Friday, September 30

I am giddy today

That is what 2 hours alone with Taylor makes me feel like.

I know, I know.. but I would still say alone.

Friday, September 23

The Luxury of Arguing

Me: You went and chose him over me. You went to all the troubles to drive him to JB. A-forty-minute-drive. You didn't even consider to drive for forty minutes to see me in KL.

HR: It's not forty minutes-

Me: Seriously? Seriously? That's the part you want to argue?


Wednesday, September 21

Wordless Wednesday

Jamuan Hari Raya SMKTIP


I am officially number 3.

Tuesday, September 20

Midnight Blues

I really don't know which is more hurtful,
being told that you are the number two in his life
or not having a number at all.

Monday, September 19

Of Monday Blues

Why is it that I am at my poorest when I started working?
I have more money when I am studying.

Wednesday, September 14

Tuesday, September 13

He sighed.

He's like a drug for you, Bella. I see that you can't live without him now.
It's too late. But I would have been healthier for you.
Not a drug; I would have been the air, the sun.

Monday, September 12

Of Trial Exam

I have this bad syndrome ~

I am saying it is bad because it affect me real bad.

Whenever I am too immerse in reading one book, like totally engross with the book, I will be affected by the characters of the book so bad. So bad. So bad. Too emphatic~

So, I am careful with books I choose.

I know a few authors that can really pin down and melt my emotion with just one sentence. I usually avoid those when I am reading for happy-leisure-me-time.

Like right now I am supposed to start marking but I cant because I am reading this book that really tied me emotionally. And I am reading it for the second time.

Saturday, September 10


Bawaku ke mana saja kau suka
Timur selatan barat atau utara
Dampingi aku selalu
You’ll be my Malaysian boy…
Malaysian boy…

Thursday, September 8

They keep me young


By making me chase them around the class.
By allowing me to understand all the inside jokes.
By letting me yell at them when necessary.

By always making me laugh my heart out.

So, for these kids, apart from putting out the fire,

we can also either
or vanish

the fire.

Awesome, rite?

Wednesday, September 7

Wordless Wednesday



Tuesday, September 6

Of eyebags

*During one of our usual late night phone conversations

HR: Dzeti... dzeti.. Dah tertidur ke?

ME: Haah. Sedap sangat dengar suara u..

HR: Itu yang I selalu tertidur tu, sedap sangat dengar suara I...


Monday, September 5

Burping Bumblebees

I'm safe and sound in GM. Enjoying whatever's left for Eid Celebration. In GM.

Back at school, none of the kids completed their homework. Though I keep reminding them the work is for their own good (read: REMIND, not nag), they could not care less. Keep chanting to self, "It's Raya! Shouldn't blame them much."

On the postive side - less stuff for me to mark.

Received awesome news just now, my 5A7 is being combined with 5A6 due to so little number of students showing up. The best part is the class is using 5A6 schedule - meaning less class for me to teach. Weeehoo!!

Off to check out e-tukar~

Sunday, September 4

Light and darkness

it is not only hard to take care of those who do not care,
it is also hurtful

plain and simple