Monday, February 27

Friendship Forever

Me: Can we go to bodyshop for awhile? I have something to buy.
HR: Mmm.. ok. Didnt you say you went last week when you were in KB?
Me: I did. But there's friendship day sale this weekend.
HR: What sale?
Me: If you brought a friend who bought something, they will get 20% off while i got 30% off.
HR: So, now I am friend lah?
Me: Oppss..

Wednesday, February 22

Wordless Wednesday

less than hundred days to go...

Tuesday, February 21

Q is for Queen.

So, the other day was the Birthday of The Drama Queen in GM. And of course we celebrated it with style and poshness and with whatever that we have in GM (not much I tell you).

We had a big eating ceremony with yummy cakes. To die for!
We gave her lotsa presents and she was all glitter and glamour that night.

So, our Queen turned 25.

Happy Birthday Saqinah!

p/s: Since the restaurant is called Bayu Lenang, so we forced her to wear the pink fabulous hat like there is Bayu Lenang there (soft wind). Plus she is just fabulous right?

Align Left
p/p/s: Other pictures are with Syaz. I only have these. *wink*

Monday, February 20

Thank You

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present... and not giving it.

William A. Ward

Saturday, February 18

Quirky Me

I am a tiny bit eccentric.

I remembered that I opposed people who have many perfumes. For me, one should only have on signature scent. Because for me even scences can make a person.

If the person like fruity smells, the person is like this like that. Or vice versa.

I believe in one scent for a person.

That is until I discover The Body Shop perfumes.

I love most of the scents and it is affordable. So I have a few of the ranges as well as my DKNY Be Delicious.

I still believe in one scent for a person.

But nowadays, I choose my perfume according to my dress colour.

If I am wearing pink, I'll go for Lychee Blossom.
Blue is Aqua Lily.
Usually Vanilla.
Sometimes when I am feeling elegant, DKNY Be Delicious of course.

Thursday, February 16

And I'm back ... And smiling wider than ever

It is the little things that can put a smile on my face.

Like a student who ran so fast so that he can catch up with me to say "Good Morning,teacher."

Like one particular student who wrote a small note telling me how pretty I am. Always.

Like a few 4S1 boys guarding me when some other boys want to talk to me. Like I am theirs. And only theirs. Other students aren't allowed to talk to me.

Like some students excitedly telling me that they finished their work and enjoyed the lesson.

Like some random students admiring my style and keep telling me how awesome if I am their teacher.

Like seeing smiles on their faces when they finally understood what I taught.

Like students forcing me to hang with them so they can narrate their stories and share secrets with me.

Like someone who shouldn't, but calling me cute out of the blue.

The beauty of kampung life.