Sunday, September 23

Roles and Rolla

Almost all my girls keep asking me hows its like getting married. I shared my stories but I guess its different for everyone because I married my best friend, HR. 
Basically, it is about adapting and communicating.  

We are both raised with different styles, roles and set of beliefs.  

We need to learn and accept them. Adapt. Communicate.  

For example, HR is prone to do last minute things while I like to plan, plan and plan somemore. I would not leave anything to chances. He adapts to my quirks of making to do list while I leave some aspect to suspense and surprise.   

While he never weeds in his life, he has to learn to now cause I am too busy in the kitchen. We communicate our roles. Mostly, it is give and take. I learn to cook his favourite dishes while he discovers my tedious ways of doing the laundry.   

I hide his t-shirts that I don't like whereas he learns to put his belongings in specific place that has been assigned to him. Keys hang there. Balls of used socks over the shoes.   Markers and pen on the drawers. Remote on the TV cabinet.   

I have to understand his fondness of loud music and provide him with ample guitar time. Or else he couldn't function. He lets me be out and about with my girls because that's just me. 

I always keep this in mind,     

                      "Don't try to change him to be what I want."  

Tuesday, September 18

Hairy Mess

I am always fussy about HR and his belongings.There's a place for everything. I would definitely cringe everytime he asks me about his eesentials like keys, belts and ties.

Until, one night he said, "Kalau tak getah rambut, skaf rambut. Ni sepit rambut plak. Asyik kena hempap je."

Friday, September 14

Marriage Tune

One of the best things about having a husband (there are many other awesome things) is having a permanent driver. Or at least the best thing about having HR as a husband is his passion for driving especially for long journey.

He would be driving me everywhere, near and far.

He would fight for this role for no apparent reason. Even when I know for sure he is tired because he is in the afternoon session and our journey usually starts right after his long day at school.

Me, gladly sitting like a boss beside him.  

And if its far, he wouldn't mind driving alone.   Not only alone as in me not driving at all. But also alone in terms of me sleeping during the journey. I know I shouldn't but I cant help it.  

Best thing ever.

Yet, he outsmarted me.   He went and downloaded and saved awesome songs in USB and played them during the journey. All my favourite songs. From N'Sync to Beyonce. Mostly from the 90's that I can sing along too.

Now, I can no longer sleep. I'm too busy humming to the cheesy songs from O-Town and The Corrs.

Thursday, September 13

My raya

Raya as an adult is more about giving than receiving. Giving food, forgiveness and mostly giving the angpows.
It is more tiring as an adult of course.

But still happiness all around.

Raya as a wife is about tolerance. About which family first, which family should we stayed longer.It is not much hardwork with HR. He is very tolerable and awesome. 

I have my own (rented) house to prepare for now. The cookies. The cookies jars. The dining table. The curtains. The furniture. The dishes. It is truly adult moment.

We spent our Raya in Kedah first. Then head back to Rembau. We visited many relatives houses. We introduced our spouses to the families. We discover family secrets and scandals. 

p/s: HR gave me duit raya. Yay!

Wednesday, September 12

Monday, September 10

Of my boys and girls

My bro went back to Ireland safely. I didn't have the chance to send him off. That's a bummer.

My other brother went back to UiTM Melaka recently, his choice. I also didn't manage to send him off.  But I can visit him whenever I want. While I do want to visit Ami, I need a lot of plans and preparations and ka-ching!

One by one, my girlfriends are getting hitched. I am arranging my calendars to grace each occasion. This, apparently, includes my pregnancy plans. Lol. I am happy that each of my girls is meeting her other half. And I hope to be in their presence all the way to their children's marriages.

Like what I've seen in my own. My mom's friends were most of the back bone of my wedding. They not only helped but they stayed over. Leaving their husbands behind. (Just like what I did during Ten's and Bayah's ceremony - I bet HR is counting how many more girlfriends do I have). 

I saw the same thing in Ten's wedding. The mom's bff was working as hard as her mom. Totally BFF moment, babe!

Above all, I am thankful for an awesome and understanding husband that allow me to be all that I am.

Saturday, September 8

Being HR ..

So, I always left errands for HR to do when I'm at school. Just simple stuff.

Most of the time, he will take days to finish them. Except for stuff that is already a routine for him. Like making the bed and doing the laundry. He is awesomely good in making the bed, being a cleaner in a hotel once before. Useful experience I would say. 

So, I left him a note to change the sheet.

He changed the sheet alrite. But that's just it. Just the sheet.

Nope. Not the pillow cases or the duvet.

I called him at work to thank him. He did it just right. Too right in fact.

It is just HR being HR.