Wednesday, July 22

Night is dark

Second day of class. So far so good. Especially when you know what is expected of you.

A bit surprised yesterday as the last class ended and I walked out from the building. It was 6pm. It was dark. Never had I finishes class so late. I need to get used to it as most of my classes end at 6pm. Yup, 6pm is dark already here.

My head is a bit dizzy today. Maybe my brain is a bit shock with the sudden amount of knowledge flowing in. Cramp four subjects in two days.

Need to start marking my calendar with assignments' due dates.

Tuesday, July 21

Post yang ke 150

I am a lucky girl. I celebrated my birthday a few times this year. Once with friends in Brisbane where they held a surprise party for me, in which I screamed, of course. (I am such a drama queen). There were cakes and candles and gifts. I heart them for that. In Sydney, Mard made people sang Birthday song to me again. On the night that I first arrived in which she held a makan-makan, read here.

Back in Auckland, Mas bought me another cake. Yummy. And blew some more candles. Sang more birthday songs. I was surprised by their effort. I was even more surprised seeing my mom 's gift, including her own made card. That was just so sweet. I am thankful receiving their presents. I love every single thing.

I am one lucky girl.

This time around, I just like to share one of HR's present for me for my birthday. He gave me one CD containing few songs that he wrote. (Not all songs spesifically for me). The CD include cover and leaflets. Cute meh. So, I made an effort to design a not-so-cheesy video for the song.

I really love the piano on this song. The lyrics are not at all cheesy. Just a simple song. Go on. Have a listen.

Sunday, July 19

Never Better

I've been postponing writing about my vacation due to lack of pictures. They are in my external which I left at Mint's place when I went for sleepover last week. Haven't met her since. She is busy being a tourist guide.

Like I said, I went to All Blacks game last night. Before that I went to All Blacks roadshow situated in Viaduct Harbour. Met a few player (I have no idea who they are). Got some autographs and pictures. Also pictures of the game.

HR said McCaw was staring at me.

Both teams on the field.

It was raining, hence the poncho. Still one hell of a good game.

Bunga Raya Bunga Kebangsaan

Me and some friends went out last night to watch ALL BLACKS in action. It was so weird listening to other countries’ national anthem being played out loud before the game. Other people singing on top of their lung. Happy people singing. Proud. It seemed a bit different though. It made me miss Malaysia even more. Malaysian anthem is so cool. That made me recall the very first day I stepped to Auckland’s earth. The very first thing Nisah said to me was, “Look. New Zealand flag.” I looked up and saw the flag waving. It too made my stomach twist. It felt different. No moon on the flag. No red lines that I grew accustomed to. Or that tricky star that is very difficult to draw.

I miss Malaysia. I do.

The weather.
The food.
The people.
The shopping complex.
The affordable stuff.
THE FAMILY I left behind.

Oh, btw, it was a great game. They even won against Wallabies. Yay for them.

Thursday, July 16

The Fear


Wednesday, July 15

The Big Bang Theory

I can bravely bet that I have a geek as a bf. Not only he help me correcting my grammar every time, he has the tendency to laugh and to question any weird sentence encountered. Even in public toilets.


Bf korang buat ke?

*Correction with red pen.

Aku bukan untukmu

Diri terasa pelik tgk gamba kawan2 lama di FB. Lebih spesifiknya, gambar kawan-kawan lelaki persekolahan dahulu. Mereka dengan senang hatinya menayang gamba mereka dengan kekasih hati dengan pelbagai gaya. Tetapi lebih kerapkali pose yg biasa dilihat itu. Mungkin kepelikan itu berleluasa sebab mereka yang aku kenal semasa zaman persekolahan itu sudah lain. Mereka seingat aku begitu berbeza. Mungkin sebenarnya ingatan ku makin pudar. Atau mungkin juga mereka bukanah kawan sebenarnya. Hanya teman sepersekolahan.

Monday, July 13

Quote of the day

When you're in love with someone, you want to be near him all the time,
except when you are out buying things and charging them to him.

- Miss Piggy

I don't believe myself

finally, i opened a Facebook account.
Yup, I'm sucked into that vortex as well.
Not yet addicted though, thankfully.

cheecky face in crowd

Friday, July 10


I got a lot of stuff to share. Since I just celebrated my birthday and came back from my winter to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney. I am too lazy though.

I have this thing I wanna share first. I just watched Transformers 2. (Kinda late, I know). Many friends have different reactions on this movie. All I can think of during the movie was the unnecessary scene showing how 'foxxxxxy' Megan Fox is. I know she is sexy. Enough showing her off. It felt like I was watching Megan Fox personal show.

I'm back

Anak rusa Nani
Baru kembang ekor
Apa salah kami
Lalu tidak tegur.


How should you react when you saw something that you love in someone's else possession?


Don't ever think you know me.