Friday, July 13

Pillow fight

Me : I'm going for aerobics later with the collegues. So, see you tonight?
HR : Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you. I'm going jamming with the boys tonight.
Me : So, you'll be back late?
HR : Kinda. Sorry babe. Boleh kan?
Me : Mmm.. So, will you be going from school or come home first?
HR : Home kot. Nak tukar baju dulu.
Me : It's okay. I can pack the clothes for you... Along with some pillows and blanket.

Wednesday, July 11


Its CPT today.

Tuesday, July 10


We managed to go out for a date last weekend. Despite school on Saturday, tiredness, school work, in-laws at home and house need cleaning. Despite now as a couple, I rather stayed home and decorate and do house work.

Anyway, a happy time just the two of us. Simple one but meaningful one.

Woke up late. As usual. It is hard to woke HR up I tell you. Especially I am always persuaded to join him. And we are loving the bed (thanks Abah). And of course the bed loves us so much more. Later, prepared brunch as HR hang the cleaned clothes. 

Went to JPO to look for my birthday present. I want a purse. And we didn't find any. Such a high taste that I got. Went to IOI Kulai and watched Spidey.

I love it. I cried a few times. It is such an emotional movie I tell you. I especially love Emma Stone and Spidey awesome behind. LOL.

p/s: HR told me that, the other version of Spiderman, included The Ultimate Spiderman. Nice way to learn synonyms.

Monday, July 9

I am still weng

There was one time I became a bit 'weng'. I sorta persuaded (read: forced) HR to finish his work for the weekend early because I desperately need to break free from PG. I even pushed my way through in my own school to avoid going to the school event.  I just needed to break free.

It's not that PG does not offer what KL has. It is just I need to be out of this place. Yeah, I am lucky to have my husband here with me but I need to be out of here, together with him of cours3. I need my driver to drive me away.

So, I cooked food for the journey (coz we aint stopping at all), cleaned the house, locked the windows and doors and packed everything (including HR's belongings. Once you are married, you can guess what your other half needs for three days getaways) while HR was in school. And I waited patiently at the living room. 

Once HR's car arrived at the door, I salam him, ushered him in to perform Marhrib prayer while I loaded the car. Quick and organised. But HR had another agenda, he snooped through the food stuff, got his eyes on the junk food. He was hungry I guess but I stopped his munching, ushered him back to the driver seat. 

What? I am not that cruel. I gave him the kerepek once we were in the car and he happily indulged as he drove us home. Real home.

But, as organised as I was, God had better plan for us. He showed us the punishment for escaping school activities (me in repent thinking). For me, one huge lesson learned. But optomistically, that is God showing me I married the right man. 

He is my everything man.

Saturday, July 7

This is so not a complaint.

This year my birthday was on a Saturday. It should be fun except HR got school that day. We woke up kinda late because HR was busy key-in his PBS marks till wee hours the night before. Me? Just because.

Despite running around the house getting ready (read:me still in the duvet), HR managed to whip out some simple breakfast in bed. It was quite simple. Just some roti telur and air kosong. 

After tossing and turning, I woke up to clean the house a bit (my bff is coming to inspect the house). I saw the aftermath of the kitchen. My gosh, I tell you. It's like he cooked 3 course meal for an army.

Yes, it is the thought that count. I didn't say anything to him.

Why air kosong you might ask? Because my darling husband didn't know where to find our sugar container. Yes, a part of the mess was him trying to locate the sugar container and failed.

Yes, he is the typical man who doesn't know the location of anything in the house including his own stuff. Sometimes, he would call me at school to ask about his belongings whereabouts.

It is cute, no?

Thursday, July 5

All in a day work

Me : Siapa tak hadir hari ni?
Him: Poochong.
Me : Ha? Pocong? Tak baikla panggil org pocong. Ish, kamu ni..
Him: Taklah teacher. Foo Chong.
Me : Ooo. Foo Chong. 
Him: Hahahahaha. 

Wednesday, July 4

Wordless Wednesday

Yay!! Cake!!
Nooooo!!!! Getting older.