Thursday, November 26

More on advice

I told HR to repair the ShareCentre thingie at the computer. Like most things he repaired, he will look for the information on the net (even how to change a light bulb). As he was reading the manual aloud, he said, "First thing first, you must consult your wife." And I thought, great manual.

More on life

The other day, I heard on the radio that the more comfortable clothes you are wearing, the lazier you will become.

Which is somewhat true. You won't be seeing me vacuuming the house in my kelawar attire.

That dress is designed specifically for sleeping and daydreaming.

p/s: Guess what I'm wearing right now?

Tuesday, November 24

Mockingjay Part 2

HR was so disappointed with the movie. 

I believe it could be better. I meant, I read the book countless times.I still cried everytime I read it. 

I love every word. I like the plot. I like the twist. I love Peeta Mallark. (Chris Hemsworth who?)

I think I'm gonna watch the movie again. Without HR of course.

Monday, November 23

great friend

Me. Being lazy. At home. Like the usual.

Texted Bayah.

Admitted to her of being super lazy. Guilty. Still on the bed.

HR. At school. Changing the world. One student at a time.

Bayah said. Do the chores if HR is at home. Only then.