Saturday, February 28

My sweet mom

I guess most of people know that HR is here in Auckland. So no more 'jiwang' post. You can take a deep relief breath. On the night that HR was supposed to arrived, me and Mas (my housemate) went to Starlight Symphony in Auckland Domain with some other people. The show was fantastic and the crowd that I'm with were superfun.

When I went back, I got text from my mom. It was something like this,
Dah mendarat ke pakwe kamu tuh? Sabagla jgn dok terkam mlm2
buta ni. Tggu esok. Jaga kehormatan diri. Legala kot no. Esok
tak keja kut nak meraikan. Dont be over excited.

I was laughing so hard. I know my mom was worried about me.

And no people, I dont go gushing towards the Railway Campus in the middle of the night. Its so faraway and he arrived there around twelve am. I was tired anyway. And yes, I worked the next day. Plus, I know how tiring long hours of plane is. So, I did decided earlier on to let him rest first.

I did, however, decorated his room a bit to be welcoming the day before and left him some sweet notes. I know I am romantic.

p/s: HR did some romantic stuff too.

Monday, February 16

roses are red, violet are blue

On the 13th of february, i was walking and enjoying the sun, I saw many people carrying roses with them.

Ahhh.. so sweet~



To go to work as I got a huge crush on one of my fellow workmates. Urm, he is not that handsome or that nice, he is always grumpy and bossy but his eyes just captivate me. Cant wait to go to work. *smiles so huge*


Exam is tomorrow and I got lotsa ground to cover because of my obsessive laziness.


I'm always working on weekend and I cannot watch Grey's Anatomy Season 5 at tv2 at 8.30pm. Deym!


How am I supposed to tell my mother that my laptop is not functioning again without her being so worried and freak out about it? Seriously, I don't need her to worry about matters like this.
Thinking about the money issue and dreams that might died because of it. Need more money.
p/s: HR is coming back soon. I dunno how to feel. Being independent is so fulfilling. Missing him is so painful.

Thursday, February 12

its just one of those days

while I was forcing myself to study, (exam is like so near) Ten texted me. She asked me to go bowling with her. Deym, nice offer. I havent bowling in a while, not that I am good at it. I was thinking, bowling or studying? You know I made the right choice when I went bowling even when I was supposed to work at 6pm until 11pm.

With just ten minutes of getting ready, I was in front of Sky City Cinema at 12.35pm. Both Ten and Acap was waiting for me there. We journeyed to Newmarket. Played two sets of bowling in which I'm not the loser of the game. Scored some strikes, some spares. Had a blast of fun.

Then, we went shopping. Bought my mom this beautiful jewelleries case. Bought drinks and other things. From there, I went straight to work. And I didn't get home until 11pm. Not knowing what's happening outside. On my way home, I realized, it was raining. Walking home happily in the rain, blessed with such a cold night. I though i'm gonna get a great night sleep.
Mas left the door unlocked for me (left my keys in hurrying meeting Acap and Ten), I think she was soundly asleep because she had a headache. I saw the horror thing in my room. My dear laptop was wet. I didn't closed the window, the table with the laptop was at the window.
Urm, guess what?
I think my dream of having small laptop might be fulfilled after all.
p/s: I am writing this in the CC

Tuesday, February 10

Five of the day


I am thinking about buying the small cute laptop. Phew, need more money. Went surveying to few stores. Everyhting is around 900ish. So, need to save up.

Oh, bought Johnny Bravo dvd. So much of needing to save up.


The other night, I was on the phone with HR before I went to sleep, we were saying goodnight and stuff. I was like, "Ok, Goodnight, Esok ada kelas. Nak tgk How I Met Your Mother and tertidur. "

I can hear he burst into laughter on the other side. He was like, "Tertidur pun boleh rancang ke? Tertidur kan auto je." I joined laughing.

I am a freak like that. Trying to control everything in my life. I even scheduled tertidur.
Oh, I ended up not sleepin until almost 5ish. Deym, you cannot plan anything earlier.


Loving my curent gadget. NDS. Finally got it. Black in colour. I am in love in touch screen that I am thinking about iPhone. I know I've got big dream.


Weeks earlier, when people are busy boycotting stuff, I am still not sure where I stand. I tried discussing it with a few mates. Attempting to understand the logic of it. I never did however tried to read / see the list of the stuff that need to boycott. I know a few from reading others' blog. I know there's Milo, Johnson & Johson, Starbucks kot, Coke kot. I am not sure.

Now that I work at a place where most of the customer are from the Arabic region, I saw them buying boycotting stuff like nothing really concern them. I was like, urm, Malaysian are opting not drinking Milo and you guys didn't even bother.

Oh, I did buy Starbucks yesterday. Yummy!


Didn't manage to see the Lantern Festival at all. Deym!
No one wanna watch the Circus thingie with me. It's ending soon.

Sunday, February 8

muah for my mother

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear...

Thursday, February 5

big girls toys

naik buaian lebih tinggi dari arif

muka "eksaited" naik gelongsor

ami terkejut
kakak di atas dan arif masih di bwah
ketika main jongkat-jongkit bersama-sama

membuli yang paling bongsu
-kuasa ultimate-

I'm liking Pink's latest album

The other day, I was counting the days when this summer school lecture that I took will end. I was in the lecture, with Mint, half listening, usually yawning and always dreaming (I am a multitasker, mind you). I concluded that day (I think it was last Monday), that we have another three lectures, two tests to go. I am smiling as wide as unicorn. I whispered to Mint, "Next week is our last lecture. Weehee!!"

She batted her eyelashes and uttered the utmost painful news to me.
"The next next week, EXAM."

The part of our identity that do capture our attention are those that other people notice,
and that reflect back to us.
(Tatum, 2000)

The day I hand in my last assignment for summer school

Boleh tak merindui mamat ini bagai nak gila?
I'm going crazy.
Mamat macam ni pun nak rindu?

I don't wanna be the girl who has to fill the silence
The quiet scares me 'cause it screams the truth
Please don't tell me that we had that conversation
I won't remember, save your breath, 'cos what's the use?
-pink's sober lyric-