Sunday, June 26

Tadaaaa.. Dengan Ini Aku Merasmikan Kerusi dan Meja Baru.

Thanks to those who commented on my previous post. Some through blog itself, some FB, some just through words of mouth.

Yes, I bought a table, a shelf and a chair for myself for my birthday. This is what my current room looks like. My room smells 'shop-like' with all the new things. Hehehe

Mind the tangled wyres. They are there for a reason.

Most of the stuff that you can see on my table/shelf/wall are gifts from students. Like the frame, the flowers, the pop-up cards (i dun think you can see them), the teddy and etc.

That's my i-Pod dock. A gift from HR. For our fifth year anniversary last March. Later, I'll try and post some of the pictures of the pop-up cards, no? When I feel like it that's it.

What did HR give to me on my birthday?
Love. Lotsa love. And more love.


I don't know which is worse;
teachers who did not attend assembly and stayed in the staff room
teachers who did not attend assembly and ate at the canteen.

And they yelled and nagged at the students who do the same thing.

Thursday, June 23

Happy Birthday to me.

It is between lying or giving false hope.

try to choose between the two evil?

Tuesday, June 21

Pop-up Card

Sometimes being an English teacher in Gua Musang can be dreadful. However, yesterday proved to be something different. Out of ideas finding ideas to teach the young learners, we did a word search puzzle (Thanks Felicia!) on birthday celebration.

After I yada,yada,yada about vocabulary around birthday and celebration, I taught the kids to do pop-up cards (Thanks Felicia!). My earlier plan is to teach them how to do invitation card for their birthday party.

I changed the idea to making a birthday card for me!

Yes, me!

I know! Vain, right?

That is one of the perks of being a teacher - forcing students to create a birthday card for you! A pop-up card summore.

So, this Thursday, I am expecting at least 30 cards.

So ponder upon this my dear friends who are architects and lawyers with huge salary, "Ko ade?"

Monday, June 20

How to attract your students' attention in your lesson.

I fell. In the f5 classroom. With 26 pairs of eyes watching me. During the first period.
Dem it!

I fell.
Dem you sexxay shoes.

Saturday, June 18

I am stuck. Here.

I am torn.

Between buying nice (probably expensive) furniture or not.

The dilemma is I don't want to be staying here. For long. So, I dont think a nice furniture is neccessariy. But I do need it to make life easier. But, buying one highly likely suggesting that I will be staying here long. It's like proving that I will be staying long. Blergh, I am not making any sense.

All my current furnitures are simple and cheap. And if I have to move like rightaway, I can just move with my MyVi. No need to bring the cheap bed that makes noises everytime I move, the RM30 wardrobe closet that always terbalik due to being too heavy, the boxes that been keeping my extra stuff. Those stuff are just enough for me who wants to stay for a short period of time. Meaning I can just either dump the stuff or leave it behind.

BTW, spesifcally now I need a table and a chair. I need them to do my work. To do my notes. To mark the books and papers. To put my laptop. To put stationary. To be more comfortable.

So, how about it?

Tuesday, June 14

gigly giggles

Mama : Abah ada kat Kelantan ni.
Me : Eh, yeke? Kat mana? (All excited)
Mama : Takkan kat Gua Musang kot. Gua Musang apa ada!!
Me : Dang! (Hati pecah)

Monday, June 13

cepat habiskan puasa ganti kawan-kawan, Ramadhan dah tak lama.

I was never into jazz music. I think it's a bit too 'sexual'. My brother even called jazz music to be the seducing music, usually played when one wants to invite the date up to the house.

me during jazz festival in Auckland

Anyway, in support of Malaysian music industry, I bought Najwa's album. Urm, HR bought it for me actually (after I persuaded him to belanja me). I love it. Love! Love! Despite the jazzy music. And there are songs with the element of seducing music, usually played when one wants to invite the date up to the house.

Not in the lyrics. Just the music.

On the other note, my friends claimed that I'm turning too patriotic since I live in GM. Just because I've been buying albums from Malaysian artists and loving Malaysia movies.

What? I can't deny that KL Gangster is awesome. It is! Shamsul is so hottt!!

At least I did not watch Nur Kasih, (you know who you are!).

Sunday, June 12

This is what I learned fromm my more than two weeks holiday

It is not where you are.
It is who you are with.

Saturday, June 11

I love him, sometimes

I was on the phone with my younger brother. Laughing and talking aimlessly.

Me : Ayeh, habaq kat kawan Ayeh tuh suara dia tak sedap. Takyah la dok nyanyi.
Arif: Train la.
Me: Huh? Dalam train? Hang pi mana?
Arif: Tak la. Train. Band la. Ayeh pasang iPod. (Laughing)
Me: Dang!

I should trust my brother rite? It's just that I adore Train's singer. He has such an awesome seductive voice. Not like that.

I should trust him.