Tuesday, August 30

Tak rindu pun ~

Eh, eh!!

Lama tak jumpa.. Dekat sebulan eh~~

Lenguh eh kena ikat?

p/s: I want a longer Ramadhan~

Monday, August 29

I only made one type of cookie.

Today has proved that I have mature. I have becoming this better person. I can now survive even without those littlest thing. I have able to look at the bigger pictures. I am no longer feeling jealous over unimportant things. Or at least I manage not to show it. That much.

Ahhh.. Lies! Who am I kidding?

The least I can say is; I have forgiven thee. Clean slate, ok?

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, everyone!

Wednesday, August 24

Wordless Wednesday

I wanna watch this

Tuesday, August 23

Breathe in, breathe out

It is true that action speaks louder than words. You can say a gazzillion time that you are sorry but until you really change or repent, words remain mainly words.

It is like writing on the sand, it is not permanent and can easily be erased by the sea.

So, when you say it, you must mean it. And to prove that you mean it, do it. Act on it.

Just as the Malay saying goes, "Jika lembu dipegang pada talinya, manusia dipegang pada janjinya."

Sorry is just another five letters word.

Wednesday, August 17

Wordless Wednesday

Aku ada. Ko ada?Align Center

p/s: Fokus kat MASA.
p/p/s: Kelantan cuti hari ni.

Monday, August 15

I ain't complaining

It's definitely not fun when me and HR don't even share the same state to teach.
It's bad enough that we also don't share the same weekend. (Me on Thursday and Friday).
It's suckier that we have to teach in different session (Me - Morning & Him - Evening).

He's usually not awake enough whenever I go to school. By the time he's off school, he'll be to tired from his busy life in school (Read: Yelling and sreaming at kids).

But knowing others have even more dificult love life, I am embracing this.

Well, I ain't complaining.

Wednesday, August 10

Wordless Wednesday

The only benefit of having students who smoke.

They can light up your birthday candles.

Thursday, August 4

Buah Cempedak Di Luar Pagar Ambil Galah Tolong Jolokkan

11.30ish pm

SaQinah : Nak pergi belah cempedak.
Me : Ko ni rajinlah. (Ikhlas puji - Sebab dia memang rajin)
SaQinah : Nak makan, kenalah rajin.

p/s: Kat GM, SaQinah memang hotstuff, ramai yang dah berkenan dan bertanya. Anda bila lagi?

Wednesday, August 3

Wordless Wednesday




Align Center

And what more can a girl say?

Tuesday, August 2

That's what she said

I asked Saqinah whether her name is spelled with 'k' or 'q' , she said 'Q' , 'Q' as in "drama Queen", which what I usually associate her with. Well she is.

And I love her for that.

She makes me laugh with her dramas and her ability to nag. Oh, she is also the Queen of Nagging! Like one you would bow to. Totally.

She keeps me sane at times. (Only because she is more insane than I am).

So, the other day, as she was using the laptop on my table, she was saying, "How does it feel to work with a mirror in front of you?"

And she answered her own question which made me laugh, "Must feel like Dzeti!"

Saqinah, Felicia and Syaz
the ones who keep me happy here

at the no-fun land

Monday, August 1

Action speaks louder than word

I don't want to promise it because if I didn't do it, you'll be mad at me..
So, I don't want to promise it.

And they say forever is not long enough.