Saturday, September 16

I love waffle

Lately I have been travelling more and more. By bus.

To and fro KL.

I wish it is overseas. Blergh.

I noticed that the buses I rode rarely stopped at the designated RnR stop. Which is weird for me.

I am used to the RnR facilities.

These other stops are not bad. They are just different.

In a good way - it is less crowded than those in Machap and Pagoh RnR. Especially during the long holiday. It is quite clean. It has nice view. Spacious. Variety of food. (Why am I complaining again?)

Oh yes. It is so expensive. So so so blood thirsty expensive. A cup of hot coffee from the machine is RM6 ++. My favourite waffle? RM4.50.

And being superstitious that I am. All the signanges are in Chinese. So I don't buy much food there. Then again, if Burger Ramly is like RM7, how much do you think is the Nasi Goreng?

Do the math.

Wednesday, September 13

Life update ~

You can scroll on

Just TV series that I am into nowadays.

  • How To Get Away With Murder -Suspense. Dramatic. Out of the mind. Hot. Hot guys. Steaming.Very recommended.  4/5 stars.
  • GOT - Do? I? Need? To? Elaborate? 5/5 stars. But I do feel this new season is quite fast. I mean one second they are in Winterfell another blink they are already in Dragonkeep. Though, have I mentioned DRAGONS?
  • Riverdale - Team Jughead. Enuf said. 4.5/5 stars.
  • Narcos - I just started watching it. 4  episodes so far. For me, it is just series I watched to kill time. I'm not into stories with subtitles. Or drugs. Unrelatable to me. Like Breaking Bad (HR is gonna kill me if I admit that story sucks!)
  • OITNB - Too many women. Too much drama. Not my thing. I did watch the whole first season. 2/5 stars.
  • Suits - Haven't start this season yet.
  • Modern Family - Happiness. Pure jolly good time for me.
  • TBBT - Raj Kootrapalli FTW!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 10

Soon, Sooner, Soonest

One of my bestest friend is getting married soon. One will pop out her second child sooner.

Happy news everywhere.

Now, let's all pray that my transfer to KL / Seremban is granted this time. Soonest.

Saturday, September 9

Apple Cinnamon

I was always fortunate enough to have foreigners as my next door neighbour. No, that the blue eyes kinds. I wish~ *roll eyes*

It's the people you usually see building your houses, making your teas and guarding your malls. Yup, the immigrant workers.

I ain't complaining. I am the type of neighbour who mind my own business. 

                                      Image result for why do people mind your own business because no business no mind

However, my neighbours are also my students. And their family of course. I have no problem with that too.

Though, they are some (read: A LOT) of these students look down upon them. Saying negative things about them. Some petty things.
"Diorang tu busuk, teacher."
"Teacher tak dengar ke diorang menumbuk sambal?"
" Diorang tu banyak bulu..."

Honestly, I don't make up their comments. They do say stuff like that.

I'm not saying that is not true. But look at the bigger pictures, kids!

These neighbours of mine, always, always go to the mosque for prayers. With their favourite white clothing that looks like ladies clothing (It looks so comfy that I wanna buy one or three for HR). They would always contact their family or loved ones (When is the last time you call your parents?).  They work damn hard to support their family faraway (What did you spent your money on?).

They are maybe some bad batch of these workers. But don't let one bad apple rot the rest.

Just like we don't like ISIS judge the whole Muslim community.

p/s: This advice apply to me too.