Friday, February 25

I googled the word rebuke just now. Dem, my English is getting rusty.

I told Mard I was a bit depressed just now. She asked me why.
I told her, I'm in Gua Musang.
Do I need a better reason?

Monday, February 21

Just a bit of marshmallow

In teaching not so good English proficiency level class, I usually played games with them. They made me laugh with their jokes. I felt happy hanging out with them. Those silly impromptu jokes always made my day. Make my sweats worthwhile.

Today I playes, "Guess what's in the box?" for adjectives. They need to close their eyes and describe the thing inside using adjectives. They came with many intersting stuff based on their friends description.

I'm glad I won't be called a pedo if I have a crush on my students. Just cougar~

And I can live with that

p/s: LDR sucks big time.

Thursday, February 17

Are you still playing with your flute?

Today I officially start teaching the kids in Gua Musang. I said officially because yesterday I randomly volunteered to teach Sejarah to my form 3 relief class. I was too lazy to think of any other activity. I simply blabbed on and on about MPAJA and Malayan Union. Guided by the textbook of course. They seemed to think that I was replacing their Sejarah teacher and I did not once corrected them. I even asked them to copy the notes that I wrote in their book. What else can I nag for two periods? Copying notes it's the only way.

Anyway, today, I actually entered ALL four classes that I am supposed to teach. 2KRK, 5S2, 5A2 & 5A7. Yay!

All I can say is my mom is right. Kids everywhere are almost the same. Even in Kelantan. There will always be the naughty one, the active one, the quiet one, the flirty one, the smart one, the pretty one and the cool one in every class.

So far, I enjoyed entering their classes. They made me laugh and I made them happy. Despite the distance of the classes. I will be sweating by the time I enter each class and most of these classes have issues with the fans. And yes, I still carry that almost-ruined-green-fan around. I need that almost-ruined-green-fan more than ever.

Although I have to admit teaching them is a bit hard in many sense but I can't stop myself from wanting them to understand the topic. I tried various ways to ensure they truly be able to follow the lesson. Oh, and for the lesson objectives to be achieved. I am encrypted that way.

Anyway, what my brother said stuck in my head; "Depa pun tak mintak dilahirkan di tempat yang takdak McD. Yang jauh dari Kuala Lumpur." So, I have to stay positive. And I read somewhere Mard wrote that, "This posting is not only about us. It's about the school, the kids. that need us". So, I ensure my intentions are sincere. Ten told me to pray hard that whereever I am, they will accept me as I am. So I follow her advice.

As a result, I'm okay here.

At times, their level of proficiency does demotivate me. Then again, I have friends and other teachers to help me here. I am okay here.

So, don't you worry about me.

Monday, February 14


Hello.. hello.. hello... hello..

Oh yes! That is the echo greeting since I'm currently residing in Gua Musang.

I just bought my Celcom Broadband yestrerday. Due to over-excitedness, I already lost the cap of the modem. Dang~

Everynight, before I went to sleep, in the half-lit room (thanks to the porch light), I will be looking around the room, feeling a bit of emptiness inside. With the room's furniture being so simple and barely there, it adds more to the feeling.

Though it's different when I'm awake and about. I live with two friends that I know since in IPBA. I have IPBAmate in my school. The feeling is barey there. Plus, I have IPBA friends everywhere here in Gua Musang. In every corner.

The place is not that bad. Some of the people are friendly. Some looks at you with their eyes rolling because I don't speak their dialects. Some cared enough to ask where I am from. Most people are able to regconize I'm a teacher with just one glance.

It's a developing town. It's a 'pekan persinggahan'. It's expensive. You can find all the familair banks here. It's very near to Cameron Highland, mind you. Also, the MDGM is so hardworking. You will be fined easily like you wont believe here.

I'm embracing it.

p/s: Despite it being near nature, caves and all, it's so hot here.