard to top myself after being lovey-dovey for so long. I am too awesome. It wouldn't be that difficult if I had all the money in the world. Lol. 

Since I couldn't really afford to buy iPhone 5S that I originally wanted to buy for him, I had to improvise. (I hate it when he glued his face to the gadgets, still I want to buy him more gadgets. Such mix signals I'm giving.)

After a while, I decided to give him 26 small tokens of turning 26.

And I concluded it would be awesome to do a treasure hunt. 

But I couldn't really hide 26 stuff in my parents' house. NOT MANY PLACES that HR is familiar with. Plus, there's too many hands that are very diligent in cleaning the house, they might just throw and ask aloud about the clues hidden.  

I chose 8 gifts with 8 places to hide for him to hunt. 8 because he is born on 8 December. (Even 12 for December is too much for me to take on. Lazy-arse).

It's not a plus side on my part since I decided this at the very last minute. Very last minute. And HR was constantly in the house. By my side. 

The smart me thought to do everything by coupons. Since I had no time and no privacy.

I made coupon for all the tokens I wanted to give him. Which he had redeemed mostly. 

He didn't suspect a thing, being clueless as he is. Which made everything a blast!

I wish as he turns 26 he will be more alert and present. 

Happy Birthday, darling!

p/s: He had to help me to buy the ingredients and also bake the cake since I forgot to bring mixer. He had to be the mixer machine for me.

Sunday, December 15

not yet .. not yet ..

During the school holidays, HR once asked me, I wonder why you never bother to wake me up in the morning anymore. 

He thought it was weird. Me, waking up early, doing stuff downstairs (in KL obviously) like bugging my tok, disturbing my mom with her sequins and diamonds and crystals for the tudungs or even online aimlessly.

Basically not bugging him. 

I have no idea how to answer that.