Sunday, May 22

He had such quiet eyes

Today, I told my f5 boys that;

If they could not put up with the heat, don't play with the fire.

Yeah, those boys who keep complaining about their girlfriend/love issues.

If they don't want to put up with the girls' gedixxness, as they usually complain, don't have girlfriends. To which they reply, "Nak girlfriend teacher!"

Ahh, korang memang gatal!

Friday, May 20


And who do you think you are?
Runnin' 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart

You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Who do you think you are?

-Christina Perry-

Thursday, May 19

heart and soul

Life is about choices.
While we don't always agree on something and argue about stuff,
I win anyway.
That's the way it is.

We are different is all sort of way.
But I think that's what keep us stronger.

Life is about who your friends are.
So far, I have the bestest friends ever.
In and outside the picture.

I miss us girls.

p/s: LDR is not meant for everyone.

Wednesday, May 18

free fall

Text messages between me and Sepu.

Sepu: Ko jadi datang ke?
Me : Yup. Otw. Bru ja gerak. Berdua je. Felicia tak jadi ikot. Ngan kawan lelaki aku.
Sepu: Kawan lelaki kalau dalam english boy friend kan? haha

p/s : I had a great time with my male friends. They're just awesome!
p/p/s: I'm so sorry about your watch.

Tuesday, May 17

woman he loved before me

Aku tahu sebelum ni aku mintak mesin basuh.

Itu masa musim asyik hujan.

Sekarang musim asyik panas pulak.

Aku nak tukar kepada kipas angin duduk. Sebenarnya, kalau boleh nak aircond terus. Tapi macam rasa tak mampu nak bayar bil elektrik pulak. Jadi, I'd settled for kipas angin duduk. Boleh?

Monday, May 16

one beautiful cupcake for myself

they asked me; why teaching? why become a teacher? surviving these days with teacher's salary?

yup, all with that sceptical look and judging glance.

it's all about priorities. yes, i would love to live in a huge bungalow, wear couture, drive expensive car, dine in cute cafes and extravagant restaurants. yes all those would make me happy.

but i also love laughing at form 1s silliy jokes. listening to their views of the world and how they perceive the adults around them. absolutely love chasing the form 2s around the class. giving disapproving look to the f5s who smoke. giving advice to those who seeks and also to those who does not seek for it. being the love doctor (apart from real doctor who treat from simple cuts to major cramps). always thinking about others before me.

this job, it keeps you young. running about with them. laughing till the tears come out. these are the days when the biggest problem is boyfriend/girlfriend issues.

have i mentioned the long holidays?

Happy Teacher's Day, lovelies!!

p/s: it's so cool when you can inspired someone.

Saturday, May 14

Of Female and Cleo

I bought a magazine yesterday. It had been awhile since I buy one. I haven't finish flicking through the magazine yet when this sudden feeling hit me.

I miss browsing magazines with my friends.

Flicking through the pages together. Exchanging the magazines from room to room. Comparing what accessories we like and laugh together at the silliness of the models. Then, we will mark pages that we like, go to suggested hangout places, answer the quizzes and also examine the articles so very closely and relate them to our life.

It was the best time.

Now, even if I wanted to buy stuff in the magazine, it has to wait. Wait till I'm back in KL.

It is too depressing to read the magazine. Dang!

On the plus side, I am saving money. (NotthatIreceivedmypayyet.)

p/s: I just find out that Blake Lively is the model for Chanel. Am I that outdated?

Thursday, May 12

blue blue sky

It's the exam week for my school. For the form 5 at least. And i have finished two of the ink of my red pens.

Dang~ That many.

p/s: I have been found.

Sunday, May 8

Hoping that forever will never ends

She is always worried about me.Sometimes, a tad too much. She would advise me by saying, "Jangan dok galak sangat kat tempat orang. Jaga diri baik-baik." She never forget important dates. She would sacrifice so much for me. Her favourite phrase would be, "Aku masa besaq hang ni, mak aku balik rumah suap nasi ja." To which we would love to laugh together.

She who would stop and eat durian in the middle of nowhere.

She who is my inspiration. Always and forever.

Happy Mother's Day, mama!!!
I love you to bits and pieces.

Saturday, May 7

miss me much?

Quote of the year (and years to come if I continued becoming a teacher)

"Kita hanya boleh membawa lembu kepada air tetapi tak boleh memaksanya meminum air itu."

p/s: Yes, I liken the stubborn students to cows.