Tuesday, December 31

Wordless Wednesday

New Year 2014

No New Year Resolution yet. Too tired.

Big Bad Wolf

Since the earliest relationship I knew that me and HR have different preferences in music, movies and books. We fought about it sometimes like he kept insisting me to like Will Ferrell and I had to justify a gazillion time to him why Peeta Mallark is way, way, way better than the other guy (The Hunger Games). 

He would tolerate my quirk of must-park-at-the-nearest-mall-entrance while I always remember where he put all his stuff, including where he park the car when in mall. 

While I let him have one room for his fanboyism and loud music (read: guitar stuff), he always amuses me with his rendition of Yuna and Back Street Boys. He would let me have Jacob Black as wallpaper while I tolerate his comics' heroes.

Since, one of his birthday coupons is books from BBW sale, we went there. 

As I learned my lesson, (to only buy books that I truly read not because of it's so cheap, we must buy so that I'll read it someday attitude; 'someday' never arrives), I focus on finding Suzanne Collin's writing and maybe Dorothy Koomson if any. 

As expected, once we entered the BBW (after I memorized where we park our car), we went our separate ways. Me in the fiction section while HR was lost in the comics and music sections. We crossed path several times. 

You would think I mind, shopping together but not truly together. 

I don't honestly.

But knowing HR's unconditional love towards me, he actually did try to find The Hunger Games books collection for me (which had sold out on the preview day itself, blergh!) first. He tried high and low, even asking the shop assistant.

That's why I wouldn't mind the difference much. We complete each other. 

p/s: I bet you remember all the tales I told you about his fondness to walk. Walk. Walk.   

Wednesday, December 25

In PG of course

Arrived home safely just now. 

So so so dusty that you can party!

On the other hand,  

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! 

HR found this cool colouring app thingie that can be made 3D. Awesome!!

Monday, December 23

Penang Escapade

As one of my closest friends was getting hitched, me and HR drove all the way to Penang. It was one of our short getaway as a couple as well.

As we drove by the Penang town, we saw a herd of huge cows hanging by road. Totally chilling nearby a small field and an automatic car wash shop. 

I said to HR, maybe they were waiting for their turn to wash themselves at the shop. Which we laughed it off.

On serious note, I asked HR where's the owner? Aren't they a bit curious or worried? Like totally town area.

HR joked, the owner was living in one of the condos nearby. Watching from windows afar. Come sunset he will ring the bell and the herd of cows will return to the condos.


Just chilling by the road, bro!

Saturday, December 21

Before and After

I'm keeping you round to keep you around. 

Thursday, December 19

PMR 2013

Good luck kiddos on your PMR results.
It's gonna be great!!

Tuesday, December 17

All smiles and sunshines

I don't like meeting smart people who are driven with dreams and ambitions.

They made me feel like all my problems, challenges and issues in life seem petty. They, of course, did not mean too, but I felt it somehow.

It is silly.

p/s: We didn't get the transfer to KL. Silly me for hoping.

Monday, December 16

I should be thankful?

We got a new bibik. An old one.
As usual, we had a lot of miscommunication.

For example, when mama reminded her to wipe everything with wet cloth, she said she was gonna wipe all the screens (computers, tv, laptops) with 'Koran'. Her words. I was dumbfounded.

Until my mama explained, 'Koran' is newspapers. 


The other day, my mama asked her to weed out the semak samun in front.
What she did was the lawn with the 'rumput carpet' which we all bought and planted.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

I told HR this. His response: 

"Oh, really? Nasib baik dia tak cabut rumput plastik (tiruan) tepi kolam tu. Lagilah sengal kan?"

Ha? What rumput plastik tepi kolam?

 There, the grass beside the reflexology thingie.

Slap forehead.

I married that guy.

Everyone can grow older, not many really want to grow up.

The Husband, HR, officially turns 26 recently.

I had to really scratch my brain to find the perfect gift to him. I already gave him all the brilliant useful gifts throughout our relationship. So hard to top myself after being lovey-dovey for so long. I am too awesome. It wouldn't be that difficult if I had all the money in the world. Lol. 

Since I couldn't really afford to buy iPhone 5S that I originally wanted to buy for him, I had to improvise. (I hate it when he glued his face to the gadgets, still I want to buy him more gadgets. Such mix signals I'm giving.)

After a while, I decided to give him 26 small tokens of turning 26.

And I concluded it would be awesome to do a treasure hunt. 

But I couldn't really hide 26 stuff in my parents' house. NOT MANY PLACES that HR is familiar with. Plus, there's too many hands that are very diligent in cleaning the house, they might just throw and ask aloud about the clues hidden.  

I chose 8 gifts with 8 places to hide for him to hunt. 8 because he is born on 8 December. (Even 12 for December is too much for me to take on. Lazy-arse).

It's not a plus side on my part since I decided this at the very last minute. Very last minute. And HR was constantly in the house. By my side. 

The smart me thought to do everything by coupons. Since I had no time and no privacy.

I made coupon for all the tokens I wanted to give him. Which he had redeemed mostly. 

He didn't suspect a thing, being clueless as he is. Which made everything a blast!

I wish as he turns 26 he will be more alert and present. 

Happy Birthday, darling!

p/s: He had to help me to buy the ingredients and also bake the cake since I forgot to bring mixer. He had to be the mixer machine for me.

Sunday, December 15

not yet .. not yet ..

During the school holidays, HR once asked me, I wonder why you never bother to wake me up in the morning anymore. 

He thought it was weird. Me, waking up early, doing stuff downstairs (in KL obviously) like bugging my tok, disturbing my mom with her sequins and diamonds and crystals for the tudungs or even online aimlessly.

Basically not bugging him. 

I have no idea how to answer that.

Friday, October 11

Candy Crush Saga

I once wrote in my Twitterville,

"Our friendship is measured by the speed of you granting me a ticket in candy crush saga."

I am funny like that.

I stopped playing the game now. I have accepted the fact I ain't winning. Blergh~

Thursday, October 10

I never really like Twitter

I think it is too short for me to write.

I like to explain stuff.. I like sharing stories. Happy stories. Sweet memories. I like making people happy. I like teaching. From my mistakes. From my errors. I like being inspiration to others. Above all, I like being right. 

Who doesn't?

After a long hiatus from writing, I turn to TV watching. 

I absolutely love watching English TV Series and being obsessed with all the characters, Claire Dunphy (Modern Family), Chuck Bass (GG), Blair Waldorf (GG), Sucre (Prison Break), Brooke Davis (OTH) and others. 

Due to some sorta technical glitch I now have to endure MALAY TV Series. Which day by day I grew accustomed too. I now need to know the ending of the story. Need to know who is the victim (it is usually very easy). I need to know what other cheesy name can their characters be, Fira Ayuni, Luna Najwa etc. I am know always with laptop in front of my (newly-finally-off-debt) TV.

If HR is around, he will always yapping about the flaws. Which I notice and I choose to ignore. It also means I have to ignore HR non-stop blabbing as well. That I can do too easily. Hahaha.

So, until one point HR just banned me from watching those dramas.

He claimed that I am turning into those characters that I watched. I am being overly dramatic. When I gossiped, I am so Joyah, in fact too Joyah. When I am mad, I turned to the most hideous strict step-mother a Malay drama can ever have.When I am too nice, even that Jannah seemed gediks.

And being a good wifey that I am, I stop. 

I feel free now. To be myself. 

Thank HR for keeping up with me.

Tuesday, October 8



I had some sorta nervous meltdown. At school. In the middle of the school day.

Not a proud moment for me. But I managed. Not many saw me.

I have great colleagues. Near and far.They helped a lot.

Need to keep myself together. Stronger and tougher.

I can't wait for the EG-Tukar results.

Life in PG is not a healthy life for me.

Monday, October 7

Me, me and more me

Where you ask I find back my 'willingness' to write?

I  have no idea.

I put my fingers on my key board and it just keep typing.


I have no idea but I am liking the new-i'm-back-me!

Why you ask I am writing?

I switch on my laptop to do the Form 4 question papers you see, and I stumbled into my blogger account, opps.

That's the major reason I guess.

Sigh. Deep Sigh. Deeper Sigh.




That is me blowing all the spiderwebs. Should be a lot since I lost my passion in anything.A long long time ago.

When was the last time I ever write?

It has been so long. I have not vent for so long. Hence the stress. The burnout feeling.

This is what it feels to be 26 and giving up on my job. This is how it feels when I no longer care. This is what it feels when your passion turn into a routine. A routine that you despise.This is how it feels when you no longer want to wake up every morning and face those unwilling morons.This is the feeling when you have to look at those eyes and value them through their marks they are supposed to produce.




I need those. 

Most of all I need willingness.

Wednesday, May 1

Fatin's Baby Shower

As most of you know, the other day I threw the most awesome baby shower. Me and Bayah co-host the shower for our dearest friend, Fatin. It was magical and so much fun.

We had so much food and laughter.

We had games and races.

There's one game which I awesomely named it, Celebrity Mommies but it is just actually Who am I? game that begins with me secretly paste a name on their back and they had to guess who they are at the end of the party. With others giving clues of course.

So, I was the beautiful Gwynelth Paltrow and it was very hard for me to guess because I went blank. 

Anyway, at one point, my friend was being named Gwen Stefani and I tried to confidently volunteered sing one of her songs, "Cool". And being tone deaf, everyone goes like, 'Huh? The Hell?'

It was not my proud moment.


Tuesday, April 30


It was a school day last Saturday. Though I dreaded it very very much, I still came to school.

My very own class only had 5 students out of 25.

My 5F, the one that I am teaching that day only had 6 kids, and 2 went missing right after we finish the morning assembly to take attendance.

I bribed the 5F with Cloud 9 to stay put but that only lasted for a few minutes. Nah, I don't bribe. I actually gave the the Cloud 9 as an appreciation for coming to school.

As we were just casually talking (they were already feeling restless and wanting to move about), I tricked them with my iPhone 5. I put on songs, showed some grammar games. 

One kid asked me, "Jadi teacher paham la semua lagu English ni?" Me, not fully aware of where the question will lead just nodded my head.

"Best eh jadi Cikgu Bahasa Inggeris, semua lagu Bahasa Inggeris boleh paham."

Gosh, such a shallow thinking.

All I want to say to him, if you are good in English, you would understand it. Not needing to be an English teacher. 

I feel sad looking at these kids. They are very not exposed to the real world. 

Sometimes, it is sadder that they don't want to be exposed. They really like their tiny cocoon. 

As much as I tried, sometimes, me too, gave up and let them and their cocoon. And for that, I blame myself and the freakingly heavy and useless workload.

I think it is the workload. I am an awesome teacher~

Monday, April 29

Moon so bright, Night so fine

The other night when I was strolling in the car with HR, we saw the most beautiful round and yellow moon. I was in awe of amazement,

Grabbing his chance, HR in his deep romantic voice said that I'm gonna be his moon forever. Because I'm round, you see.

Naturally, I screamed and and yelled. Because I'm in denial about being round.

In reply, jokingly I told him that he is going to be my apam forever. Because he is getting 'gebu'er by day. My doing nonetheless.

He said he loves to be my apam forever. Because, then, I can yell whenever he returns home, Yay, apam balik!

Gosh, he's cute!

Sunday, April 14

Love is always about a fight~

After weeks of persuading HR to change the bulb inside our room, he finally did last weekend.

It's not much a matter of don't know how, it is more on lazy-ass to borrow stairs from the neighbour thing. In which I agree and had no say in the matter cause I am too, lazy ass.

After finishing changing the bulb (not borrowing ladders nonetheless, HR rather risk his life with layers of chairs and tables), he played with the long bulb. He claimed it is his light saber.

The best part is when HR said, hmmm... There's no one to attack. I shall attack you.

So there I was, defending myself from a light saber.

Yup, that's how I spend my weekend afternoon (after cooking and feeding HR).

Of all the blue and green in sight

This is my first time for voting. I was so eager to vote. So eager that I bought a bus ticket back home in KL.


He is gonna be stuck here in PG. On duty~

HR asked me yesterday, in my eagerness and all, "So, who are you gonna vote for?"


Good question.

I have no idea who runs for my DUN.

Better google them now.

Sunday, April 7

8th year.

This entry is long delayed.

It is meant to be on 30.03.13. On our anniversary. Our dating anniversary. Our 8th year.

I always thought HR is the one that couldn't live without me. That loved me more than I love him. That  courted me first (well, he did that one for sure). That wouldn't able to continue without me.

I was wrong.

Whenever I have to be / do / go somewhere/thing without him, I will be restless. Bothered. Worried. Tense. Uptight.

I am the one who is always anxious without him. Missing him. Calling him. Looking around for him. SMSing him.Thinking about him. 

Like whenever I had to be busy with bff weddings or outings with the girls, I always left him behind. I didn't have the heart to bore him with the girlie stuff. He would wait. Patiently. Smiling always. At the side. Watching me in action. 

Truth is, I am the one who couldn't live without him. That loved him more. That wouldn't able to continue  without him. That would constantly be missing him. That wanting him by my side. All the time.

Happy 8th  Anniversary, sayang.

HR, with his 25th birthday gift.

Saturday, April 6

Ribs, ribs, ribs...

You know you got awesome friends when they are willing to go back and forth with your birthday present from last year. I hope there'll more this year. *wink*wink*

And they are willing to spend money and time and you. Even on short holiday. 

I am so lucky and blessed. 

Above all, it is not about the present and money, it is about the care and the love. The sharing of worries and happiness. The cheeky banter and the sarcastic remarks that we throw at each other.  The constant reminder of what we mean to each other.

I miss all that and more.

Friday, April 5

Post Twillight

HR knows how obsessed i am with Jacob Black.

And Stephanie Meyer.

So he agreed to me watching The Host the other night. He really agreed when I mentioned Bayah was coming over too.

He just gonna let me go gugugaga over whoever the hero this time with Bayah. (It's Ian, btw).

After the movie, (which I'm gonna review later (like whenever)), I said to HR, it should be cool if we name our future kids English name, like Jacob, of course.

He didn't completely disagree, but he does prefer Malay-er name. Like Yaacob Hitam.

Like what?

Yaacob Hitam.

Like no!

Thursday, March 21


HR had a dream the other night.

Or as he said it a nightmare.

He told me he dreamed  that I was kidnapped. That he was so scared and sad. Then, he went on and on to elaborate the intense details of the event. It ended with, then he woke up.

Then he mentioned he saw me sleeping soundly next to him.


What did he do?

He slept again. Waking up late. The usual.

No heroic event.

Wednesday, March 20

5 movie/tv series characters that I like to date

.. if I was given permission by HR, that is.

Oh, not simultaneously. =)

#5 Ron Weasley
There's something more towards the geeky clumsy boy. He grew up to be an awesome man~

#4 Chuck Bass
The bad boy charm~ Always!

#3 Peter Parker, The Amazing Spiderman
Urm, blue red spandex. Need I say more?

#2 Marshall Erikssen
He is like sweet and sexy roll into one. Not that macho but Lily somehow makes him seems like a catch

#1 Jacob Black, of course.
Like duh~ Who else right? The bad boy look is too hard to say no to. He is protective and strong. He treats a girl like a lady. Urm, have I mentioned the abs? Absolute funny and has laugh that warm my heart.

Now, now I don't need blanket to be cozy anymore. Ever.

Monday, March 18

Solat Jumaat

Remember this?

I married that geeky boy.

Look here.
See that smug face of his?

Recently, HR mentioned to me about one of his worries. Of the world.

It happened usually during Solat Jumaat.

No, not about the solat or the khutbah.

About him have to endure the 30 minutes of looking at the shirts/uniforms with grammar errors.

He is surrounded with people wearing shirts with grammar errors.

"When they time they need. Save Gaza"
"Strive for excellent."
"People make different."

Sunday, March 17

Of C&C and CRK

Well, the other night, HR just announced that Coheed & Cambria is coming to Malaysia.

So, me being the awesome wife asked him, when?

24 April 2013.

I quickly checked the calendar for him.



Cuti Rock Konsert.

As if.

Wednesday, March 6

Occupational Hazard

All in a day class.

While invigilating the last F3 class of my school.

One sleeping kid awaken. He asked around, half mad half curious. I am ready for any fighting scenes cause that is how these things ended up anyway.

Why was his question paper wet?

Someone told him the cold hard truth.

It was his saliva.


If that is not yucky enough, he acted out his position to ensure the truth of the statement.

Ahhhh... He is satisfied.

He continued his slumber.

Tuesday, March 5

Because I am a lazy ass wifey

He is working his cute ass off at the tuition centre currently.

And he send me this.

Best Question Paper EVVVER!

Yapping about nothingness is what I do best

I like talking to HR. I mean really talking about stuff. Politics, theories, nonsensical fun fact but especially about music.

He is smart.

I like especially discussing lyrics and song meanings. That is my forte. We would spend hours discussing and listening again and again to the same song.

But above all, I like talking with him because when we come to any disagreement, he would let me win. Even when is clear I have no stand and no basis for my argument. He just let me.

p/s: You should listen to his interpretation of The Thong Song. Lols.

Monday, March 4

Of Bayah's wedding gift

So me and Ten were whatsapping about it.

We both know Bayah is very keen on Fusball table. But a good sturdy awesome one could never be bought by a teacher's salary.

So she suggest a smaller one. She said it can be played by two players.

I facepalmed. Virtually.

I told her the cold hard truth, even the big good sturdy one can be played by two players only.

p/s: with combined teachers' salary, we managed to buy Bayah an awesome one! Which I know she enjoys~

Tuesday, February 26


I really need to focus my priorities.

And divide my time better.

Too tired for everything.

Too lazy mostly.

Thursday, February 21

It is a messy business being an adult

I was searching for a piece of paper the other day to jot down stuff to buy for my brother. While searching high and low in my so neat room, I found my old notebooks.

With my supercute tidy handwriting in notes when I was studying. All the graphic organizer and mnemonics.I love those!

It made me miss studying. Being a student instead of a teacher. Being on the receiving end instead of being in front of the class and yapping about. Non-stop.

Miss the student carefree life.

I do want to continue my study. But I have thousand of excuses. Basically I am lazy.

Too many what if.

I do though.

Tuesday, February 19

Not only kids say the darnest thing

My GPK HEM also did!


She was asking me about the cakes that I bought for the teachers for Birthday Celebration. She praised me first about the cuteness and etc.

I told her I bought the cake from my next door neighbour who recently moved out during the CNY break.

You know what she said?

She said, "Oh, awak bergaul jugak eh dengan jiran?"

I don't know whether I should laugh or feel offended.

The cakes

Monday, February 18

One in 2013

I know it is very late to wish Happy New Year. Like almost three months too late.

I'm good at pretending to be busy. Making me feel worthwhile.

Anyway, my resolutions are mostly recycled. From yesteryears.

Something new this year is I want to have enough money to be a house. I want my own house. I don't want to be paying any more rent. It's so useless!

Of course houses are effing shit expensive these days. Especially if I want to settle down in KL area.

I was thinking, to myself mostly, about buying somewhere near to KL like Seremban, Senawang or Nilai. I can't live too far from civilization. Just ain't me.

Now, if anyone can help me tell my mom about that, thanks.