Sunday, January 30

Kedondong Madu

Oh, what I do for the men I love.

I succeeded forcing HR to watch my heroes in respective movie; Haq and Khurafat. Oh yes, Zulhuzaimy is one of my boyfriends.

I thought Haq was not bad. I mean the visuals and the camera play. Tapi overused sket r. The only thing that was going through my mind was, "Apa bajet untuk mekap takde ker sebab awal scene dah ada kereta meletop?" I mean I can see all the jerawat and jeragat. Including Fatimah Abu Bakar's. Somehow I thought, Raja Farah's lipgloss looks kinda cheap. Tapi scene Adi Putra and Nanu meletops. Tak sangka Finas lepaskan. Dahsyat!

As for Shamsul, I thought his storyline was all over the place. Like there are few uneeded scenes. Oh, Liyana Jasmay looks so young to be someone's wife (or is that my jealousy talking?). I have to admit I squinted my eyes most of the Khurafat scenes. Gosh, it was surreal. It was worth the money.

Saturday, January 29

They will wait ...

... For the time they grin so much their mouth will ache

The other day HR gave me two of his new songs. He made this CD - including the cover / lyrics and all. It was a great gesture.

Only opening the case, he told me, "There is no CD inside. I'll bluetooth the songs to your phone."

He just thought I won't be using the CD as I don't have a CD player. Bluetooth is the way to go. Since I can also bluetooth the songs to my laptop.

Just gotta love HR's thinking.

Thursday, January 27

Moist Chocolate Cake

I never like riding motorcycles. It makes me vulnerable. Sure feels like I'm more prone to accident. Feeling bare. Like nothing else is gonna protect me other than the helmet. It doesn't feel safe.

But I can't deny its the most efficient in saving time and money in terms of petrol, tols and parking.

So, whenever I have to bonceng, my heart would beat thousand times faster. But, what I did was I closed my eyes. Thinking, if I don't know what is near me or almost hitting me, I would feel less jumpy. Less possibility of imbalancing the motorcyles. Oh, I will feel the pain. I am certain of that.

I know it's stupid solution. But it works so far.

p/s: I have been in motorcycle accident. It hurt like hell for the next few days.

Wednesday, January 26


There's roses where we stand
And sunlight reaching down on us like a giant hand
Maybe you have a better plan
I'd put in on hold till this moment ends

Friends concern but I'm certain
That this is a journey of no return
Till the end the sun will burn
And guide us to our destination

The mirror never lies
The reflection won't trick your eyes
Every deed every sacrifice
Radiates on your face, visible for miles


Tuesday, January 25

Rainbows & Lollypops

Today I told my friend who is celebrating her birthday that I prefer her to be realistic like me and her used to be, than optimistic.

Damn, I'm cruel.

But I think our friendship is strong enough that we can be that honest.

I love you gorgeous. Always. A lot.

Happy Birthday, Ten.

Congrats for Johor.
Hope you have fabulous life ahead.
Looking forward to see soon.

Monday, January 24

the view from here

There was one incident where one guy honked his huge expensive car when I was nearby. I thought I was blocking his way or something so I peeped at his extravagant tinted window, (preparing to jeling if he wanna show me fingers).

Nope, he was happily waving at someone far from me or the car. Excitedly.

Oh how I wished I could let him know how ridiculous he looked waving through a tinted window. Obviously his friend couldn't see him. Even I merely catched his shadow.

Nak sgt tingkap tinted kan~


Now you get to watch her leave
Out the window
Guess that's why they call it window pane
-Love the way you lie -

Well, I just think that Eminem's trying to teach us homophones. Same sound different meaning. Different spelling. Pane & Pain.


The other day the window of the car that I drove to work daily (Myvi) was broken into. They stole the Smart Tag. Yup, I kept it in the dashboard but it's no help. Glasses were everywhere. I was so panicked that I had to call someone.

I'm perfectly clueless and scared.

I mean I parked at a safe area. Busy area where people lalu-lalang. In front of market. In a parking box. Paid and show the parking tag with coins and all.

Thank goodness for a decent elder brother and his colleagues.

I'm pretty scared to open my windows nowadays to ventilate my own room. With my preferences to put my gadgets everywhere in my room (near my bedside, on my bed - both places that are near to the window), I could not risk it.

Learned my lesson, robber!

Puffy room is better than being poorer than I am now.

Thursday, January 13

Green Tea for detox, anyone?

Agak-agaknya la kan, berapa banyak tenaga diperlukan untuk risau? Sebab akhir-akhir ini makan lebih banyak daripada mula cuti. Tak banyak pun buat kerja, tapi banyak risau kebelakangan. Risau nak posting. Risau.

Tahukan penantian itu satu penyeksaan.

Wednesday, January 12

My 300th post is for you

To my dear abang sulung yang kemungkinan besar akan dikahwin-paksa..

You're someone I can count on
When I need a helping hand
You know me so well
You always understand

We may be different
In many ways
We have our ups and downs
This we both know
Through it all our bond
Still manages to grow

What I'm trying to tell you
You may already know
You're an important part in my life
And I hope this I show


When we were younger

Truthfully, I love having a big brother that I can look up too and guide me from right and wrong; also a brother than I can count on to take the blame if ever unfortunate happens.

Tuesday, January 11

Between Oreo and Other Cookies

After my Malay movie marathon the other day, I decided that I love Shamsul Yusof. I think he is somewhat awesome. Ok, ok. Truthfully somewhat good looking.

When I told HR this, he pointed out that my current celebrity love affairs are all with men name -Sam.

Like Sam Bunkface.
Like Shahieizy Sam.
Like Shamsul Yusof.

He definitely mentioned that the biggest star celebrity that I am so lucky to even dream of having loving relationship with is with Hisyam Razak.

Yup, himself~

Wednesday, January 5


Given a choice between driving with a sunglasses (with power) in the heavy rain or merely shortsighted eyes, I choose the sunglasses. And that's what happen just now on the way back from Banting using MEX.

True the gloomy weather is dark and I do not need extra darkness with the sun glass (There's no sun, so no need sun glass, aite?). But, I totally left my glasses in the other car. I would rather estimate the distance of the car (no blurriness) in a sunglasses in the heavy rain.

Anyhow, I'm safely home.

Tuesday, January 4

Peppermint Tea

I am happy and proud to announce that I had watched every worth watching movie in cinemas. And yes, that include Ngangkung. Oh, what I do for the one I love - Shahiziey Sam.

Anyway, now I'm off to watch the movie which had won more awards than I ever expected - Evolusi KL Drift 2. On the bright side, Shahiziey Sam starred in it. I want to understand the reasons of the non-stop winning.

On the side note, please don't go and watch The Tourist if you loathe Jolie. Not even because you really like Johnny Depp.

p/s: Enlighten me how can one direct a movie and be a star in it?


Ok, now i see the logic behind the awards. Since I'm in the mood to watch Malay movies, I did a marathon. And I love Pisau Cukur. Amazing..