Thursday, March 21


HR had a dream the other night.

Or as he said it a nightmare.

He told me he dreamed  that I was kidnapped. That he was so scared and sad. Then, he went on and on to elaborate the intense details of the event. It ended with, then he woke up.

Then he mentioned he saw me sleeping soundly next to him.


What did he do?

He slept again. Waking up late. The usual.

No heroic event.

Wednesday, March 20

5 movie/tv series characters that I like to date

.. if I was given permission by HR, that is.

Oh, not simultaneously. =)

#5 Ron Weasley
There's something more towards the geeky clumsy boy. He grew up to be an awesome man~

#4 Chuck Bass
The bad boy charm~ Always!

#3 Peter Parker, The Amazing Spiderman
Urm, blue red spandex. Need I say more?

#2 Marshall Erikssen
He is like sweet and sexy roll into one. Not that macho but Lily somehow makes him seems like a catch

#1 Jacob Black, of course.
Like duh~ Who else right? The bad boy look is too hard to say no to. He is protective and strong. He treats a girl like a lady. Urm, have I mentioned the abs? Absolute funny and has laugh that warm my heart.

Now, now I don't need blanket to be cozy anymore. Ever.

Monday, March 18

Solat Jumaat

Remember this?

I married that geeky boy.

Look here.
See that smug face of his?

Recently, HR mentioned to me about one of his worries. Of the world.

It happened usually during Solat Jumaat.

No, not about the solat or the khutbah.

About him have to endure the 30 minutes of looking at the shirts/uniforms with grammar errors.

He is surrounded with people wearing shirts with grammar errors.

"When they time they need. Save Gaza"
"Strive for excellent."
"People make different."

Sunday, March 17

Of C&C and CRK

Well, the other night, HR just announced that Coheed & Cambria is coming to Malaysia.

So, me being the awesome wife asked him, when?

24 April 2013.

I quickly checked the calendar for him.



Cuti Rock Konsert.

As if.

Wednesday, March 6

Occupational Hazard

All in a day class.

While invigilating the last F3 class of my school.

One sleeping kid awaken. He asked around, half mad half curious. I am ready for any fighting scenes cause that is how these things ended up anyway.

Why was his question paper wet?

Someone told him the cold hard truth.

It was his saliva.


If that is not yucky enough, he acted out his position to ensure the truth of the statement.

Ahhhh... He is satisfied.

He continued his slumber.

Tuesday, March 5

Because I am a lazy ass wifey

He is working his cute ass off at the tuition centre currently.

And he send me this.

Best Question Paper EVVVER!

Yapping about nothingness is what I do best

I like talking to HR. I mean really talking about stuff. Politics, theories, nonsensical fun fact but especially about music.

He is smart.

I like especially discussing lyrics and song meanings. That is my forte. We would spend hours discussing and listening again and again to the same song.

But above all, I like talking with him because when we come to any disagreement, he would let me win. Even when is clear I have no stand and no basis for my argument. He just let me.

p/s: You should listen to his interpretation of The Thong Song. Lols.

Monday, March 4

Of Bayah's wedding gift

So me and Ten were whatsapping about it.

We both know Bayah is very keen on Fusball table. But a good sturdy awesome one could never be bought by a teacher's salary.

So she suggest a smaller one. She said it can be played by two players.

I facepalmed. Virtually.

I told her the cold hard truth, even the big good sturdy one can be played by two players only.

p/s: with combined teachers' salary, we managed to buy Bayah an awesome one! Which I know she enjoys~