Tuesday, March 31

my life so far

Just got back from a weekend of fun. Sheryll organised a weekend of exposing to Maori culture where we were taught to do some Maori stuff and culture. combining IPBA's Cohort 4 and MARA Cohort 2. There's lotsa food provided but not really my cup of tea.

The weekend was not hectic like any other Malaysian camp. The most fun was me and the girls fooling around on the green land. I played badminton, tossing frisbee, volleyball and even Ibu Ayam.

Just imagine yourself, a bunch of 22 years old ladies running around while tagging their friend's shirt. It was hilarious. The ibu ayam game did not last long. We were 22. We couldn't run that much. Or that fast as we used too.

We learned flax weaving, making poi (tools for Maori dance), cooking Maori food and some songs. It's almost like we were back in Kindie except we have to cook our own food.

I don't have pictures currently.

Monday was 3rd Anniversary with HR.

We exchanged gift. Since we have financial difficulties, we promised to get stuff below 50 dollars and must be hand made. Precisely, own hand made not some other people's hand. If not, HR will twist my words. I have to be precise. We spent the day having picnic. Once, at noon at Myers Park which I cooked. Later that night, HR cooked and we ate at Mahuhu Cres Park, near Vector Arena.

Tuesday - which is today - I'm going to Rise Against concert.

Hopefully, there will be NO mosh pit.

Wednesday, March 25

gone baby gone

Yesterday, I officially sold my bike. I feel kinda sad. I'm not that attached to it but that bike signals the independent day of my life. Ahh, rapik je.

I've been neglecting the bike since I moved from WSA to Hobson St to Queen St. But now that the bike is officially out of my sight, I feel rather melancholic. Only the day before yesterday, me and HR washed the bike. Dried it. Put some WD40 on the rusty chain. Spray some paint to make the bike look great. Which make the bike look almost brand new. Then went for a few circles with the bike. Oh, macam taknak jual pun ada.

HR pointed out that I never actually took picture with the bike. Which was kinda true. Because when I browse my pictures folder, I truly had no memories of the bike. Feeling sentimental.

Hopefully the bike will be more care after. Maybe the new owner will ride it more than me.

Ah, sedih~

Monday, March 23

fakta menarik

Which one did you produce today?

Friday, March 20

the day I started my non-stop-munching

I guess lately I've been posting lotsa pictures in my blog. I loike it. Even more than words. I guess, just like the saying of pictures speak louder than words. So, more pictures. Also, maybe because lately I felt a bit photogenic and self-esteem dah meningkat sedikit.

So, to the main point.

Last Tuesday, me and HR went to Morningside to pick up my two parcels. They actually sent the parcels twice already but I was not home (they managed to send them everytime when I got classes going on).

Oh, I love the sight of both parcel that I received. Both are filled with kerepek.

Kerepek idaman. Kerepek sukun. Kerepek keladi. Yay!!

HR's mom and Mard both send me kerepek. Oh, actually, I requested it. From Mard and HR. But due to technical issues, HR only managed to send it through his mom's help.

Here are the pictures..

Parcel dari Aussie

Udara Aussie dan Kerepek Kegemaran.
Oh juga sekeping surat chenta.

Udara Malaysia sedikit. Tiada gambar Parcel sebelum terbuka
kerana diriku begitu rakus membukanya.

Thanks Mard. Thanks makcik.Muah2

p/s: I know I shouldn't put my picture eating those great kerepek.

picture perfect

No, there's no editing on this picture. I'm not good with that kinda stuff.

It just that I once told my brothers about this bench. I think it's kinda cute bench.

Plus, this post is just my way of camouflaging to HR who thought that I am typing my assignment. Which actually I am not. YaY! Great success!

Wednesday, March 18

Pasifika Festival

Me, HR and Dyau. Faris was elsewhere.
We were watching some interesting performance in Samoa village.

Who said you can't eat ice cream when it's raining?
I'm still having sore throat today.

with Miss Samoa.

Kiribati Village in the rain.

Ikan bakar in the rain. Perfect.

Great time with lotsa food. So many performances. Brought home freebies. Rain was not so bad.

Wednesday, March 11

si comel

As some people know, I bought new laptop last few weeks replacing my old one. I mean, its broken. There's nothing else I could do other than abandon the old one for a new one. I got the laptop of my dream. Small cute laptop. I do not need any futuristic and canggih features. Or any big spaces. I just need something that I can carry around in my handbag.

And I also promised Ten to post my new laptop pictures. Oh, the laptop name is hp mini. And I don't anything else about it except I can do my assignment, play my movies and also enjoy my solitaire once in a while.

itu gamba saya dalam laptop comel saya

ye, raksasa merah itu adalah HR

Tuesday, March 10

March is a great month

So far looking at my planner on my bedroom wall (yang asyik jatuh kalau angin kencang), i smiled. My days are full with activities. Every weekend I have fun stuff to do.

So far, I've been enjoying myself .

Jazz and Blues Street Fest

Starlight Symphony

Waiheke Island

oh random saja gambar ku.

I'm looking forward to go to Circus Oz this week. Pasifika Festival this weekend and also some other concerts. I wouldn't think the band name are worth mentioning - Not if you're kinda music is like mine.

p/s: 10 March is Nana's birthday. Love you babe!

Thursday, March 5

Don't u be wasting ur money on syrup and honey coz I'm sweet enough

I got a friend who once before revealed to me that her new year’s resolution for this year is not to meet new people. She prefer not to have new sets of friends or get involve in new people. She just wanted to stick to her usual crowd. Encountering new mates are just to troublesome.

I thought her resolution is quite interesting. Not only she is known as a social butterfly, people usually wanted to expand their social circle and join more activities. What she she wanted was a completely different thing. I was somewhat impressed by it and I asked her the reasons.

She simply said that with more people, more tendency of people gossiping about you, more people you have to fake being nice with, more people to hang out with while the old crew feeling left out. She just wanted to stick by her current friends and appreciate them as they are.

Thinking about it, I realized that’s what I’ve been doing this past few years. It’s just that I did not verbalize it out loud. I mean, I used to be this girl who are very involved and joined in all the possible activity because I just like being busy.

Nowadays, I can’t remember any activities that involved me meeting new people. I mean I do stuff with the same crew like having girls night’s out or sleepovers. Just with same people that I’ve known for years. I don’t do meeting new people so well. Just this noon, the UMNO president asked Faris who am I while I was hanging out with them. While all the IPBA people meeting new people, having new relationship with fresh faces and doing fun activities with diverse people, I’m happy with the same individuals.

Wednesday, March 4

Up and Down

One needed to be extra specific when asking help from HR. His mind has this tendency to process the information with superfluous power and break the information differently. Then again, he is the kinda guy who always made this linguistic jokes.

His jokes always revolves around smart stuff like the other day while he was hanging out at lunch with me and Mas, and we were having sushi.

HR : How's your day?
Mas : Great. Why?
HR : I thought you are having 'crab' day.
Mas : (Having this puzzle look)

I have to actually stop munching and told her that he was being funny. Her sushi got crab and he meant crab not crap.

Oh! To my main point.

There is always confusion when I asked HR to help me out to take stuff from drawers. Any drawers. I already told him specifically. "Tolong amikkan stapler kat laci nombor dua." I pointed out where the drawers was. Specific enough right?
He couldn't manage to find the stapler.
Then I said, "Laci nombor dua dari atas. Bukan dari bawah." I mean, isn't that common sense. Dua dari atas. Unless mentioned dua dari bawah.
"Laa. You kata nombor dua." Handing out the stapler to me.
This always happen until I asked him, "What makes you think that kena kira dari bawah? Bukan selalu pun kira dari atas? Up to bottom. Kan?"
Oh, how his mind works differently from mine.
"Kalo kira tingkat kan dari bawah. Ground flour, first floor. Mana ada orang kira tingkat dari atas. You live at fourteen floor. Kira dari bawah kan?"
I was just amazed. Next time, I guess I have to be extra extra specific.

Tuesday, March 3

Baa Baa Baa

After some consideration (and some more shifts at my workplace), I felt that I over-generalised the people Arabic region. I mean, there are still people who bought Fanta and Sprite instead of Coke (in which I don't know for pleasure reason or boycott reason).

I mean, I shouldn't just simply label them like I did. It's inappropriate. It's not nice. It's not me.

Anyway, after further contemplating with myself, I decided, my boss is more adequate to be blamed. If he really care about the issue, he wouldn't sell the Coke themselves. Simple. He only cares about his business and catering the demands.


p/s: These people call Coke as Cola. Sweet eh~

Sunday, March 1

One for the crowd

I was just thinking as I cooked yesterday’s lunch, “What if I use Fish Curry Powder to cook Chicken curry? Or vice versa.” I mean, is that a big deal? Would it make much different? Kurang sedapkah rasanya?

Well, I wouldn’t know. Not that I have much money to spend on experimenting stuff like that. I mean, kalo tak sedap, bukan ke membazir segala ayam itu. Ah!

Anyway, I thought about this kinda stuff because, I actually forgot which one of the two bottles of curry powder is for chicken. I kinda put the powder in bottles without labeling them. And it has been a while since I cook.
Since I move to Volt and started to work, I rarely cook.

Oh, my lunch was so supersedap that Mas ate a lot. Pure satisfaction.