Tuesday, April 30


It was a school day last Saturday. Though I dreaded it very very much, I still came to school.

My very own class only had 5 students out of 25.

My 5F, the one that I am teaching that day only had 6 kids, and 2 went missing right after we finish the morning assembly to take attendance.

I bribed the 5F with Cloud 9 to stay put but that only lasted for a few minutes. Nah, I don't bribe. I actually gave the the Cloud 9 as an appreciation for coming to school.

As we were just casually talking (they were already feeling restless and wanting to move about), I tricked them with my iPhone 5. I put on songs, showed some grammar games. 

One kid asked me, "Jadi teacher paham la semua lagu English ni?" Me, not fully aware of where the question will lead just nodded my head.

"Best eh jadi Cikgu Bahasa Inggeris, semua lagu Bahasa Inggeris boleh paham."

Gosh, such a shallow thinking.

All I want to say to him, if you are good in English, you would understand it. Not needing to be an English teacher. 

I feel sad looking at these kids. They are very not exposed to the real world. 

Sometimes, it is sadder that they don't want to be exposed. They really like their tiny cocoon. 

As much as I tried, sometimes, me too, gave up and let them and their cocoon. And for that, I blame myself and the freakingly heavy and useless workload.

I think it is the workload. I am an awesome teacher~

Monday, April 29

Moon so bright, Night so fine

The other night when I was strolling in the car with HR, we saw the most beautiful round and yellow moon. I was in awe of amazement,

Grabbing his chance, HR in his deep romantic voice said that I'm gonna be his moon forever. Because I'm round, you see.

Naturally, I screamed and and yelled. Because I'm in denial about being round.

In reply, jokingly I told him that he is going to be my apam forever. Because he is getting 'gebu'er by day. My doing nonetheless.

He said he loves to be my apam forever. Because, then, I can yell whenever he returns home, Yay, apam balik!

Gosh, he's cute!

Sunday, April 14

Love is always about a fight~

After weeks of persuading HR to change the bulb inside our room, he finally did last weekend.

It's not much a matter of don't know how, it is more on lazy-ass to borrow stairs from the neighbour thing. In which I agree and had no say in the matter cause I am too, lazy ass.

After finishing changing the bulb (not borrowing ladders nonetheless, HR rather risk his life with layers of chairs and tables), he played with the long bulb. He claimed it is his light saber.

The best part is when HR said, hmmm... There's no one to attack. I shall attack you.

So there I was, defending myself from a light saber.

Yup, that's how I spend my weekend afternoon (after cooking and feeding HR).

Of all the blue and green in sight

This is my first time for voting. I was so eager to vote. So eager that I bought a bus ticket back home in KL.


He is gonna be stuck here in PG. On duty~

HR asked me yesterday, in my eagerness and all, "So, who are you gonna vote for?"


Good question.

I have no idea who runs for my DUN.

Better google them now.

Sunday, April 7

8th year.

This entry is long delayed.

It is meant to be on 30.03.13. On our anniversary. Our dating anniversary. Our 8th year.

I always thought HR is the one that couldn't live without me. That loved me more than I love him. That  courted me first (well, he did that one for sure). That wouldn't able to continue without me.

I was wrong.

Whenever I have to be / do / go somewhere/thing without him, I will be restless. Bothered. Worried. Tense. Uptight.

I am the one who is always anxious without him. Missing him. Calling him. Looking around for him. SMSing him.Thinking about him. 

Like whenever I had to be busy with bff weddings or outings with the girls, I always left him behind. I didn't have the heart to bore him with the girlie stuff. He would wait. Patiently. Smiling always. At the side. Watching me in action. 

Truth is, I am the one who couldn't live without him. That loved him more. That wouldn't able to continue  without him. That would constantly be missing him. That wanting him by my side. All the time.

Happy 8th  Anniversary, sayang.

HR, with his 25th birthday gift.

Saturday, April 6

Ribs, ribs, ribs...

You know you got awesome friends when they are willing to go back and forth with your birthday present from last year. I hope there'll more this year. *wink*wink*

And they are willing to spend money and time and you. Even on short holiday. 

I am so lucky and blessed. 

Above all, it is not about the present and money, it is about the care and the love. The sharing of worries and happiness. The cheeky banter and the sarcastic remarks that we throw at each other.  The constant reminder of what we mean to each other.

I miss all that and more.

Friday, April 5

Post Twillight

HR knows how obsessed i am with Jacob Black.

And Stephanie Meyer.

So he agreed to me watching The Host the other night. He really agreed when I mentioned Bayah was coming over too.

He just gonna let me go gugugaga over whoever the hero this time with Bayah. (It's Ian, btw).

After the movie, (which I'm gonna review later (like whenever)), I said to HR, it should be cool if we name our future kids English name, like Jacob, of course.

He didn't completely disagree, but he does prefer Malay-er name. Like Yaacob Hitam.

Like what?

Yaacob Hitam.

Like no!