Monday, April 21

Being human part 2

Christina Perri also sings something about being human.

The first few verse of her song, she sings about how she is being forced to do anything but still being vulnerable.

After a few chorus, she changed the word 'but' into 'because'. Which makes the song even more meaningful. 

So, people!
Let's be human and be strong.

I can fake a smile
I can force a laugh
I can dance and play the part
If that's what you ask
Give you all I am

Sunday, April 20


To balance my fondness of Malay Dramas, I, too watch English Series. 

Currently, HIMYM has ended. I hate the ending. I hate.. I despise.. I feel enraged..
I am team Robin and Barney. Always and Forever.

Moving on.

Now, I am watching Suits. I absolutely love the intense drama and smart awesome counter moves by each party. It somehow makes me feel smarter. Lol.

HR however always needs extra time to digest stuff especially with whatever the female is doing especially Rachel because he hates Rachel with guts. Whenever Rachel does something he will always ask me the logic, the reasoning behind how women's brain works. 

Totally, Men From Mars and Women From Venus situation. 

At the end of the day, he will oooh.. and aaah.. But somehow he still hate Rachel.

One simple example is when Rachel said something like, "I will support whatever decision you make but I will not give anything concerning my opinion," upon Mike Ross, the boyfriend making decision on a job offer.
Hisyam does not understand why can’t she just say her opinion. He was just asking for her opinion and he might not use the said opinion.

This is because, once you asked, and once you answered, it will become real. What she wants. 

Mike Ross knows what she wants. She knows what she wants. But saying it will make it real. And if happens that he does not do what she wants, hearts will be broken. 

I don't know how to explain better, I think it is true men and women think differently. With different logic.

Both are smart in their own way.

As Scottie said to Harvey, "Have Donna explain your feelings for you?" when Harvey came to apologise. Harvey needs someone like Donna to peel each layer of his feelings (ego, huh!)

p/s: Hisyam always said, "There's the right way and there's Hisyam's way!" whenever I tried to tell him to do stuff.

Saturday, April 19

I've been watching too much Jiwa

I personally think Malay Dramas have improved a lot in terms of acting, plot and settings.

They still however always assume that bad people, gangsters or mobs hang out or meet at the dodgy place where all the rats and cockroaches would love to join them.

With the income that they supposedly have, they can meet at any place under the sun. Including awesome eateries in Suria KLCC. Right?

Just my two cents.

Tuesday, April 15

Being human

The other day I watched Green Lantern (the one with Ryan Reynolds (but I still root for Ryan Gosling, in any movie)), I like one quote by him,

"I'm only human. But It does not mean I am weak. It means I am vulnerable."

It means, we can be wounded or get hurt. We are open for assault or criticism. But, we are human.We forget things easily as well. We recover. 

So, hold on to that thought. 

We are not weak!

Tuesday, April 8


It's interesting to have your husband working in the same profession with you. For one, on bad days, he always understands when you said the kids drive you nuts that day and you need time off from cooking. He always allows me to buy cool stuff for the kids esp now that I am a class teacher. 

Bad thing is when I have to understand why he has to stay overnight during camps or work extra hours to train the marching kids. 

We are also able to finish each other sentences when 'mocking' the kids excuses.

"Teacher, buku apa?"
"Ni saya dah tulis. Literature."

"Teacher, buat apa dengan kertas ni?"
"Senyum je kat kertas tu, nanti dia senyum balik kat awak!"

"Sir, tak bawak..."

"Teacher, selang tak?"
"Kalau selang, cantik. Kalau xselang, jimat."
"Selang x cikgu?"

There's no winning with the kiddos. On the good days, their attitude makes you laugh. On bad day, oh, let's just pray for no bad days in teaching. 

p/s: U know how I try to cater to gardner's mutiple intelligence, writing what u say on the board (visual learners), repeating your words (oral learners), mimicking my words and asking them to do the same (kinesthetic learners) and even rhyming them for them musical bunch, it does not usually work. They just simply needing you to over and over and over answering them. No intelligence at all. Sometimes maybe me and hisyam should come up with the Multiple Idiocies.