Sunday, August 14

90s rock glam

I thought to myself I need to change the layout, the font and the picture of myself for this blog. Especially the picture. Too youthful, too 10 years ago.

It need to be more adult looking, more mature and sophisticated. Not that I'm expecting any readers. It is just to match the age now. 

Then again, re-reading the previous post, Gilmore Girls. I am so stuck in the 90s.

And I am Okay with that. I like 90s.   

Friday, August 12


Well, I am currently re-watching Gilmore Girls.

I wanna say re-watching because it seemed cooler. Way way cooler but honestly it is my first time. It is only only because HR persuaded me (read: forced). He was ballistic when he found out I haven't watch the series yet. His favourite series when he was younger. Not all he talks about is Littlefinger and the Starks.

Anyhow, I'm hooked. But only because of Jess, but he is no longer around after the first few seasons. I'm definitely rooting for him and  waiting for him. 


Friday, August 5

Suicide Squad

Watched it.

Yawn, yawn yawn.

Too predictable. Not much elaboration. Too much deus ex machina. I mean I love the Jocker and Harley Quin but the rest of the gang were so boring and lame.

I didn't sleep or anything but I finished the popcorn in 10 minutes top.