Sunday, September 28


raya '07

raya '06

oh~ rindu..



i need new addiction

kueh raya

hari ni niat nak buat kuih raya, asyik mengepap dalam blik tak buat apa. takda maknanya. siap dah p fudtown beli bahan. beli bhan random je mcm caster sugar, tepung itu, tepung ini. sekali lupa beli tepung naik sendiri.

selalunya tolong ati buat kuih. as in dia buat adunan aku amik sket buat design suka hati dengan kaler suka hati. aku suka. comel sangat sampai tak sanggup nak makan. nanti ill post the pics.

tapi tadi cubaan buat kuih ku gagal. habeh dwet juta2 tapi haprak pun takda. jadi aku amuk dan membaling semuanya ke laut. hyperbola. ya. baling ke sink je.

hati sangat marah kerana tak jadi. tanak buat kueh raya dah.

Friday, September 26

ten lines experience

just now went to SLC with Penny teaching about proofreading. in the beginning of the class, she asked us to write ten lines about our experience that day. since it is just 10am. not so much experience that I had since i woke up at 9.10 a.m with no sahur whatsoever.

this is my ten lines expereince of the day.

"I started my day with glancing at my clock beside my bed. It was still early. I dozed off back just because I could. The sun was shining brightly outside. it was going to be a good day. I woke up and had my shower with lots of bubbles from my shower cream. i always like my shower time. I sang and I danced in the shower. it was time to choose my wardrobe. Think! Think! sunshine outside, so no sweater for me."

I know it does not seem like not ten lines. But it is when I wrote it with my pencil. Seriously~

Wednesday, September 24

bihun sup utara

hari ni cadangnya nak masak bihun sup. tapi nak yang utara nye. dari semalam lagi nak makan sebab teringin tgk masakan si ain and ati.
i dunno how to do the bihun sup utara style or what's the difference but i can picture the taste in my mind. bila buat tadi, rasanya mcam bihun sup. seddapp!! tapi bukan seperti yang dalam bayangan. tak de rasa umpphh UTARA itu.

oh tetiba terfikir laksa telok kechai. OMG! lagi la susah nak cari.
o, laksa telok kechai tuh, macam laksa biasa tapi kuah dia lain.
dulu-dulu masa kanak2 selalu beli kat pasar pagi jumaat kat sekolah tunku anum.
masa dok kat kedah la. sekarang tak pernah p pasar tuh dah.
p giant je. atau supermarket yang lain.

nak nandos and cheesecake


Sunday, September 21

Ladies that I adore *part 2*

Addison Montgomery-Shepherd

This woman is bombastic. She has brain, look, confidence. I particularly like her red hair. She slept with the husband's best friend (not good) but that’s only because she felt that her hubby is ‘absent’. She fought for her marriage and stick by Derek through the torture (Meredith) Derek gave her. She was not mad or showed her jealousness at Meredith, which I personally think is hard and only one tough bitch can go thru. She never mistreated Meredith. She is one respectable and superb doctor. And I adore her courage.

it's never GREY in L.A.


cool and cold picnic

i accomplished another wish list. picnic under the sun. still, the wind is creepily cold. anyhow, another strike for fulfilled wish.

Friday, September 19


in previous blog's entry (friendster's blog) if i recalled it correctly, one of my wishes was to go somewhere that involves beach, sunshine, picnic and happiness, which i did during the mid term break. nothing too expensive or daring. just a simple tour to Devonport and enjoying sunshine. here are some photos that we snapped. after all, pictures are worth thousand words.

Thursday, September 18


here i thought i grown more mature, more wise. then i realize, i have not. i am still the same silly me who got jealous over the stupidest things, yell over the smallest matters, cry at the sweetest moment in a movie and laugh over the crappiest jokes.
i still cant decide where i stand over many issues. still cant manage my time wisely and try to steal every second to do nothing. i still dont care about the issues that supposedly matter to the world. still like hogging the phone for a long long time. still likes to flirt around and try my best to impress THE MAN.
wish that i can be more firm, more convincing. stop day dreaming about the unbelievable dreams. read more books. be more intellectual. discuss stuff that matter to the world. see more colours in everything around me. and stop missing what i might have become and cherish what i am now.


one day

One day I'll find relief
I'll be arrived
And I'll be a friend to my friends
who know how to be friends

One day I'll be at peace
I'll be enlightened and I'll be married
with children and maybe adopt

One day I will be healed
I will gather my wounds forge the end of tragic comedy

One day I will speak freely
I'll be less afraid
And measured outside of my poems and lyrics and art

One day I will be faith-filled
I'll be trusting and spacious
authentic and grounded and home

~love every line of the lyric
~not by yours truly, of course


Monday, September 15

Ladies that I adore *part 1*

"the boy i love, protected the girl i love"
" I dont know what hurts the most; you and lucas sneaking around behind my back, or you lying about it to my face!"
"Girls--they just want someone to want them back"
"sometimes people play hard to get to make sure that the other person's feelings are real"
"This is all turning into one big love...rectangle-plus-one, whatever that is."
"The truth is, I don't really like to think about college. Cause that means high school's over.
After graduation, everyone will probably go play basketball. Or sing or start record labels, -and I'll have to start all over. Alone. I'm sure I'll be fine. But like I said, I don't like to think about it.


Ramadan and Syawal

Everyone is writing about Ramadan, I think I should too. (semak je nak tiru orang!)
My fasting so far is full, (no cuti yet) and I am loving it. Terawikh on the other hand, is one big black hole for me.

Still, the month is bless and I am feeling lucky.

Fasting in New Zealand is different from Malaysia. This time, I cook my own food unlike before, I usually bought them. No family big berbuka dishes, just great friends and house mates.

I love that I am able to fulfill all of my desire dish;
  • kuih seri muka
  • kuih keria
  • bihun hailam
  • nasi lemak
  • chicken chop
I am looking forward for Syawal. Then I can bake cookies and cakes.


Monday, September 8

pilot episode

i mean seriously, finally im here. in blogspot. not that i really wannabe here (hope fatin is happy with the blog), but friendster's blog has changed, been upgraded. i dun quite understand how to use it anymore. so i move myself to blogspot.
so if u noticed, the blog heading is no longer any biji benih, but it's about food. CUPCAKE~
see, i have grow up. but instead of being more mature, i become more happy and accepting. now, i like to bake and cook.
the title of this post is pilot, like any new tv series would start. oh yes, im a tv series freak. and im always hot for the bad guys. or the not so main character of the tv series.
i guess that's all for the beginning.